1. m.eid

    Increasing interval to retain Exim stats

    Hi, I've change the Tweak >> "The interval, in days, to retain Exim stats in the database" 90 days rather than just 10 days, is there any risk for that? .. I want to get the email delivery report as long as that possible, is there any risk in reach 120 days ?
  2. M

    SOLVED Querying the Eximstats database - file is encrypted or is not a database

    Hi, I'm trying to run some queries on the eximstats database. I've tried a number of things as follows: I have a development environment running on a Windows PC where I do my development work. After reviewing a large number of posts and websites relating to my issue I have been very aware of...
  3. D

    SQLite database error in delivery reporter

    Hello, We've an error in the mail delivery reporter: We had to start with a fresh SQLite database because tailwatchd was failing, as explained in this post. Worked for a week but now we have this error. Any advice? Thanks.
  4. rinkleton

    Maintenance ended due to eximstats error

    I'm getting "Maintenance ended; however, it did not exit cleanly (256)" with 68.0.12 (I have for several days/versions now). For me I have no outdated processes running. My error is: [2017-11-13 21:45:56 -0500] E [/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/restartsrv_eximstats] The...
  5. G

    SOLVED An error is present in track delivery section

    Hello, An error is present in [track delivery], which seems to be tied to the database eximstats_db.sqlite3: DeliveryReporter API internal failure: Cpanel::Exception::Database::Error/(XID unf95e) The system received an error from the “SQLite” database “/var/cpanel/eximstats_db.sqlite3”...
  6. S

    Fetch data from sqlite database

    hi, Our eximstats_db has been converted to sqlite database after our WHM upgrade, and new version is 64.0.19. We are using eximstas_db for cron job purpose in our server and we are new with SQLite . we have tried many more times to access this database using php codes . But no result is found ...
  7. P

    pruning eximstats sqlite

    Hi all, I'm seeing our eximstats_db growing quite large for our disk space. 2.8GB when we noticed it last Thursday. We've taken steps to reduce this such as reducing the number of days the tweak settings for "Stats and Logs" -> "Exim stats in the database" are set for logging from 30 to 7...
  8. caisc

    The rebuild of this database is in progress

    Hello, In my WHM - Home >> Email >>View Sent Summary I see this notification - Note: The rebuild of this database that started on 4/12/17 at 3:21 PM UTC is still in progress. The process ID is “700541”. Search results may be incomplete until the rebuild finishes. For more details see attached...
  9. L

    Eximstats database missing after WHM upgrade

    Hello! I had an application developed using the eximstats database to get email stats, however, I forgot that my server had the automatic update enabled, and today it upgraded and the database is gone! I try to repair it but it looks like this new version does not need the eximstats database...
  10. J

    Prune Eximstats

    So, If a client had their setting in /var/cpanel/cpanel.config exim_retention_days=90 and they lower it to exim_retention_days=10 will this prune the 80 days off or just truncate the database and start over?
  11. U

    SOLVED Table './eximstats/sends' is marked as crashed

    I have a problem with eximstats DB. I RAN: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/updateeximstats RESULT: At this moment the problem still present so, I go to WHM interface and here is what I got: As you see the problem is not solved, any clue? Bless
  12. J

    Help Understanding Rejected IPs

    Just looking for help understanding this. When I view Mail Statistics Summary I see the following: Top 50 rejected ips by message count 516 local 4 [] 4 [] 3 [] 3 [] etc... The largest number by far has the IP 'local'...
  13. S

    SOLVED Database Error: Table './eximstats/sends

    Hello, We can't see email report from email section. It displays error. Error from delivery reporter: (XID u58m7a) Database Error: Table './eximstats/sends' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed We try to repaid db by command mysqlcheck --repair eximstats But it failed and...
  14. V

    View Sent Summary Report not working

    Hello, Even after repairing eximstats database, 'View Sent Summary' is showing blank. Can you help?
  15. M


    In my new server , I see too many eximstats query in mysql process list , that i didn't see below. I disable eximstats in WHM >> service manager , but not helped . then remove eximstats database , but not resolve issue. how can decrease number of eximstats query or disable it ? Thank
  16. W

    Automatically block account based on deferred messages

    Hi, I've noticed that invariably, when a client's email account gets compromised by virus/password theft, and starts sending SPAM, the "deferred messages" count of the domain goes to the roof. This causes me problems because my IPs get blocked by anti-SPAM lists and subsequently other clients...
  17. alias harun

    Is it safe to delete eximstats.sql inside /var/cpanel/sql

    Hi, Just a quick question, Is it safe to delete eximstats.sql inside /var/cpanel/sql/ The file grow huge. We have try to clear eximstats database but seem the file no effect. Try to search the forum but cannot find solutions. [email protected] [/var/cpanel/sql]# ls -lath total 8.7G drwx--x--x 119...
  18. A

    Mail Delivery Reports not working after updating to 58.0 (build 25)

    Hello, I'm having a problem with eximstats, mail delivery report of WHM is not showing any recent mail activity. And it's showing an error. Error from delivery reporter: Can't call method "quote" on an undefined value at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/DeliveryReporter.pm line 470. Error log...
  19. F

    Track delivery show more than 10

    Hello everyone, i want ask. WHy track delivery show result for recipient email more than 10 for each account ? but in log server this just 1. Can anyone tell me why and how to solved it ? Thank you :)
  20. T

    Error when using mail delivery report

    hey Michael i can not find updateeximstats file on dir /usr/local/cpanel/bin and now mail delivery stats gives this error