1. W

    EA3 cannot compile PHP with curl on CentOS4.5 64bit

    Error log in in the attachment. All went fine but there is no curl. System is CentOS4.5 64bit. Apache 2.2.6 + PHP 5.2.4 Anybody have ideas ? Thanks,
  2. J

    What is fileprotect in EA3?

    What exactly does the fileprotect checkbox in EA3 do? This seems to be different than open_basedir. It seems to be some sort of patch developed by cpanel for suphp, but what is the purpose of it?
  3. J

    new suphp problem after EA3

    I have a custom server-wide php email program. In httpd, I have an alias /mail /path/to/custom/mail So, people normally go to http://theirdomain.com/mail However, because of suphp, it doesn't work since they don't own the script, it is shared by everyone. It is owned by nobody...
  4. O

    EA3 Auto Scroll Safari Browser

    Has anyone else noticed that the auto scroll in EA3 builds does not work in the Safari browser?
  5. M

    DirectoryIndex directives in userdata being ignored after EA3?

    I'm running WHM 11.11.0 cPanel 11.15.0-R17665 What is the syntax in /var/cpanel/userdata/accountname/domain.ext for directoryindexes? We had a site which required index.htm to be searched for before index.html. After the EA3 update, it looks like it imported the directoryindex data but...
  6. P

    How to set UseCanonicalName with EA3?

    I just went through a very successful upgrade from an EA1 Apache 1.3 install to EA3 Apache 2.2. The only problem I'm having is that UseCanonicalName is set to off by default. It appears that this setting is stored per-user in the new userdata system, but I can't figure out the proper way to...
  7. verdon

    EA3 Concurrent PHP4/5 Compile - PHP Acceleration

    Hi, I'm setting up a dual php setup, so I can gradually move my clients from 4 to 5. As I have known php5 issues with a cms used by the majority of clients, I have php 4 set as default for now. Things seem to be working, but I guess today will tell for sure. I used to use eaccelerator. I...
  8. G

    all addon domains is parked domains.. (Ea3)

    Hi.. we have updated to use ea3 on our release system first of all I tried to do a 1:1 update, useing apache 1.3, but for some reason, it kept crashing (signal 11) when started/configtest we did go with the update to apache 2.. oh boy.. right now one of our customers addon domains is...
  9. N

    EA3 - Load Modules

    Hi, I am using some additional Apache modules, but I have to add these manually to httpd.conf and /usr/local/apache/modules each time Apache is rebuilt. Is it possible to specify somewhere a list of modules to copy over from the old Apache build, and have EA3 copy them over automatically...
  10. M

    AddModule - missing from httpd.conf in EA3?

    I've have successfully compiled Apache 1.3 with PHP4 and PHP5, SuPHP, Frontpage, Mod_Security. However, now when I look in the httpd.conf I do not see any AddModule directives. In fact, I can't find AddModule directives anywhere. Apache appears to be working fine - but without the...
  11. M

    EA3 Concurrent PHP4/5 Compile - no MySQL Support in PHP5

    WHM 11.11.0 cPanel 11.15.0-R17665 CENTOS Enterprise 4.5 i686 on virtuozzo - WHM X v3.1.0 Ran EasyApache3 to install concurrent PHP4/PHP5 - Frontpage / SuPHP / Mod Security / MySQL support compiled in on both. Below are the compile options I selected. I can't bring up a previous...
  12. verdon

    OK, EA3 is in the release tree... now what?

    Just playing devil's advocate here... I have WHM 11.11.0 cPanel 11.15.0-R17649 CENTOS Enterprise 3.9 i686 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0 I'm running along with apache 1.3 and php 4.4.7 and mysql 4.1.2 and everything is nice and stable, server loads aren't too bad, and so on. Is there any...
  13. K

    ea3 mod_perl no love

    -- End opt 'PHP 4.4.7 support' -- Updating Apache configuration Updating Apache configuration Updating Apache configuration Distilled successfully !! Failed to generate a syntactically correct Apache configuration (/usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf.1190630698): Syntax error on line 18 of...
  14. E

    Another EA3 Problem

    Tried to update my friends Server to Apache 2 with PHP 5.2.4. Now for some reason MySQL is gone??? Literally uninstalled??? I fixed it by using Update Server Software but when I go to rebuild Apache so php will install MySQL support it appears to be removing it?? If the browser window is...
  15. Z

    how can I add something in httpd.conf with ea3

    I want add some settings in httpd,conf, but after each recompile all settings are cleaned. I added keepalive, maxclients.... also includes to conf-files from "extra-directory", but always if I recompile apache, all my settings are deleted. Don´t know whats the right way?! (Apache 2.2 with...
  16. C

    EA3 Build Quits at launch

    This has occured on both the latest EDGE and CURRENT, and has been happening for a couple weeks (even after updates). The build starts but errors out and quits with the following error message: I have two webservers that this is happening to. Anyone encountered this before?
  17. K

    EA3 problems

    [Sat Sep 15 01:44:28 2007] [alert] [client 89.7.xx.xx] /home4/emuzica/public_html/.htaccess: RewriteRule: cannot compile regular expression '^download-([^/\\]+).html$' this is one. now building ... several issues arised, so i am going for apache 1.3 first.
  18. B

    ea3 in release tree

    When will be availabe apache 2 at release tree?
  19. O

    No ea3 problems, but a different question :)

    EA3 apache_conf_distiller httpd.conf issues I'm happy that Apache 2 is here, and ran into no problems (mostly because any problem that was caused, was not ea3's fault, and I was able to fix those, albeit temporarily I think). I have two installs of apache, for good reason. My person sites...
  20. D

    mod_rewrite doesn't exist in EA3 !!!!!!

    Several scripts and code I write depends on mod_rewrite and the option is NOT included in EA3... Why??? According to http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_rewrite.html it still exists, so why have you removed it?? To think it's "built-in" to the build would be a bit strange, but having...