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    Unwanted HTTP Auth on website

    Hello, I got a problem on a Cpanel hosted website, suddenly the website is password protected with a "authentication required" similar to when we enable directory privacy from the cpanel interface. A year ago we password protected this site using the embedded directory password protection, but...
  2. L

    Drupal and Wordpress on same server

    Hi all I have an active cPanel VPS and CloudLinux license. I'm currently hosting 1 website which runs on Drupal. I want to host another website which will run Wordpress on the same environment. I want the best approach of setting this new website up. We do our own internal hosting.
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    Inherited Drupal Site - Should I stay or should I go?

    Evening All I have just started a new job as an office assistant for a very small local charity in London (only 3 p/t members of staff) and I have inherited responsibility for the website. It was built using Drupal by a volunteer several years ago (who's now non-contactable) and whilst I have...
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    Can't delete Drupal "sites" directory/subfolders/files

    I have lots of old Drupal sites I don't use anymore and am trying to get rid of them all. They're set up as subdomains created in cPanel, so for instance public_html/site1 and public_html/site2 etc. Via FTP I can delete all the contents of these directories except for the /sites directory and...
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    wp-admin and drupal admin not working

    Hi I have been having problem with my cpanel server. where customers cannot access there admin portal . WordPress wp-admin and drupal admin . when tried to login using firefox it says "connection was reset" and chrome says "This webpage is not available - Error code: ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED "...
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    set up a test URL( drupal website) in cpanel

    Hello, I am new to Cpanel and would appreciate any help for below issue I have: I want to create a test url to see how my drupal 7 website that I have developed in my local box looks like in the host that will eventually shows the website . this website will replace the old website...
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    Site problem after installing Drupal

    Hi, I built a website with the Basekit Sitebuilder that is provided in Cpanel X Accelerated 2. Everything worked fine until I started to nose around and discovered Quickinstall. I 'quickinstalled' Drupal 7.0 on my homepage because I thought it might give me more options to make my page more...
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    cpanel WHW linux and drupal cms

    Hello at all, I have need your help. I'm very new in the cpanel, my english is bad, sorry for this problem. I want to create a site that offers two tools, a solution of e-commerce and blog. I do not know how to enable multiple site in cpanel. can help a beginner. My config: * cpanel * cms...
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    Unable to install the Required PHP Data Objects (PDO) of Drupal on CPanel

    Hello i am a very new user to Cpanel and i am having great difficulty installing my Drupal because of the seemingly unavaliblility of PHP Data Objects (PDO), PDO's are unfortuneately a required component for Drupal and I cannot seem to be able to install them!! :( if anyone could help me who...
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    Drupal Clean URL + SuPHP

    Hi All, I have developed a website using drupal 6 and it is working fine and as expected. I also used the Clean Url facility there. and it also worked well. But when transferred the site to our dedicated server the clean url stop working. The server people says that the mod_rewrite is enabled...
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    Installing WordPress in a subdirectory of Drupal

    We are working with kermodeitourism.ca to launch a WordPress blog. We have tried to install it in a sub-directory of the url kermodeitourism.ca (which is in Drupal), called kermodeitourism.ca/blog but we are having issues with images and embedded links that do work or display. The install was...
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    Drupal Problem - Patch MySQL 4.1.25 Bug

    We have to patch MySQL due to a bug in version 4.1.25 and the latest version of Drupal. Information on the patch can be found here http://lists.mysql.com/commits/10763 . Does anybody have information on how we can apply the patch? Thanks, Mike