1. 000

    how to control ErrorDocument from .htaccess when we use PHP cgi-fcgi ?

    when we use PHP-FPM the .htaccess is loaded correctly, but with PHP cgi-fcgi only *.shtml is loaded. Yes, we can EDIT the files *.shtml but we need MANAGE ErrorDocument from OUR .htaccess is possible enable the load of .htaccess when we use PHP cgi-fcgi ?, how? thanks
  2. L

    Error on cPanel Documentation

    Hi, I'm kind of new at Unix Commands so I'm learning from the and consulting the command "tail" the example shown at the right indicates a wrong (and potentially harm) command. Instead of...
  3. I

    SOLVED Why is Alias needed in ErrorDocument directive?

    Hi cPanel, Can you explain why the Alias works, but not when using the actual path? Works: Alias "/htdocscustom" "/usr/local/apache/htdocscustom" ErrorDocument 400 /htdocscustom/400.shtml ErrorDocument 401 /htdocscustom/401.shtml ErrorDocument 403 /htdocscustom/403.shtml ErrorDocument 404...
  4. O


    Hello, If a file is not found on my server, or when a forbidden request is made, this is logged in the Apache log. Apache will try to load the corresponding ErrorDocument... which is not in my root folder. I don't want to use custom error documents because eventually I will handle everything...
  5. N

    ErrorDocument in htaccess error

    Hello, I'm getting the following error in every account that have ErrorDocument declared in .htaccess Title: 500 Internal Server Error -------------------- Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please...
  6. F

    errordocument 404 on whm?

    Good morning, How to change the url of the page errordocument 404 on whm for the creation of new count? thank you
  7. S


    Hello, my server is not allowing me to use the ErrorDocument commands, I tried these 2 ways in my .htaccess ErrorDocument 404 /404.html ErrorDocument 404 But, it keeps saying my custom 404 page is not found. Can you please tell me how to fix this.
  8. I

    Very strange ErrorDocument issue

    Whenever I try and access a non-existent file, such as or something, apache keeps looking for the 404 in its default directory /usr/local/apache/etcetc.... rather than the virtualhosts public_html directory. ErrorDocument directives are configure as follows: ErrorDocument 404...
  9. WeMasterz5

    cannot use a full or relative URL in a 401 ErrorDocument directive --- ignoring

    can anyone tell me why these are getting logged in the error_log, how can I find out what site there coming from [Sun Jul 20 01:47:23 2003] [notice] cannot use a full or relative URL in a 401 ErrorDocument directive --- ignoring! [Sun Jul 20 01:47:23 2003] [notice] cannot use a full or...
  10. W

    [notice] cannot use a full URL in a 401 ErrorDocument direct

    Hi, I seem to be getting flooded with this error in /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log