1. jimlongo

    SOLVED [CPANEL-25368] Rename WebProtect to Directory Privacy in Feature Manager

    Webprotect in WHM is a pretty counterintuitive name for a feature that is called Directory Privacy in cPanel
  2. S

    Features per user

    This has always annoyed me. Why are features enabled per package and not per user? This just seems stupid to me. If I want most users to not have the new Terminal interface, but if I want one or two users to have access to it, I have to create a new feature set, then create a package with the...
  3. C

    SOLVED Hide access to certain features

    I am new to cpanel and have searched a bit, but haven't ran across this yet. If you don't use the DNS and email ports of cpanel (and just host websites). How do you hide the icons for items you don't want people to have access to from the accounts and other resellers? is it possible? If there...
  4. M

    SOLVED Hide Email in cPanel

    Hello, I would like to hide the email functions in cPanel as I just want to use it web hosting and don't want to confuse my customers. Is there an easy way to do this?
  5. E

    User bypassing disabled features?

    Hi In feature manager i disabled the feature of "Email Filters". now it is not exist in the menu of webmail. but when the logged in user change the url ........../webmail/paper_lantern/index.html to ........./webmail/paper_lantern/mail/filters/editfilter.html?account=&filtername= he can...
  6. A

    WHM Feature Manager - disable Webmail

    I edit a package and I have unchecked the Webmail feature but when I assign an account (web site) to the package it has the Webmail feature still enabled. My servers has CENTOS 6.9 – WHM 60.0 (build 48)
  7. S

    Cannot remove Backup Wizard from Feature Manager

    Updated to WHM 62.0 (build 15) and now "Backup Wizard" shows up in Cpanel for all users and you CAN'T remove "Backup Wizard" using the WHM "Feature Manager" because it's not even listed!!! This truely is bad because we do NOT want individual users backing up data!!!! Is there some secret way...
  8. T

    Feature enabled but not found in Paper_Lantern

    Hi, My WHM version is WHM 60.0(build 36). In my customized feature list, "See PHP Configuration" was checked,but the user's cpanel was applied the customized feature list,the icon of "See PHP Configuration" and without any error messages. The others feature icon add/remove just work correctly...
  9. N

    Can you disable PHP/CGI features on Feature Manager?

    I would like to be able to offer file hosting and email hosting only, no PHP or any other programming language support on hosted accounts. When using EasyApache4 is is it possible to create a 'Feature List' in "Feature Manager" that will disable everything but strict plain file server in apache...
  10. G

    SOLVED Cpanel is missing "Contact Information" option under preferences.

    Hello there, I couldn't find any information on this specific issue, so I figure I'll ask around here about this. For some reason, my cpanel is missing "Contact Information" under preferences. For my users to be able to setup their "Reset Password" contact information update, they need this...
  11. M

    Advanced DNS Zone Editor Missing

    I need to set up a TXT record but there is no link to the Advanced DNS Zone Editor in my dashboard. There is only "Editor Single Zone" under the "Domains" section. So how can I add a TXT record or access the Advanced Zone Editor?
  12. A

    How to remove management features from webmail

    How can I remove all the management features from the webmail interface? By saying management features I mean : Forwarders Change of password Auto responders Email filtering etc. etc.
  13. S

    CardDAV Address Book Groups

    What is really sad: The cPanel implmenetation of CardDAV is not providing Address Book Groups in the same way as in Mac OSX Address Book.
  14. R

    Custom Mail Only Feature List

    Hi, I wondering if anyone else has come across this issue. Using my reseller account I have setup a customer account using the default Mail Only feature list and have subsequently learned that the Track Delivery feature is not available under that configuration. Note: I've tried setting up a...
  15. J

    what features in featurelist for domain only

    Hi all, i want to offer a domain only package, it needs to be controlled by the domain owner using cpanel. the customer should be able to use configtools for the domain and email settings, the emails will not be stored on the server so it only needs to be controlled for where the mail is...