1. B

    cpanel features missing after update

    I've spent over an hour searching the threads and didn't find anything so I apologize if I missed it. After update lastnight there are some features missing in users control panels. Not all features are missing, just some and it's the same features missing in all control panels. I've...
  2. M

    Features lost in Account interface

    Greetings from Jerusalem, I mistakenly deleted a DNS zone entry. i checked the cpanel forum and added the domain and user to /etc/trueuserdomains. I managed to retrieve the account to be shown is "LIST ACCOUNT". However, some directive appeared in the user interface of that domain. i have...
  3. S

    Features Manager

    Can anyone point me to a simple guide to how this should work please? I have a Reseller who is trying to use it but he says that the features he chooses do not appear in the accounts, they simply return to default. I have never (had to) used this, so need to learn fast what it is that he is...
  4. W

    Common features to allow a reseller?

    Hi, I was looking over at some features in WHM to allow reselling. The feature list seems complicated (not per se...more like the wording used). Which options do I have to check/uncheck to keep the server secure, but offer the most features possible? Overselling is allowed, but I don't...
  5. R

    Removing Features?

    Hello, Is there a way to remove some features (icons) for certain users? Like remove lets say sub-domains,ftp accounts,etc.. I have a project I only want MySql DB access and phpMyAdmin access. No subdomain access,etc.. Thanks!
  6. W

    Interested? - HOW TO: Create your own remote access features in PHP

    EDIT 0 - Nav Links I first posted to see if there was an interest in this HOW TO and, seeing that there was, posted the HOW TO somewhere further down the page. For ease of navigation, use the following links to jump straight to the meaty bits: Part 1 of 3 : Introductions and problem...
  7. M

    Cpanel features missing

    I updated to the latest version today using /scripts/upcp, now when I create a new account and login into the domain's cpanel I'm taken directly to the mail options page and all other cpanel features (FTP Manager, MySQL Database, Subdomains, etc) are missing. For example, if I load...
  8. U

    whm+cpanel+few features!

    Hey all: If I visit cpanel from WHM for a perticular doamin, I can see the search engine submit, Addon Scipts, Virus scan on cpanel but if i login cpanel directly with username and password, those features are not available.... folks, any clue? It makes me :confused: I am using WHM 10.1.0...
  9. O

    Managing features removed from Feature List

    I have several feature lists which have disabled items (such as SpamAssassin) and are therefore not visible in the cPanel interface but sometimes I need to manage this feature even though it is removed for the enduser. Is there a way to manage this as a WHM user or with playing aound with...
  10. Heidi

    Features not on list still show in cPanel

    Hi there, I recently created a new feature list for the first time, and edited it to remove some of the features. I then edited one of my packages to use the new feature list, but customers with the new feature list can still see and use all of the default features in their cPanel...
  11. B

    ??? clamavconnetcor features ???

    Hello, I want to install a virus scanner toghether with a good spamfilter for exim. I read on the forum a lot of things over Exiscan and Mailscanner but there is also a build-in option in cpanel namely clamavconnetcor. I installed the cpanel addon now on a server but I don't know the...
  12. D

    List of current features

    Hello, is there any place where all the feature differences between the Cpanel Pro and regular versions are listed? I am having a hard time finding a thread/link that just lists this stuff, many discussion but no links :( Thanks :)
  13. T

    Where do you request new features?

    Does any one know where to request new features for the Cpanel? Thanks Richie
  14. M

    Features Request: Suspend on anniv. date

    I would like WHM to automatically remember the day an account is created, and then allow me to specify monthly or annual anniversary date, and then on that date, automatically suspend the account. Sure would help me keep track of customers. Can I get a 2nd? (I've started a bugzilla...
  15. S

    Accounting.inc.php features???

    Hi are the below the only functions that are inplememnted in the accounting php modual or is it possibel to control a users cpanel account e.g. create an email address or subdomain? if there are can you please tell me where i find a list of them and a usage description...
  16. W

    features in accounts

    i am a reseller , and i created a feature list . then i created a package that uses that feature list . but the account i set up with that package doesn`t seem to hav eall does features . i know that there are some diferences between the themes in cpanel . witch is the theme where you can find...
  17. D

    Whm Hidden Features!!!!!

    Some time ago I noticed that within the WHM navigation pane there is a mathematical "PI" symbol. I had been curious for some time as to why it was there, I had remebered seeing it on a film staring Saundra Bullock called "The Net"... The film is about Backdoors/Trojans (Irrelivent)...
  18. W

    New Features Ticketing

    Is there any addons like ticketing support via cpanel ? so customers can send any questions/complaints/problems to their provider via cpanel and from provider side, they can track it and can delegate to any department ? I think DirectAdmin has it. Anyone know that tools ? please let me know...
  19. M

    Cpanel Pro Should Have More Features !!!!!

    Ok i think Cpanel Pro should have more features then what it already has. it only has 3 or 4 extra features, i should have alot more since we pay for the extra features. why doent you put an affiliates program on Cpanel Pro or somthing good since we have to pay. Plz put more features on...
  20. T

    Request self sign certificate features ( same as RAQ server control panel )

    Request self sign certificate features ( same as RAQ server control panel )