1. mickalo

    SOLVED Easyapache 3 Update failure

    We are currently still using easyapache 3 at this time weren't sure we could continue using the server at the end of the year but will be upgrading to eastyapache 4 later this month. Anyway when we bring up the Easyapache 3 in the WHM we get the following errors: Making sure we have the latest...
  2. R

    php does not work at root level after upgrading with EA3

    I upgraded my php to version 5.5.34 witn EA3. On one of my domains php gives error 500, but only at root level. Code in folders works fine. Any suggestions what to look for?
  3. Z

    PHP 5 option greyed out in EA3

    I have a curious problem that I have not seen before. The server in question has had PHP 4 installed on it for some time. Today I wanted to add PHP 5 to the server as an option. Running /scripts/easyapache I was surprised to find the PHP 5 option greyed out. It would only allow me to select...
  4. M

    How do I exclude IP from logs in EA3

    I'm trying to exclude my IP from the Apache logs using Main >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration. I added: SetEnvIf Remote_Addr "123.456.789.123" dontlog to the Pre VirtualHost Include. Then added CustomLog /usr/local/apache/domlogs/mydomain.com common env=!dontlog to the...
  5. P

    Ea3 & php pdo

    If someone check PECL site for PDO you will see: http://pecl.php.net/package/PDO that PDO extension are already STABLE since 2006. When you run EA3 for install these extension you will get this warning: (UNSUPPORTED EXPERIMENTAL) Includes SQLite support. Other drivers (freetds...
  6. B

    How can I add a wild card SSL entry to httpd.conf and not have it over wrote by ea3?

    How can I add a wild card SSL entry to httpd.conf and not have it over wrote by easy apache?
  7. T

    EA3 / IP Address Config

    With the release of ea3, http requests to bound IP addresses show the default cpanel message. With httpd.conf files being auto-generated, how can it be configured to allow domain access via IP address?
  8. sehh

    is the httpd/conf/extra/* stuff deprecated in latest EA3?

    I'd like to know if the httpd/conf/extra/* files have been deprecated in the latest EA3, because when we rebuild the httpd.conf, it no longer includes those files. Instead, it uses the WHM "Apache Setup"->"Include Editor" feature. I looked at the templates, at the documentation and the forum...
  9. G

    Ea3 + Gd

    I run EA3 with GD option selected and for some reason it is not listed as a configure flag and no GD support is listed in phpinfo() after EA3 is finished. This is true for php4/5. The libphpx.so file IS built! just no GD suporrt? GD option IS selected. Does anyone have any ideas?
  10. cPanelDavidL

    Definitive FreeTDS installation instructions for EA3

    1) Download FreeTDS wget http://ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/ALPHA/freetds/stable/freetds-stable.tgz 2) Extract tar zfvx freetds-stable.tgz 3) Configure $ Make cd freetds-*; ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/freetds --with-tdsver=8.0 --enable-msdblib --enable-dbmfix --with-gnu-ld; make ; make install...
  11. tkerns

    EA3 mime types and parsing .htm pages as php

    I am finally reluctantly having to rebuild apache and php, using EA3. This server has 300 accounts on it. Maybe a third of which have .htaccess files with the following directives somewhere in them, to parse .htm and .html pages as php AddType text/x-server-parsed-html .html .htm AddHandler...
  12. A

    EA3 and custom modules

    I'm planning to install mod_python to add support for Django. Does anyone know if I need to do anything special to stop easyapache nuking the module next time I compile Apache? Or is it a case of reinstalling mod_python every time?
  13. B

    mod_sec not mod_sec2 being installed when running EA3

    On one of my servers mod_sec not mod_sec2 being installed when running EA3 and checking mod security. upcp was run before I ran EA3, and I am running Current. How can I get mod_sec2?
  14. M

    URGENT Help Needed EA3

    I recompiled using EA3 again because I wanted to add GD support for PHP. Now users get a file download for ANY php file. How do I stop this? Available handlers: suphp dso cgi none PHP4 SAPI: not installed PHP5 SAPI: not installed SUEXEC: available How do I add the handlers? Thanks
  15. M

    Another EA3 Problem

    So I just upgraded Apache with EA3 and the first issue I am trying to fix is that only ONE of my domains is NOT resolving to the correct doc root. It's referring to the machine name doc root. This was a Virtual domain on its own IP address because I have SSL also. :443 is fine but :80 doesn't...
  16. M

    EA3 --help shows errors

    I'm not sure what these mean but doesn't look good. I'm about to upgrade my system using EA3 for the first time but think this should be handles before I do. I'm going to upgrade from Apache 1.3.39 PHP 4.4.7 MySQL 4.1.22. Any idea how I can fix this? /scripts/easyapache --help 29559...
  17. X

    EA3 w/ mod_proxy, but it's not there?

    I just used EA3 to install: Apache 2.2.x w/ mod_proxy PHP 5.2.5 Tomcat 5.5.25 All went well, except I have no mod_proxy (although I do have mod_jk which I don't remember checking or seeing an option for). As far as I know, mod_jk is a slower option than mod_proxy. Anyone know what...
  18. Z

    EA3 don't update php and modules

    I get following message after build: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If the browser window is closed or stopped the build will continue in the background. The build output should start shortly...
  19. J

    httpd.conf problem after execute ea3

    Hi! After I execute /scripts/easyapache to upgrade my box to apache2.0, I found there are many virtual hosts setting in httpd.conf looks like this: DocumentRoot /home/username/public_html/www It should be only DocumentRoot /home/otist/public_html And I checked some files...
  20. A

    Ea3 and secure php

    Hi i have install a new box with Cpanel 11 and Apache 2.2 now i would try to use a secure php configuration, i have compile php with fastcgi but i dont see it in php -m and apache request still show "nobody" user, which ea setting i need to enable to get a good php conf? [PHP Modules]...