1. M

    fastcgi error

    hi, i have enabled fastcgi on my cpanel server, yet when i run my php script i am getting a warning about the permissions should not be writable, so i tried changing it from 0644 to 444 but it does not allow me to. if i change it back to dso it works fine the script but fastcgi shows these...
  2. P

    Connection reset by peer: mod_fcgid: error reading data from FastCGI server

    When a user site is accessed by shared SSL, (NG) - -> /home/sharedusername/public_html (no contents) - /~username -> /home/username/public_html the following error occurs. --- error_log --- (104)Connection reset by...
  3. K

    Can FastCGI show the full path to a process (script)

    Normally, when the server goes high loaded we execute something similiar to: top -c or ps aux etc... A PHP script that causes high load in suPHP mode will show something similiar to this: user /usr/bin/php /home/user/public_html/spam.php when we execute some of the above commands...
  4. K

    Access server with ~username when FastCGI enabled

    Hi all, I am in the process of migrating to the FastCGI from SuPHP. When I am using SuPHP my clients can access their www directory by using: However, in several topics here I have read that FastCGI in SuEXEC mode doesn't allow such a behaviour..? Is...
  5. P

    FastCGI Permissons

    On my new server, I've running apache with FCGI with suEXEC. My problem is that: - CPanel doesn't have permission to create subdomains. Actually it doesn't have permission to create folders, copy files, etc. - My PHP script gives a "permission denied to move file" error on file uploads. How can...
  6. D

    fastcgi (fcgi) and mod_userdir incompatibility, global SSL for a user

    Hi! I have installed fastcgi-based PHP, and now the mod_userdir stuff (~username) don't parse PHP. With the normal domain, everything works fine. I see here that this is a known problem: Apache PHP Request Handling "Important: This method is only recommended for advanced administrators...
  7. I

    move mod_php to fastcgi on production servers

    If we change mod_php to fastcgi on production server, any thing bad will happen? shall we expect to see any errors?
  8. A

    Where is located on cpanel server the fastcgi config file?

    Hello Where is located on cpanel server the fastcgi config file? I want to change the DefaultMaxClassProcessCount and DefaultMinClassProcessCount on it... Thank you
  9. M

    Tips for migrating server/clients from suphp to fastcgi?

    I am planning on using cloudlinux with a few of my new servers and with its overhead, id really like to minimize resource waste and optimize things as much as possible. FastCGI seems to be a bit faster than suphp and from what Ive been reading, people seem to prefer it. Besides it being a...
  10. C

    PHP Cache + FastCGI

    Which php cache compatible with fastcgi? -EAccelerator -> OK --But not compatible with magento -APC -> ? -XCache -> ?
  11. C

    FastCGI not kill process

    Hi, i changed from suPHP to FastCGI ad now the server have 1000 processs and with a "ps aux" i see some process old time: locstarc 32136 0.0 0.1 47336 8976 ? S< 13:31 0:00 /usr/bin/php locstarc 32139 0.0 0.0 42320 8164 ? S< 13:31 0:00 /usr/bin/php monclass...
  12. C

    FastCGI error

    Hi, i have installed the FastCGI and work ok but after any minutes apache down and on error log show: mod_fcgid: Can't create shared memory for size Now increased it to 1GB shared memory of the server sysctl(kernel.shmmax = 1073741824) do not know if this will solve, someone already went...
  13. I

    mod_fcgid: error reading data from FastCGI server

    Hi, I usually don't need to post questions, but this is driving me crazy:eek:. I'm running a Cpanel box with apache/mod_fcgid/php5/eaccelerator. I switched to mod_fcgid from su_php and it runs extremely well, except for this minor glitch: Wed Feb 02 12:44:38 2011] [error] [client...
  14. 9

    FastCGI (mod_fcgid) issue with cPanel

    Hello, I have recompiled apache via easyapache with FastCGI (mod_fcgid) but after successfully compiled The php sites are not working after switching to fcgi but working fine with DSO, Below messages is in error log, (13)Permission denied: mod_fcgid: spawn process Can anybody guide me how...
  15. Solokron

    FastCGI + Suexec

    Has anyone managed to get FastCGI + Suexec/SuPHP working via easyapache or do you pretty much have to compile it manually to work which I don't mind doing?
  16. L

    fcgid (FastCGI) and APC shared cache

    Hi guys, I am a bit stumped on this one. How do I configure mod_fcgid (FastCGI) and APC so that all processes share the same cache (not per user)? I have heard this is possible, but I see conflicting info when I search.
  17. C

    How to optimize FastCGI and work with mod_userdir

    How to optimize FastCGI and work with mod_userdir ?
  18. M

    FastCGI timeout issue

    Hi all - we have set up (finally) our CentOS 5.2.x server with WHM/Cpanel 11 running Apache and FastCGI. Server and website runs great except for a periodic error: [Tue Mar 10 15:57:50 2009] [notice] mod_fcgid: process /home/uberuser/public_html/index.php(20420) exit(lifetime expired)...
  19. D

    FastCGI pointless??

    Why is FastCGI so complicated? Is there any point including this with EA when there's no clear instructions on the web how to use it??
  20. H

    uphp vs fastcgi & eaccelerator

    I have trying to find helpful documents online about suphp and fastcgi but there is not much out there. The issue a dedicated customer wants a WHM/CPanel server which all PHP sites are running under their own useraccount, low memory print and fast. Suphp (with suhosin) disables eaccelerator...