1. outofcontrol

    Reverted to EasyApache3 and now cannot get FastCGI enabled anymore

    We have already opened a ticket (paid for faster support) but it appears things are pretty slow tonight (8399849). Figure someone here might be able to help: We thought it would be a good idea to upgrade to EasyApache4. Once we had done so, we then realized that FastCGI doesn't work anymore...
  2. F

    Errors after enabling FastCGI

    I recently switched to FastCGI and now I regularly get errors either 'Excessive Resource Usage' or 'Suspicious Process Running'. Uptime: 129 seconds Executable: /usr/selector/php Command Line (often faked in exploits): /usr/bin/php Network connections by the process (if any): tcp...
  3. R

    EA4 & FastCGI as Global Handle?

    We are using FCGI+Memcache+Nginx stack and it works great. Now, on a new server with EA4 we want to use FastCGI as global PHP handle like it was in EA3. With EA4 is that possible or we are now limited to using SuPHP which means no OpCode caching will be possible? I know FastCGI is possible with...