end of life

  1. cPanelTabby

    cPanel & WHM® Versions 86 and 92 have reached End Of Life (EOL).

    cPanel & WHM® Versions 86 and 92 have reached End Of Life (EOL). cPanel instances running on either version will continue to function, but won’t receive security updates or patches. It is therefore imperative that if you’re running anything older than Version 94 you upgrade as soon as...
  2. E

    My PHP End of Life, how to upgrade?

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM version v86.0.14. When I go to WHM->Home->Security Center->Security Advisor I can see: When I go to to Home->Software->MultiPHP Manager Why is this warning message on Security Advisor, when my default php is version php 7.2 which is not EOL. System PHP-FPM...
  3. G

    ( will reach End of Life in 29 days

    WHM / cPanel is putting me in a bind :-( My sites were all written in MySQL. Literally hundreds of sites. Now, to update cPanel, it appears that I need to update MySQL and PHP. But PHP 7 doesn't recognize MySQL, it has to be MySQLi or POD... so I have to modify (and in some cases completely...
  4. C

    Reminder: cPanel & WHM Version 72 now EOL

    As of cPanel & WHM Version 74's release to STABLE on September 4th, cPanel & WHM version 72 has reached End of Life and will no longer be supported by cPanel except when upgrading to a supported version. In accordance with our EOL policy (cPanel Long-Term Support - Version 72 Documentation -...
  5. postcd

    "5.3.29 END OF LIFE" - will WHM keep it?

    Hello, if i will be using PHP 5.3.29 END OF LIFE do i need to worry about WHM upgrading PHP to higher version somehow automatically when this version is no longer supported by PHP? As when i tried higher version, many scripts was throwing many errors..
  6. S

    PHP 4 end of life announcement

    In light of the news that php 4 will no longer be supported at the end of the year, I was wondering if there is a date cpanel plans on making the move to PHP5? I have alot of customers to let know about this, and I'd like to give them plenty of time to make the proper coding adjustments. Thanks!
  7. Radio_Head

    phpSUEXEC ** End of life **

    http://www.localhost.nl/patches/ End of life I would hereby like to inform you that these patches have become unmaintained. There is another project (which is being run by someone else) called suphp. It basically does the same things, but better. You can find it here...
  8. J

    Cpanel easy to hack, and Redhat end of life for products

    Hi all, I'm considering purchasing some Cpanel licenses for some servers, however, I have some concerns: 1) Seems more and more people are having their Cpanel servers hacked and compromised. Doesn't Cpanel install any security above/beyond the standard Redhat one, or have any PHP/Apache...