1. jmginer

    Migration of e-mails from Exchange using ADFS + OpenID

    Hello, I have a customer who wants to migrate +4000 Exchange mail accounts running on Active Directory. The possibility of creating these accounts from 0 in cPanel is unfeasible. We have seen that we can connect ADFS with OpenID...
  2. W

    Best way for migrate from exchange server to cpanel

    Hello What's best ways today, and tool, for migrate mailboxes from Exchange Sever to cPanel mailboxes? Thanks
  3. psytanium

    SOLVED Can't send emails from the same server if MS Exchange is available

    Hello, I have multiple accounts on my VPS server, I noticed that I cannot send emails from accounts using webmail to other accounts using Microsoft Exchange, I get a bounce back message : LMTP error after RCPT TO:<[email protected]>: 550 5.1.1 <[email protected]> User...
  4. D

    Mails from cPanel to MS Office365 - Exchange Online

    When sending to some users, which are using Office365 in MS cloud I got delivery error and returned message: SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 554 5.6.211 Invalid MIME Content: Single text value size (32799) exceeded allowed maximum (32768) for the...
  5. C

    Forwarders when using Exchange server

    I have Exchange Server 2016 setup with the same registered domain name in cPanel Exchange Server 2016 Setup Server Name: SVRA AD Domain Name: removed.tld Full computer name: SVRA.removed.tld External Interface IP (public): cPanel Detail Registered Domain Name: removed.tld Zone...
  6. C

    Serverwide exchange of specific string in pages and sqlDBs

    Hey Guys, I have a probleme here right now. I have just gotten 70 Domains from an old Webmaster and the transfer and everything went pretty smooth with WHM and for being a Novice like me. Right now I am looking for a way to change in .html, .php and .htm (unlikely, but who knows) als also in...
  7. I

    SOGO Exchange replacement with WHM

    Hello, I wonder if WHM and CPanel are compatible and will run without issues with SoGo ( . SoGo offers not only webmail like Roundcube but also full Microsoft Outlook contact, calendar synchronization and sharing through activesync. SoGo is free and runs on most if not all Linux...
  8. R

    Linux Exchange Server Alternative

    Hi, I have been looking for an Microsoft exchange server alternative for Linux (specifically Centos 6.5). I need it to work with outlook 2013 straight off the bat (without the need of plugins for outlook). The problem I am facing is any i have tried many linux alternatives (open xchange...
  9. F

    Best cPanel Exchange Server Integration?

    Hey folks, I've been doing some digging into an open source exchange server solution and haven't come across anything remotely decent. I've seen open-xchange which looks like it could work well, but I don't see any documentation on how to integrate Open-Xchange Community Edition with cPanel...
  10. H

    VPS Exchange?

    I've got two VPSs running DNSOnly but they're both on my machines in the same data centre. I'd really like a third name server off site so I was looking at renting a VPS...then it hit me....maybe there's somebody else in a similar position to me who'd like to do a VPS exchange? Would anybody...
  11. D

    New Exchange Server - A & MX Records

    Hi all, First time using cpanel so apologies for the basic question. I have installed a new sbs server that will be hosting my clients email. Server is installed but we are currently not able to send or receive any emails. I just wanted to confirm my settings in cpanel. For a record i...
  12. V

    Leveraging the Stack Exchange network

    Leveraging the Stack Exchange network: asking you to commit I am wondering wether it is a good idea to leverage the Stack Exchange network to increase community interaction and provide the community with a better tool to get proper answers to their questions. These forums seem to a bit too...
  13. FilipeCardoso

    Exchange cPanel via Switch Account drop-down menu

    I get into my whm and my whm cpanel access a customer's OK I want to switch to another client without having to close and reopen my whm, there is an option that I see all my domains and just click on the field I'll ja panel for it, OK some areas where access this option does not appear in the...
  14. C

    Possible to install Zarafa (Similar to Exchange server) on WHM servers?

    Zarafa is like Exchange Server but it free for up to 3 users and it will work with MS Outlook and Mobile Phone and it own outlook web version here the link on more about it I would like to try it but I am not sure if I could install Zarafa on a server...
  15. M

    Boxtrapper problems with MS Exchange

    Hi My web host uses Cpanel and I've been using SpamAssassin and now Boxtrapper Spam Trap, which seems to work ok. I've been testing it just to make sure it actually works. I have a mail account at work which runs on Microsoft Exchange V6.5 from which I sent mail to my web host mail account...
  16. M

    BoxTrapper not working with Microsoft Exchange

    BoxTrapper seems to be altering my email messages and when mail is picked up by Micrisift Exchange as part of Microsoft Server 2000 I get email that has all of the encoding in the message and if I attach a file, it is also imbedded in the message. But, if I turn BoxTrapper off (disbale) all...
  17. E

    NS1/NS2 exchange

    Background: I have two servers: A and B. A is the old server, with hundrets of accounts, with BIND serving as the primary and secondary name server. B is a new server, with no accounts, with installed BIND. Domains & both point to A. Domain points to B...
  18. C

    microsoft exchange

    I have a domain ( which needs to have mail forward to Exchange ( Has anyone modified their mx entry of a domain to forward to a Microsoft Exchange server? The Exchange is sitting on a sub-domain which is pointing to the Ip address of the ISP. Unfortunately the...
  19. E

    Forms not sending to Exchange server

    I pointed a clients MX records to their Exchange server, and external mail points fine but forms (NMS FormMail) deliver the recipient email internally, not to the Exchange server. How do I get forms to deliver [email protected] to the external Exchange Server? MX (10)...
  20. N

    Exchange killer?

    Thought i would start a thread to share thoughts onthe movement.... Support Ticket Number: Support Ticket Number: