1. T

    Prevent users from modifying email quotas ?

    How can I prevent cpanel users from changing their own email quotas? I seem to recall a setting somewhere in WHM for this but for the life of me I can't find it now (hazards of getting old!)
  2. N

    When is email quota limit coming?

    In the past, email accounts were limited to 2 GB in size if I remember correctly. Now it's unlimited. I still find it strange and weird that cPanel is one if not the only control panel that doesn't have quota limits per user mailbox. Even open source/free control panel have this. Now I see some...
  3. R

    Where is all that space gone?

    Hi all, cPanel reports mailbox uses 1.56G of disk space and there are no messages (see screenshot) This particular account is a default one for domain and is not being used as an active e-mail account (each user has its own account) Rudolf
  4. K

    Remove new Email Disk Usage icon

    From version 64 there is a new icon "Email Disk Usage" in cpanel. I guess it is some kind of interface to doveadm and it might be a good idea, but not for us. When lots of accounts started using it at the same time the server load went through the roof. So my simple question is: How can we get...
  5. E

    SOLVED check mail quota over ssh

    Hi guys, Is it possible to get a list of all mail accounts which reaching the memory space limit soon with using SSH?
  6. nitaish

    SOLVED Limit mailbox size

    Hello All, I want to limit the maximum size of the mailboxes created in the server to 1 GB. The limit should be applied to all users by default and the cpanel user cannot assign quota more than the maximum mailbox size limit. For example, the cpanel account can create user with 500 MB but...
  7. T

    prevent over quota emails from send emails

    Hello, Is there a way to prevent over quota emails account from send another e-mails, i think this will be very helpful for all users and will be great to stop a lot of SPAM specially if e-mail account password was stolen Regards
  8. T

    Mail Down: Exceeded its allotted quota of disk blocks

    Hello, I got a customer complaining a about a error 500 at WebMail saying "the system user "...." has exceeded its allotted quota of disk blocks". What is "quota of disk blocks"? What might have caused this and how should I fix it to avoid the problem again? Thank you.