1. K

    Reverse DNS (PTR) DNS Errors Occurred

    I have problem in Email Deliverability ------------------------------------------- Reverse DNS (PTR) DNS Errors Occurred The system failed to complete validation of “”’s “PTR” because of an error: (XID qqwg7d) DNS request timeout:
  2. 360webfirm

    Server on blacklist need help

    Hello to you all. I realized that my VPS is on a blacklist for our server IP and our host says that they can provide a new IP not in same network as the individual IP is clean, but the network is the issue which still effects my server. OR do a clean install of server with new IP but I will...
  3. T

    Email Deliverability "SPF is not properly configured for this domain." not reading into Included Files

    Hi All To clarify the title: Email Deliverability: In a CPanel account, not the WHM console for the server. Error Message is displayed (sometimes): "SPF is not properly configured for this domain." Cause: This feature is not reading the Included Files. Server is CPanel 94.08 which sync's with...
  4. R

    Email Deliverability Tips

    Hello Everyone I really needs some tips on Email Deliverability please, I have everything setup correctly within WHM. I am having major issues with sending email to Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. Yahoo is flat out rejecting and all emails are being deferred, Gmail & Hotmail seems to be hit and miss...
  5. G

    Email From my cPanel server landing in JUNK Folder

    I have upgraded to the latest version of cpanel as I try to solve an issue with email. At times an email which originates from the mail server powered by cpanel will end up in the JUNK folder of receipts mailboxes. As I try to figure out what might be causing the issue, I have requested...
  6. Harlequin

    rDNS does not match your sending IP

    We have a client on the server who is receiving genuine enquiries but when replying their mail goes to SPAM. I suspect it's the quantity of links in their response as they are a realtor and send out lots of links to properties. I checked their SPAM score with and got the...
  7. icp77

    Problems Exist (Reverse DNS)

    Buenas Tardes, tengo una consulta por favor, he revisado que a raiz de las actualizaciones de cpanel y los nuevos features implementados, han surgido algunos errores que antes no se mostraban, como el siguiente: Problems Exist (Reverse DNS). Tengo en varios servidores hosting con ip dedicada...
  8. E

    Send Email from Dedicated IP with rDNS

    I have "Send mail from the account’s IP address" enabled at WHM -> Exim configuration. I also have assigned a for a few websites dedicated IPs. (Every user has its own) Should I set the Reverse DNS for each IP pointing to the domain of the user? Will it help with email deliverability? In How...
  9. D

    Reverse DNS Problems Exist error

    Hi, All I need help with the configuration of a reverse DNS, I have it configured as they indicate me in the documentation of cPanel / WHM but I still can not validate the registration. I have an instance hosted on AWS and a registered domain name. Centos 7.6 and cPanel v78.0.23 Email...
  10. P

    Remove option to forward emails to improve IP reputation?

    Recently I have been advised from cPanel support, that to improve the reputation of my IP, do not allow email redirections from accounts hosted to external services such as gmail or hotmail. So, after notifying clients, I'm deleting them. I understand that this is necessary for the technical...
  11. B

    The system sends this domain’s outgoing mail from a private IP address

    I have a problem with Email Deliverability I try create a rDNS but the system says: The system sends this domain’s outgoing mail from a private IP address, “”. Reverse DNS does not work with private IP addresses because DNS does not store PTR records for them. The server is on...
  12. L

    DKIM fail sending to Office 365 and

    This is a bit of a weird one. WHM DKIM & SPF is set up correctly, and emails sent through the cPanel accounts to test services like show DKIM passed. Emails sent to Gmail show DKIM passed. However, emails sent to Office365 Exchange accounts and accounts show...
  13. R

    SOLVED Autodiscovery SPF issue

    Hello, I have following settings in Exim Configuration Manager, cPanel v78: Smarthost support - * mta.brand.tld Autodiscovery SPF include hosts from the smarthost route list - Off SPF include hosts for all domains on this system - node.brand.tld It actually added in zone file: ...
  14. T

    Email Deliverability report incorrect

    Hi, I can't understand what is the problem about incorrect reported dns records. The domain is the server FQDN PTR and both DKIM and SPF records are published, from the server console i can "dig" them correctly [root@kokokoko ~]# dig +short -x