1. C

    Email authentication - username vs. username@domain

    Hello, I am in the process of migrating an old mailserver over to an account on cPanel. On the old mailserver, users had their own system (Linux) accounts, and therefore could authenticate with just the username, no domain - and most do authenticate that way - just username. On cPanel, where...
  2. D

    Create Email Account?

    My question is after I have set up my website well up and running, how do I create emails using C panel, and how can I send and recieve emails on webmail
  3. DarkxPunk

    Email account won't delete

    Hey there, Such a weird error I can't seem to figure out. I have an email that isn't used anymore on an addon domain, I went to delete that email and I get the this: "(XID hs64jh) You do not have an email account named...". I have deleted other accounts successfully but one seems stuck. I am...
  4. O

    SOLVED Email accounts not showing in users cPanel

    Hello, One of my domains cPanel control panel not showing my email accounts that I have created. When I click on "Email Accounts" icon form cPanel, it shows "No Accounts Found" although they are exists. And thare are emails those consuming server spaces. How can I show them back? * I have...
  5. T

    email cant login

    hello i have self-managed vps hosting i have add one new mail in my server and it work okay, but before 4 days stop to work i cant login, with my Mail Client in my pc or from web mail. say wrong username or password. i try to delite from my cpanel and add again but not allow me to delite show...
  6. P

    Email account suspended

    My emails are not going from IMAP mail server. Each time error is that account is suspended. I have checked that account is not suspended. If I create new email id, emails are going fine with same configuration. Please help fix this.
  7. A

    Can't delete email account in cPanel and can't reset client email

    Recently, created two email accounts in cpanel , but can't delete and reset email password. So , How can I do with this case? The indicator showed (XlD 2etv37) You do not have an email account named............ Hope you answer and solve my trouble, Thanks you!
  8. S

    Please explain how new email accounts work

    I add a new email account with cPanel. Its created in two spots. /home/user/mail/.address\@domain_com and /home/user/mail/ WHY? when mail comes in from the internet it goes to the first spot and outlook can see the new messages, but when it gets delivered by a local server...
  9. J

    Email Accounts Missing (Paper Lantern)

    Strange issue... Today I logged into cPanel, went to update someones email password and to my surprise, all of the 200+ email accounts listed for the domain are gone! Of course I panicked, but email was still being delivered normally, and underneath settings like "Account Filters" it still...