1. K

    eximstats keep on failing

    as subject ? we keep receiving the Service Monitor mails send to us indicating eximstats fail and a restart is automatically generated.
  2. S

    eximstats mysql password

    I was upgrading MySQL to 4.1 and was playing around with the passwords in the mysql database. However, now that I switched back to "old-passwords", the password for eximstats remained in 4.1 hash. How do I set the password for eximstats from WHM? Or otherwise?
  3. P

    Exim Eximstats Cppop Failed

    Ever since I installed cpanel a month ago (December 24th) Ive had exim eximstats and cppop failed, when I restart exim it says everything was successfull but then it says exim failed, please contact the sysadmin, I ran a DNS report and this is what came up: Getting MX record for...
  4. B

    I hate eximstats

    Oh man do I ever! Eximstats has never given me anything but trouble. My current problem: exim stats appears to be running when I check status in WHM. When I restart cpanel from the command line, eximstats starts ok (no mysql DB issues, no missing perl modules as far as I can tell). However...
  5. mahdionline

    mysql () & spamd & eximstats failed

    Hi I upgrade our kernel and restart ,then I make some change to my server httpd.con and php.ini and when I restart the httpd. after these change i findout that mysql () & spamd & eximstats are failed :confused: ? how can i do ? what's the problem ? Regard
  6. I

    eximstats tables empty

    I had the view relayers blank screen, so I followed the tip to repair and optimize the eximstats tables through phpmyadmin and also ran eximstatspass. Did not fix the problem, nothing shows in view relayers, and the tables are empty, seems like some script is not writing to the tables. Any way...
  7. H

    eximstats and imapd problem

    I'm having a problem with the eximstats and imap on my freebsd+cpanel server. When I reboot the server eximstat and imapd will not start. I have tried to view some logs but there is nothing in there. After a couple of minutes when they both start it shows no errors however I cant send...
  8. N

    eximstats failed

    My Service Status window shows eximstats failed with an ugly red dot. Any idea how I can fix this? I restarted MySQL and Exim but it stays red. Chris
  9. A

    Eximstats Query

    Two Questions: eximstats -nr -charts -html /var/log/exim_mainlog > /path/to/browsable_directory/eximstats.html This very much generates the Stats Page as in WHM. However, the images are broken. I am sure GD and GD perl modules are installed. Any clue on how to get the images going...
  10. D

    cpanellogd failed and eximstats failed

    I've read through all the posts about eximstats, and none of the suggestions have worked to correct it. But I'm also having another problem with the cpanellogd failing, and I've turned up nothing in this forum, or any other forum that I came across while furiously searching google :) So...
  11. B

    Eximstats Failing

    Hey, On a mates server theres this error about eximstats failing, So i checked it out more indepth. I found out that [email protected] [/usr/local/cpanel/bin]# ./eximstats DBI connect('eximstats:localhost','eximstats',...) failed: Access denied for user: '[email protected]' (Using password...
  12. H

    why i cant disable eximstats

    hello I cant disable eximstats, why ?? I go to Tweak setting, turn off option "Exim Stats Daemon (required for..." and next go to Service Manager, tunr off "eximstats" and save, and there is the problem when i go second time to Service Manager, eximstats is on, why ?? I want to...
  13. J

    Eximstats MySQL Database Taking Up A TON Of Space

    The eximstats MySQL database is taking up around 1 GB of space. If I just select EMPTY in phpMyAdmin for all the tables, will it be OK or will it screw somethign up?
  14. X

    eximstats failed

    Ever since i edited my origional my.cnf file to optimize my server ( RHE 3 ) i got eximstats failed ,tried to fix it using all solutions posted in cpannel,ev1 servers,WebHostingTalk Forums when i usr/local/cpanel/bin/eximstats i get this output : DBI...
  15. C

    aborted connections - eximstats

    recently my mysql error log has started to fill up with the following: Aborted connection 148 to db: 'eximstats' user: 'eximstats' host: `localhost' (Got timeout reading communication packets) Every few minutes it seems, only started recently. My wait_timeout in /etc/my.cnf is 15, i...
  16. L

    eximstats failed

    After several months running well, suddenly this morning I had messages from server : >eximstats failed @ Sat May 29 11:43:59 2004. A restart was attempted automagicly. internal 30 minutes, I received emails like this. I try to reboot my server but still problem occurs my server ...
  17. C

    Eximstats Failed - Problem!

    I searched the forums and found many posts relating to eximstats failing, but none really matched the problem I have. When I try to manually start eximstats, here's what I get: Can't locate DBD/mysql.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0...
  18. T

    Remote mysql and "eximstats" and "horde" database

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience configuring 2 cpanel servers to share a standalone mysql database server? I configured 2 cpanel server to use a remote database server. however, i don't see "eximstats" and "horde" databases on the new mysql server for either cpanel server. how...
  19. D

    eximstats mysql DB growing big..

    Hello, I read some good threads on recreating the eximstats DB using the /usr/local/cpanel/etc/eximstats.sql and eximstats.sql.in.. I wanted to see if anyone here may have an opinion as to how to have the stats flushed or something, as if they keep growing, it will be unmanageable,. Is...
  20. E

    Eximstats database

    hello i disable eximstats in whm and i still see that eximstats active in mysql 107020 | eximstats | localhost | eximstats | Sleep | 18 | | | how i can remove it ?