1. E

    cPanel 76 WHM dashboard hotlinks

    Version 76 contains some useful links on the home screen for quick access. Is it possible to add options that I frequently use (eg Configserver email queue manager, Quota modification)?
  2. Z

    Does cPanel Support MySQL 8?

    Hello I would like to know if cpanel / WHM supports mysql 8
  3. C

    SOLVED OpenSSL 1.1.1 with TLS 1.3 updates?

    Hi, Released OpenSSL 1.1.1 for support TLS 1.3 OpenSSL It would be nice if it were implemented on Cpanel :) Thanks
  4. S

    Forwarding outgoing e-mails?

    Hi a year ago the only supported option for forwarding an outgoing e-mail was making copies of outgoing email is through the Archive option in cPanel. Is this still true or has there been any changes? It would be greatly appreciated if the outgoing e-mails would be as easily forwarded as...
  5. B

    Mail Queue Manager Workflow Suggestions

    This post has suggestions related to your WHM's Mail Queue Manager workflow. Please keep an eye on the attached image collage while reading this. Recently, one of our customers' websites was hacked and its account was sending massive amounts of spam. When visiting the Mail Queue Manager, the...
  6. W

    cPanel HA/Failover Options

    I also need HA and disappointed to see cPanel still doesn't offer any options. In particular, I'm surprised to learn that even in a failover situation, you'd need two licenses. What about if you set up round robin load balancing on three machines - does that mean three licenses? I think...
  7. hrace009

    why cPanel not provide auto SSL for cPanel (Not WHM)

    I have seen auto SSL on WHM. It can be used for let's encrypt and COMMODO CA. Yes it was really good. But why not give advantage for front end user (cPanel) ? if we give that ability, user can install his own let's encrypt to their own domain. Yes i know there is a module for that cPanel App...
  8. R

    Is Mongo install supported?

    Hello! If I install MongoDB on server. Will CPanel support team respond and support me if I will open support ticket for Cpanel / WHM? Thanks!
  9. Irwanto

    cPhulk blocked entire office

    i have enabled cphulk and found many failed attempt 1. could you add country IP and provider sender in history report. we are use ID indonesia country, if there are different country is suspicious 2. add button "add to blocked" and "add to whitelist" beside IP to easy add. 3. could you add some...
  10. hrace009

    Google Cloud DNS with cPanel

    Does cPanel have planing to integrated Google Cloud DNS with cPanel DNS Cluster? i have look google cloud DNS, seems this can save budget rather than rent other VPS or Dedicated server only to host DNS. :D This is just my opinion. What about you guys? Documentation Available here I have found...
  11. K


    ¡Hola! ¿Cuándo está previsto la implementación del algoritmo de compresión para Apache en cPanel & WHM? Os paso la información: lyncd.com/2015/11/brotli-support-apache/ Add Brotli compression support to Apache for static assets and pages github.com/kjdev/apache-mod-brotli GitHub -...
  12. hrace009

    7zip extraction for cPanel

    Hello, Is there a *.7z extraction for cPanel? yes i know common user always user *.zip or *.tar.gz but 7zip is the most best compression rather than other compression. i want to make my users able to extract *.7z extension.
  13. R

    Why no support for HTTP 2.0?

    So far the only solution I have found that provides HTTP 2.0 support and sits within a cPanel environment is Lite Speed but there's an additional cost and I'm already paying for cPanel. Please could you explain to me the reasons behind not supporting HTTP 2.0? Thanks.