1. durangod

    adding features to hostname cpanel so i can install cert

    We installed our ssl cert yesterday and the reseller domain is fine, but everything above that, reseller cpanel, reseller whm, vps cpanel and vps whm does not have the ssl assigned to it. So i went into the vps cpanel to install the cert there as well and i dont have any icons in cpanel, the...
  2. E

    Database features for all cPanel accounts

    Hi, We are a company that uses WHM. Currently our customers have cPanel accounts, but not all features are available. When I select a number of databases in the Package configuration and apply the new plan to the customer (or even create a new account selecting the new package), it seems...
  3. postcd

    How to enable log programs, re-apply features on some account?

    Hello, one cpanel account have all log programs locked in "Choose Log Programs", so i created new Package with all features ticked and applied package to this cpanel account, but i still see log programs locked and no stats from any of these. // Edit: I found that in Home » Server...
  4. saamxvr

    How to add CPU limit features to cPanel account ?

    Hello How to add CPU limit features to cPanel account ? like below screenshot http://i.imgur.com/GlDUgrK.png Thank you Yohan
  5. Man0warr

    New 11.36 Features, how to enable/disable after initial choice?

    I want to enable an option that I left disabled from the new 11.36 features, but I can't find them anywhere in Tweak Settings. Specifically the "Query Apache for Nobody source" feature.
  6. M

    11.36.11 Features?

    Has anything dramatic changed with this release? Is IPv6 supported yet? Is SNI supported yet? Autodiscover, I read something about, is it supported? I tried going through one of the demos, but they're a pretty neutered example. If the first two, at least, aren't supported, then there's no...
  7. H

    Restore default and disabled features- WHM

    Hi Guys, I hope I am in the right area. I have deleted my 'default' and 'disabled' features from WHM. How can I rectify this? As I am needing to enable some things that have been disabled by the 'disabled' feature, and cannot change this, as I no longer have access to the 'disabled'...
  8. E

    Reseller to access all features

    Hi, Clients only have access to a basic set of features (some mail settings and file manager) to prevent confusion. However the reseller occasionally needs to log-in to their account and tweak some settings (like dns). But since the feature list is limited, even the reseller can't access all...
  9. T

    Account features not showing

    I just set up a new cPanel server and created a site. When I go to https://sitename.com:2083 as either the server admin or logged in as the site admin, I only see a base set of icons. I've gone to Packages > Feature Manager and verified that all options are selected in both the Default and...
  10. M

    Activating Certain Features On Installation

    Hi, It is possible to configure certain cPanel features to be activated on account creation? For example, I'd like for compression ("Website Optimization") to be on by default. Thanks, Mark
  11. M

    Help: Can I remove features in cPanel?

    I have setup a re-seller hosting account and have been given access to WHM with cPanel accounts, I would like to know if I can remove many of the features that are available in cPanel so that we can only provide limited access to our customers. Examples of this is that I would like to hide...
  12. C

    Different Features Different Themes

    Hi it's my first post, I'm a long time user of Plesk for personal sites, but I've ventured into hosting for a few people, and am new to cPanel. At the moment I'm trying to present a completely stripped down feature version, for example no e-mail - for a complimentary package. I notice that in...
  13. lightbeing

    Changing package features

    I'm looking to alter some of my packages and can see how to do the changes in WHM easy enough. Some of the changes will involve increasing the number of domains available in a package. For some clients that will mean they can merge two separate accounts with one domain in each into one package...
  14. T

    Want to install DOS defense features

    So i was digging around in some old threads http://forums.cpanel.net/f185/ddos-protection-plugin-paying-up-100-a-171558.html I liked what they had to say but I keep running into the fact that the command up2date -i httpd-devel keeps coming up as unrecognized. I seen dozens of pages on how...
  15. T

    Ineffective disabled features in Feature Manager

    cPanel 11.25.0-R46156 - WHM 11.25.0 - X 3.9 In Feature Manager -> Disabled Feature List unchecked boxes are the disabled features. Those (should) appear greyed out in other feature lists. However some features appear as normal (selectable) checkboxes in Default Feature List (and other custom...
  16. S

    How to limit reseller features (mysql, etc)

    I don't feel this warrants a support ticket so I'll post it here; If the reseller owns their own account (not the reseller account, just the shared account), how do I limit the number of MySQL databases they can create, etc?. Thanks!.
  17. F

    Features for specific Account

    Hello, 1.) Is that possible to set some Features for a specific Account? For example: The backup-feature should be available for account X but not Account Y. 2.) Is that possible to increase the webspace Quote of a specific User? So if it would be possible in WHM/Cpanel, that would be great...
  18. D

    Question Regarding Disabled Features

    Any tips on hiding disabled features? For example. "Submit A Support Request" We have disabled this feature in WHM. However this option is still visible in Cpanel, so clients can still click on it, then they see that the feature has been disabled. This sends the wrong message to the client...
  19. S

    Different Features for individual users

    On my hosting i want to give individual users different features and quotas example: user 1 has quota of 1gb and has fantastico and mx entries enables user 2 has quota of 1.2gb and does not have fantastico enabled, but has mx entries enabled user 3 has quota of 500mb and does not have...
  20. J

    Restrict Features to root user

    Is it possible to remove the FTP Manager Feature from a package so the site owner can get to cpanel without gaining access to ftp controls, BUT allow the reseller to log in WITH access to the disabled feature?