1. S

    EA3 problem

    I was upgrading apache using the default values and noticed that the build ended with an error. Looking at the error log, it gives me at the end: configure: error: build test failed. Please check the config.log for details. !! './configure --enable-bcmath --enable-calendar...
  2. D

    EA3 ModGzip

    Does anyone know what this means? -- Begin opt 'Experimental GZIP' -- -- Begin dryrun test 'Checking for Apache 1' -- dryrun test 'Checking for Apache 1' did not return true !! Dry run failed for 'Cpanel::Easy::ModGzip' skipping option !!
  3. J

    EA3 notes

    I just did a build using EA3 apache 2.2 & php 5.2.4. Build went fine, the only issue I had after the build was that apache would not start. Zend Optimizer had to be upgraded for it to work. Also I noticed that some of the customisation in the httpd.conf file has been lost. I had some Proxy...
  4. P

    Ea3 ??

    How do i get it ? from what i saw the STABLE version is the most updated one right now .... won't this be release today ? give us a position
  5. P

    EA3 avaliable ?

    hi, is EA3 avaliable already for alpha or beta test ? will it exclude apache 1 completely or we will still having the option for it ? i did like to test it if possible... if you guys could point me the directions ... thanks.
  6. bpat1434

    PHP not showing after EA3 install

    Okay, so I updated my apache installation using EA3, and in that I selected php 5.2.2 to be installed as well. Unfortunately, it didn't install the module as expected. It installed Apache 2.2 perfectly fine, but php 5.2.2 didn't install as a module (or CGI). I know I have to edit my...
  7. J

    EA3 in Edge?

    I just checked http://www.cpanel.net/products/cPanelandWHM/linux/cpanel11/index.html to see the schedule for cpanel 11 and it says that stage II (which is supposed to contain EA3) went to Edge on May 18. However it's not showing up in changelog.cpanel.net - I was just wondering, if anyone's...