1. Serra

    The SSL certificate for dovecot on xxxx expired. A new self-signed certificate was

    I woke up to this message today: The SSL certificate for dovecot on expired. A new self-signed certificate was installed to replace it. Be aware that cPanel will automatically and unexpectedly replace a good certificate with an self-signed certificate a full 3-4 days before...
  2. Z

    How to kill dovecot andhow to tune up mysql+php? (i´m newbie)

    My system is CenOS x86_64, with 1,5GB Ram and Two processors (2x 3.2GHz). I not use dovecot at all, how can i kill it safely? (i tryed "service dovecot stop" but it autostarts in a few minutes). At the same time my CPU usage is high: Processes into top sorted by cpu and i identified...
  3. W

    ChkServD: Cmd Service Check Raw Output: dovecot is not running

    I'm getting the following error every day in mail: cPanel ChkServd Service Monitor <[email protected]> --- imap failed @ Fri Mar 9 00:40:14 2012. A restart was attempted automagically. Service Check Method: [check command] Number of Restart Attempts: 1 Cmd Service...
  4. B

    dovecot authentication problem with cphulkd

    In the daily logwatch emails from our server I am seeing these errors: dovecot: Dovecot v1.2.17 starting up (core dumps disabled): 1 Time(s) dovecot: auth(default): : 14 Time(s) dovecot: auth(default): Cannot talk to a closed socket: warn: Cpanel::Hulk: 270 Time(s) dovecot...
  5. JayFromEpic

    Opinion - Dovecot or Courier

    Well I know a lot of people have there own preference on what mail server they use. I have done a good amount of research and I personally think Dovecot is the best choice only if you know how to properly administer your server/vps. But, im curious to see what all of you think!
  6. D

    Bug Dovecot auth + Exim

    Hello Could someone tell me if the cpanel already corrected this bug, and if so where can I find this fix thanks Bug 667 Summary: Dovecot authentication bug - missing close I'm using SMTP auth with Exim authenticating against Dovecot's auth socket. The (excellent) SMTP test tool...
  7. C

    /scripts/upcp killing dovecot??

    I recently started getting alert emails from my server at 3am saying that dovecot wasn't running. It restarts the service and all is well, but every day around 3am dovecot kept dying. I checked the log files and /var/log/maillog reports this: This confused me because I am not running any...
  8. T

    Switch from Courier to Dovecot

    How long on average does it take to convert a Courier server to Dovecot? Lets say there are 400 users and ~1000 email accounts. Does it take longer if there are more accounts?
  9. sneader

    Courier to Dovecot Conversion -- your experiences?

    We are considering a conversion from Courier to Dovecot, mainly to get the benefit of IMAP IDLE support in Dovecot. Are there any potential problems or pitfalls in doing this conversion for customers? Any experiences doing this on a production server, good or bad, would be greatly...
  10. N

    Convert standard Dovecot to cPanel Dovecot

    We have a server in which an admin setup a standard install of Dovecot with a large number of standard unix accounts. I need to transfer the domains and mail to a cPanel server running Dovecot. How can you convert pre-existing Dovecot accounts to cPanel accounts or is there a way to script...
  11. Kent Brockman

    Once dovecot is installed, how to dump courier garbage?

    Hi. I've recently switched to Dovecot. There are still remaining 'courierpop3dsizelist', 'courierimapsubscribed', 'courierimapacl' and 'courierimapuiddb' files, and 'courierimapkeywords' folders on every email account folder. Can I mass delete all those files and folders? aren't they needed...
  12. D

    Dovecot in logwatch

    Hello, After the migration to Dovecot, the logwatch don't show me the information about the POP3 and IMAP login. Everyone know why?
  13. J

    IMAP Dovecot Fails Every Few Days to a Week

    I have an outstanding issue that appears to be taking place with all my CURRENT VPS servers that run Dovecot. IMAP will just fail for no reason at all, killing POP3 and webmail functions entirely. Once IMAP is restarted, everything is fine... at least for another few days to a week until it...
  14. A

    11.24 - howto migrate from courier to dovecot

    How can we migrate from courier to dovecot? or BIND to NSD? I am running STABLE.
  15. W

    Switching to NSD and Dovecot

    Hello, The latest cPanel Release 11.24.4-RELEASE now offers to change to NSD and dovecot. What are the risks of doing so ? Is there a risk of mail not working, or sites not being accessible after doing this change? I guess I will wait a bit before switching to make sure that it goes...
  16. D

    dovecot not restarted when changing ssl cert

    Hi, I just ran into and solved the following issue: We had a customer using ssl to connect via pop to our server. We recently converted to dovecot when 11.24 came out. The customer was receiving an error saying that the ssl cert had a bad signature, etc... Turns out it was expired. For...
  17. K

    dovecot: auth(default): BUG

    Hello I just upgraded last night to 11.24 and one of the server is displaying the following error in the maillog: Nov 28 02:04:40 mercury dovecot: auth(default): BUG: Authentication client gave a PID 29153 of existing connection The PID number changes over time. Any ideas? Other servers...
  18. V

    Dovecot on CentOS4 + MySQL5 breaks yum

    Hi, I've noticed on a handful of machines that a dovecot RPM has been pushed to the servers by cPanel, even though we have not elected to use dovecot at all. This is having the unfortunate side-effect of breaking yum updates, as the dovecot RPM has a dependency for the MySQL4 RPM's, and...
  19. G

    Switch from Courier to dovecot (for existing servers), possible?

    Hello guys, I wonder is it possible to switch from Courier to dovecot (for existing servers)?
  20. K

    Dovecot or Courier with cpanel?

    I see Cpanel now has Dovecot support in WHM, has anyone moved from Courier to Dovecot yet? is it any better? how did you change it within WHM? Any info welcomed :confused: