1. J

    One set of cPanel features for root, another for users

    What we want to do is this: When *users* log into their cPanel they see a restricted set of features (so they don't break things or get intimidated by the range of options). But when *we* log-in as *root* via WHM, we see all the features. I realise we can limit features using the...
  2. W

    vBulletin cPanel Forums Upgrade and Features!

    Hi, I think you guys should upgrade your vBulletin to the latest vb 3.8 and enable Quick Reply option for users. Enable the community enhancements, this would be really helpful for interactions with other users on the forums and possibly increase the amount of replies in a topic with more...
  3. T

    is it possible to remove some features in x3 ?

    hi, for some features in x3, i do not want it accessible for users, is it possible that i could remove some features in x3 ? thanks
  4. A

    cannot delete features lists

    Hi, Somebody knows why or where we can find? :) Thanks
  5. J

    API Features For Status?

    Is there an xml-api feature to get the uptime along with the status of MySQL\Apache, etc... anything you have checked off in service manager? Thanks!
  6. B

    How to upgrade resellers features

    When I click on the arrow beside a reseller username, it shows me i can only edit the space and bandwith, how can i edit the features? like addon domains and stuff like that? I checked the "upgrade/ downgrade accounts" to see if i can upgrade the packages, but the accounts i upgraded as...
  7. S

    .htacces features in addon domain.

    Hello gy's Im having some dificulty, using my .htaccess rules ive always used on difrent systems. The problem coud be that im not in the root folder acording to cpanel. Its a add on not the main domain. This is how it is at the moment /public_html/"the main site here"/"my site here"/...
  8. S

    Are these default or custom features?

    I noticed a few hosts that have both Domain manager and Domain Transfer icons/links in cPanel. Is this something that is new to cPanel or, would this be features these hosts added themselves?
  9. T

    WHM Features vs. cPanel Icons

    Is there a list somewhere that maps items in the WHM "Features" list to the icons/modules that relate to those entries in cPanel? For example, in the WHM list, if you enable "File Manager Directory Selection", the icon "Index Manager" will appear in cPanel. Without a list, you have to guess...
  10. S

    How do we hide cPanel information "Features"?

    We are working with the Features of the cPanel branding/login for our reseller domain account. Is it possible for us to prevent the column of information on the left side of the cPanel screen from showing (headers are "General Account Information" and "General Server Information")? All...
  11. D

    News Features RSS and where are these scripts

    Hello, I am interested in using RSS feeds for my WHM and Cpanel news. I have noticed that I can use html but have not figured out a way to import stuff. Anyone tinkered with this? Also, where is the editnews script? Can't seem to find it. Thanks
  12. C

    feature list - explanation of features

    I'm setting up some new accounts that I want to have use customized feature sets. The prob i'm having is that I don't know enough about all of the features to be sure which ones I want to disable. Is there a master list somewhere that explains each of the features, and why one might (or might...
  13. R

    Evaluating Cpanel features

    Hi, I am currently evaluating solutions to replace my in-house solution. So far I've evaluated plesk and since I do not have a download option for cpanel to perform the same evaluation I'd like to ask someone to answer the following questions: a) Do you have support for brazilian...
  14. B

    Exim Rate Limit features

    Has anybody successfully implemented this to avoid server load spikes due to mail bombing etc? Anybody willing to share success / failure stories? Thanks.
  15. B

    Is there a features list for Edgy?

    I look around and can't find anything on what will be new in Edgy? Is there any such thing?
  16. M

    Boxtrapper icon appears in cp even if disabled in features set

    cPanel 10.9.0-R79 I just noticed that the Boxtrapper icon has started to appear in my user's cpanels, even though I have it UNchecked in the default feature list in my WHM Feature Manager. I also have the spamassassin features unchecked in the feature manager, as well as Boxtrapper and...
  17. H

    Remove Features.

    I tried searching but didn't find anything. My users are using a modified "xskin" and what i want to do is remove ceartain features. I already went into packages/feature manager and removed all the ones i dont want but there are still others you don't have options for. is there some...
  18. M

    Possible to disable reseller ability to create features sets?

    OK, this might be a dumb question, but I did a few searches and I don't see it answered or addressed... Is it possible to remove a reseller's ability to create/edit feature sets in WHM? I want to be able to confine a reseller to only feature sets that I specify, so that they cannot give...
  19. A

    disk usage and some other features does not work

    Hi, I installed CPanel yesterday and I logged on to WHM with my root username and password. But when I click "Disk Usage Information" part of WHM I see following error message: Software error: Can't locate Tie/IxHash.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.7/i686-linux...
  20. S

    Hide and disable features

    Hello, I have cPanel on redhat es box and i would like to disable and hide some features like mail, i don't want to provide mail to the customers and i don't want them to see that on the cpanel interface also i don't want it to show in the statistics. is that doable? thank you