1. chanklish

    dropbox like storage system

    hello i am looking to set a small storage system on my cpanel where certain users can view and download some files what is the best way ? regular FTP ? thank you no none ?!
  2. M

    Solution for large files being sent to Dropbox?

    I have set up a backup system to my Dropbox -- external to cPanel and the local server environment. I have used the script described here: Custom Backup Transport: Dropbox | cPanel Blog as well as various Forum posts to set up the Dropbox backup. The script and the WHM backup interface appear...
  3. SuperBaby

    Dropbox installation :: couldn't find pygtk

    # ./configure .. .. checking for pygtk... no configure: error: couldn't find pygtk I am a beginner about dedicated server. I tried to install Dropbox to my CentOS/cPanel server but got the error above. How do i install pygtk? Thanks.