1. A

    Can you disable features in Webmail?

    Hi, is there a way to disable certain features in Webmail? For example, if we don't want our customers using auto scripts to configure mail clients, can we disable the"Configure Mail Client" feature?
  2. K

    SOLVED CPANEL-41843 - Calendars and Contacts missing from Feature List

    CPANEL version 106.09 here. We saw Calendars and Contacts appear in our cPanel accounts and are unable to hide the icon. We attempted to look through our features list to disable it but it wasn't listed. It turns out that we never installed the Calendar and Contacts plugin, We don't want to...
  3. gfserver

    SOLVED Some features dissapeared since V 10.0.5 update

    Hello., sudenlly some features disappeared from users cPanel since last update V 10.0.5 I've checked packages and thy are marked (jetbakcup, sitepad), they appears in WHM but not in users cPanel. I updated --force, rebooted, nothing Any Ideas please? Kind Regards
  4. N

    Disable Glass Notification, Welcome Panel and Reorder Features Groups globally for existing users

    Hello, With the auto update, things change overnight about the user experience of our customers in cPanel. It's fine. Especially if we can easily restore things like before if needed. I just successfully disabled the Glass Notification to keep the previous cPanel Basic Theme we are used to...
  5. L

    phpMyAdmin Missing Features

    I've installed phpMyAdmin before on non-cPanel server setups and I've noticed that there are some features missing in the WHM version: Relation View: Internal relations Table columns: Browser Display Transformation options Is there any particular reason why these features are disabled in the...
  6. psytanium

    Prevent cpanel user from accessing some features

    Hello, I have a client who want access to his cpanel account to manage his emails, but i don't want him to have access to file manager, ftp and PHPMyAdmin. The reason is I don't want him to download the project files and database and sell it to other companies. Any solutions ?
  7. I

    Regarding cPanle hosting features (very urgent)

    Dear all, I have already a shared hosting server purchased from cPanel. I need below information of cPanel hosting server urgently- 1. Programming Language: 2. CMS: 3. Designing Language: 4. Other Scripting Language: 5. Database: 6. Graphics Tool: Thanks and regards Imran
  8. B

    Preventing resellers from creating/editing Feature Lists

    Hy there! I just noticed that, for whatever reason, all of our reseller accounts are able to edit and create their own feature lists from WHM, which is not the intended behavior for our needs. Which one of the flags available at "Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges" locks out the...
  9. B

    Reseller packages won't inherit its features set.

    Hy there! We want to have the "AutoSSL" and "SSL/TLS Status" menus available for everyone in the server except for the resellers who did not purchase our SSL add-on (as well as their respective customers). All of our (root) customers should have SSL enabled by default. Presently we only have...
  10. spaceman

    Version control and any cPanel features that modify files like IP Blocker

    Hi All, There are plenty of cPanel features/functions that allow the direct modification of files on a live ('production version') hosting account. The most obvious/dangerous one is File Manager which can pretty much allowed the CRUD of any file or folder. Less obvious, maybe, are features...
  11. R

    How to suggest new features

    Hi, I want to suggest new features but I can not enter <cPanel & WHM Feature Requests> There is required an email an a password, I used those of the forum but they did not work. I just want to know if this is a failure or I need to create an additional user for this. Thank you.
  12. K

    Limit Client Features But Not Root

    Hi, I want to limit the client to only be able to edit their email accounts which works fine via the feature manager, but for the root user when logged in via list accounts > click cpanel icon I want to be able to see everything. Is this possible? Screenshot: - Removed - Also I need the cpanel...
  13. S

    Features per user

    This has always annoyed me. Why are features enabled per package and not per user? This just seems stupid to me. If I want most users to not have the new Terminal interface, but if I want one or two users to have access to it, I have to create a new feature set, then create a package with the...
  14. Server Pros

    Favorite Features to Add to cPanel?

    I have sadly used Plesk for 18 years. Much was included though. Like applications, a basic web site editor, etc. But now that we're switching all of our servers to cPanel for Linux I am curious as to favorite and most useful/functional add-on's. I'd like to ask for advice. What is the favored...
  15. H

    WHM New Features

    When I log in to WHM I get a list of new features, if I enable them will they alter my server settings and interfere with my website?
  16. N

    Can you disable PHP/CGI features on Feature Manager?

    I would like to be able to offer file hosting and email hosting only, no PHP or any other programming language support on hosted accounts. When using EasyApache4 is is it possible to create a 'Feature List' in "Feature Manager" that will disable everything but strict plain file server in apache...
  17. G

    Disabling cPanel AutoSSL features

    Moved from: How to turn OFF cPanel AutoSSL features No options in whm seem to work to stop this stupid system generating certificate. Its ridiculous. Its cost me time and soon will be costing me money as customers start getting annoyed there site is randomly trying to access a https connection...
  18. K

    Can not login to Features Request System

    Hello All, After reading this post , I wanted to support the idea of cPanel / WHM support in China - and submit a feature request - But I found out that I can not login to the 'cPanel Feature Requests with the same credentialss that I am posting to this forum . At first I thought this system...
  19. M

    Advice requested about latest new features

    I have a VPS running CENTOS 6.8 x86_64 virtuozzo – WHM 58.0 (build 25) When I log into WHM I now get a Feature Showcase screen that asks me to enable or decline two new features - "Apache: UserDir Protection" and "Make document roots in the public_html directory" The first one already has the...
  20. J

    what features in featurelist for domain only

    Hi all, i want to offer a domain only package, it needs to be controlled by the domain owner using cpanel. the customer should be able to use configtools for the domain and email settings, the emails will not be stored on the server so it only needs to be controlled for where the mail is...