1. J

    EA3 Migration to EA4 for PHP5.5 Versions

    We're moving from Easy Apache 3 to 4 so we can migrate our web apps to PHP 7.2+ and upgrade to the latest version of cPanel (current version 76, latest version 78). One of our servers is configured to use PHP 5.5 to accommodate a Magento 1.7CE website. The other websites and apps are all...
  2. J

    Issues after updating EasyApache 4

    Hello after updating to easy apache 4 on cloud linux , everything seems to be broken, websites are giving : Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress. In cpanel > Select php version i am getting this error : system default PHP version is...
  3. V

    Migrating from EA3 to EA4

    Pre-flight check result. cPanel Migration Blocker (Cpanel) cPanel evaluates known issues such as network connectivity. Warning: “Cpanel::Easy::PHP5::cPPHPOpts” ignored since it does not have an RPM. Warning: “Cpanel::Easy::PHP5::SysTimezone” ignored since it does not have an RPM. Warning...
  4. Z

    EA3 -> EA4 migration with some errors, is it safe to deploy?

    Hello, Finally I'm going to migrate from ea3 to ea4. I got the following warnings at pre-flight check. Is it safe to go? Or do I need to install any modules or something? Thank you! Warning: “Cpanel::Easy::PHP5::MailHeaders” ignored since it does not have an RPM. Warning...
  5. R

    migirate to EA_4 error “Cpanel::Easy::Apache::Ident” ignored since it does not have an RPM

    Hi I got this eror when I run cpanel migirate to EA_4 script checkyum version 22.3 [2018-12-12 11:48:04 -0500] info [migrate_ea3_to_ea4] Setting the system default PHP version to v5.6 using the Apache 'suphp' handler. [2018-12-12 11:48:04 -0500] info [migrate_ea3_to_ea4] EasyApache 4 Installing...
  6. D

    SOLVED Easy Apache migration rpm

    Hi, i want to migrate ea3 to ea4 and it say this: Warning: “Cpanel::Easy::PHP5::MailHeaders” ignored since it does not have an RPM. Warning: “Cpanel::Easy::Apache::Fileprotect” ignored since it does not have an RPM. Warning: “Cpanel::Easy::Apache::Access” ignored since it does not have an RPM...
  7. M

    SOLVED EasyApache 4 migration - Experimental Repo Required

    I'm trying to migrate to easyapache 4, without success. Following the EasyApache 4 Migration Tool link I get this screen: Pre-flight check result. cPanel Migration Blocker (Cpanel) cPanel evaluates known issues such as network connectivity. Warning: EasyApache 4 does not support the requested...
  8. L

    SOLVED EasyApache4 upgrade causing problem with all WP sites

    I just upgraded to Apache 4 and now every Wordpress site on the server is asking for FTP credentials in order to update any plugins. I know it has to do with permissions, but what is the easiest way to fix this? Any advice from you EasyApache gurus is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  9. A

    SOLVED upgrade to latest version whm

    Hi! I need upgrade to latest version of WHM, but i have some doubts. When upgrade the version I have to set up something or the configuration will be equal? And also, I need update the EasyApache3 to EasyApache4, is it the same question, when I do this update, do I have to configure or restore...
  10. C

    SOLVED Upgrade EA3 to EA4 Errors

    EasyApache 4 Migration To learn more about EasyApache 4 Migration Tool, please read our documentation here. Pre-flight check result. Cpanel Migrate Blocker (Cpanel) Cpanel evaluates known issues such as network connectivity Blocker: A fatal error was encountered while getting information from...
  11. A

    Updating EasyApache 3 Concerns

    Am working with EA3 and apporx 200+ cpanel are there. Few websites are below php5.4 and you know it's big task to update all websites with atleast php5.4. According to you what i need to do ? should i upgrade with >= php5.4 or let's walk as you walk. What will happend if am not update WHM with EA4 ?
  12. carolainn

    EA4 Migration to enable MySQLi extension

    I need mysqli on my VPS Server. Although I upgraded the php/Apache version, phpinfo shows the author of the MySQLi, but it does not appear to be enabled. I edited the phpini with WHM and added extension=mysql.so, but it did not work either. I tried to enable MySQLi in WHM with EasyApache 3 but...
  13. B

    What happens if Easyapache 4 build fails

    Hi all, I'm looking up upgrading my easyapache3 to easyapache4. Should something go wrong with the migration is it simple enough to go back to easyapache3 to get websites back online whilst any issues are troubleshooted? If so what needs to be done to get back to a working easyapache3? Thanks!
  14. feldon27

    Apache Logs after EA4 Migration

    Is it normal that apache logs are deleted during the migration from EA3 to EA4? Are they in a directory I'm not aware of?
  15. M

    php/apache error log?

    Hi I know it seems a newbie 's Question but After switching to easyapache 4 I cannot find php error_log (which typically was there in the same directory of the php script) None of 500 internal server errors are logged there even in cpanel errors menu. I can tail the apache error log file but...
  16. N

    PECL module path not updated during EA4 migration

    I migrated a server to EA4 today, and installing PECL modules does not seem to work as expected. It installs and lists modules as present, but they are not functional (PHP does not list them as installed or available). A little comparison with another server highlighted the fact that the...
  17. Trane Francks

    WHM 56.0.52 to 68.0.28 - EA3 to EA4 directly possible

    Hi, all. We're retiring a legacy server that is currently running WHM 56.0.52 on an ancient CentOS 5.11 system. We got the new box from our provider, but the new WHM 68.0.28 install on CentOS 7.4 was done with only the default EasyApache 4. And so, here's the question: Am I correct in my...
  18. J

    SOLVED migrating from EA3 to EA4 Pre-flight check result warnings

    hello to all the dear cPannelers, i clicked on migrate option and just before clicking migrate it shows me a list of warnings on the server and im not sure what it means or how to fix it if needed before migration. my worry is to click migrate and get problems on the wordpress websites which...
  19. C

    EasyApache3 to EasyApache4 FastCGI

    Hey guys, I'm currently using EA3 and want to go EA4. Right now I'm using apache 2.2 and PHP as FastCGI. Since EA4 doesn't support Apache 2.2, I'm planning to change Apache in EA3 to 2.4 and then go for EA4. But my problem is that EA4 FastCGI implementation does not provide MultiPHP for FCGI...
  20. E

    EA4 from EA3 with DSO+RUID

    Ciao, any experiences or thoughts about automatic migration to single PHP module for all accounts, with shared OpCache and simultaneous upgrade from 5.6 to 7.0 ? Are all php.ini settings preserved? Is it better to upgrade from cPanel 66 to 68 first?