1. N

    SOLVED EA4 and Daily AlmaLinux profiles

    Why am I getting a new EA4 AlmaLinux profile created each day? I have 30+ such profiles listed in EA4 custom profiles now. E.g. Current EA4 State at 2022-09-28 00:40:49 -0400 modified for AlmaLinux_8 (I haven't changed OS to AlmaLinux, I'm still running CentOS 7.9)
  2. PeteS

    In Progress CPANEL-41603 - Current EA4 State profile being created every day in Home / Software / EasyApache 4

    Since 9/14 or 9/15, my servers show a new auto generated profile every day. Example: Current EA4 State at 2022-09-14 00:07:03 -0700 modified for AlmaLinux_8 I can't find anything on this in forums or docs. I'm probably not looking in the correct place, but can anyone point me to information...
  3. S

    Almalinux 8 EA4 update?

    Is it common for AlmaLinux 8 to get separate EA4 updates versus CentOS 7? Noticed an EA4 update for our AlmaLinux 8 servers, but no such update exists for CentOS 7. Just struck me as being a little strange. Just to pick one at random...
  4. Z

    libx265.so how to install

    Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, rhnplugin, universal-hooks This system is receiving updates from CLN. Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * EA4: * EA4-experimental: * cpanel-addons-production-feed: * cpanel-plugins: *...
  5. R

    Slow EA4 & cPanel Plugins project mirrors

    Hi all, for the past few days I have been experiencing very slow speeds from these cPanel mirrors. EA4 ( EasyApache 4 ) 12 kB/s | 4.6 MB 06:21 cPanel Plugins project 12 kB/s | 424 kB 00:36 What can I do about it if anything? Thanks.
  6. V

    Ubuntu cpanel install failed (EA4)

    Hello When I want to install cpanel on Ubuntu 20.04, I see the following error and the installation cannot be done. *** [2022-05-30 14:39:15 +0000] [62279] (DEBUG): Cpanel::Exception::FeatureNotEnabled/(XID pdjkhe) “PHP” is not installed on the system. [2022-05-30...
  7. cPanelTabby

    EasyApache 4 October 6 Release

    EasyApache 4 October 6 Release We are happy to announce that cPanel, L.L.C. has released an update for EasyApache 4! Take a look at some highlights below, and then join us on the cPanel Community Forums, Discord, or Reddit to talk about this update and much more. If you have additional...
  8. V

    Unable to start httpd after 2 june ea4 update

    Hello After the June 2 update, httpd cannot be started on our 4 servers. [[email protected] ~]# systemctl status httpd.service ● httpd.service - Apache web server managed by cPanel EasyApache Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/httpd.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled) Active...
  9. Michaelit

    ea4 php56 pdo_myslq.so

    Dear all, i try to remove the PHP warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/lib64/php/modules/pdo_mysql.so' - /opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/lib64/php/modules/pdo_mysql.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0...
  10. A

    EA4 setup

    Hello, I am going to migrate the accounts from a server to new hardware with the Transfer Tool (using the "Live Transfer" option) and I have a few questions regarding EA4. A few pieces of information: - it's a shared hosting server (hundreds of accounts) - the PHP handler on the source server...
  11. M

    EA4 Update Error

    Hi : On centos 6 (cloud linux) when I go EA4 section I see following error : Error: Package: 1:ea-php52-php-fpm-5.2.17-27.el6.cloudlinux.5.x86_64 (cl-ea4) Requires: ea-php52-php-common(x86-64) = 1:5.2.17-27.el6.cloudlinux.5 Installed...
  12. inteldigital

    Running LiteSpeed on CentOS 7 how do I install memcached? Through EA4?

    I've just moved over to Litespeed within WHM as I primarily run Wordpress websites, I want to install memcached or redis, but I'm unsure how. Do I do this through EA4 or do I have to run this through yum etc. ? If so, how do I access this from WHM after installation, or do I not?
  13. 4

    Can't update DNSOnly server due to EA4?

    NOTE: A system upgrade was not possible due to the following blockers: [2019-06-12 14:19:01 +0100] W [FATAL] - You must migrate from EA3 to EA4 before upgrading to v78 or newer. You can do so by running /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/migrate_ea3_to_ea4 or via WHM’s EasyApache 4 Migration interface...
  14. I

    New installation stuck waiting for EA4

    Hey! We've had an fresh install going for around an hour now and it seems to be stuck: 1738 ( INFO): Waiting for MySQL rpm download & upcp/updatenow to begin installing rpms. 1748 ( INFO): Waiting for EA4 to be installed Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. S

    In Progress [CPANEL-18576] Cannot disable mod_bwlimited (requires MPM, endless loop)

    Hello, Each time I disable mod_bwlimited under Apache Modules, it asks me to choose an MPM. When I pick one (any of the 4 available), mod_bwlimited is automatically enabled again. Disabling it requires me again to choose an MPM, so we're in an endless loop here. I'm on CentOS 7, WHM v76.0.18...
  16. C

    EasyApache 4 Security Release Jan 16, 2019

    We are happy to announce that cPanel, L.L.C. has released an update for EasyApache 4! Take a look at some highlights below, and then join us on Slack, Discord, or Reddit to talk about this update and much more. This release includes a security patch that has been issued a fix for a CVE...
  17. C

    EasyApache 4 2018-11-14 Maintenance Update

    SUMMARY cPanel, L.L.C. has updated RPMs for EasyApache 4 with OpenSSL version 1.0.2q on December 5, 2018. This release addresses vulnerabilities related to CVE-2018-5407 and CVE-2018-0734. We strongly encourage all OpenSSL users to update to version 1.0.2q. AFFECTED VERSIONS All versions of...
  18. C

    EasyApache 4 2018-11-14 Maintenance Update

    The EasyApache team has published updates to the EasyApache 4 repository. EasyApache 4 does not use versioning and organizes changes by date only. 2018-11-14 ea-tomcat85 EA-7998 - Tomcat Manager menu is not searchable in WHM libcurl EA-7983 - ssh2 EA4 module addition with pecl breaks and...
  19. elisethechemist

    SOLVED EasyApache4 migration currently building EasyApache 3 stack

    I am having issues migrating to easyapache 4. I am using CentOS 7.5 OS with cpanel version 72.0.7. I run the migration tool through the WHM and get these warnings during the pre-flight check: Warning: “Cpanel::Easy::PHP5::MailHeaders” ignored since it does not have an RPM. Warning...
  20. K

    SOLVED Easy Apache4:Transaction check error (12908) when Provisioning to the Available Packages

    I am using WHM & cpanel 72 centos 6.9.Getting the following Error in Log, -- error(12908) -- Error: Transaction Check Error: package ea-php56-libc-client-2007f-13.13.2.cpanel.x86_64 is already installed package ea-openssl-1.0.2o-3.3.1.cpanel.x86_64 is already installed package...