1. I

    Allow reseller to view all features

    Hi, I'm a reseller and I'd like to be able to see all the features of an account in cPanel when I sign on with my reseller password. Is this possible?
  2. EasyNetwork

    Disabling all stats per package / features?

    How in the world do you disable AWStats/Other web alizer crap per plan/feature or manually? I have about 100 users who are developers and do not need that stats crap but it still runs for them and takes ALOT of server resources. Thanks.. :(
  3. R

    Changing features package on an account

    How do I change the features package assigned to an already existing account. I see where I can change the theme, but not the features package. Thanks in advance for the assistance, Rick :confused:
  4. I

    SA3 - learn & bayes features broken?

    I just updated to 'Edge' to see if this problem had been solved by the 'SA 3.0' support it adds, but the problem persists. I've also tried to manually update the relevant perl modules with no success --they're already up to date, even after a cpan cache clearing. Sa-learn for it's normal...
  5. O

    New WHM features

    I would really like to see the following new features added to WHM: - Ability to view the bandwidth use of each POP3 account (per user) - Limit the bandwidth per POP3 account - Ability to view current passwords of users (so I don't have to keep on reseting them for clients) Anyone else...
  6. O

    New View Banwidth Usage lacks true features

    Hi, The new "view bandwidth usage" feature looks nicer, yes. But its lacking some true core features and that is. We just need a table like before that shows how much each site uses and we really like how the red, yellow, orange highlights were in the old version. The new version doesnt...
  7. S

    How to remove Features?

    Hi Y'all, How can I remove features or disable them such that they don't work. How can I change it such that they aren't available for them? The problem is with RESELLERS accounts. Resellers get all the options available for them and I don't want the Resellers to have those options...
  8. J

    Do FrontPage 2003 features work?

    Does anybody know if the features found in FrontPage 2003 work on the latest version of cPanel or does it only support up to 2002?
  9. chrisbuk

    Reseller Accounts Only showing 4 features

    When i create reseller accounts its only giving 4 features?? i am new to cpanel to see the error go to http://www.bargain-hosting.net/linuxproblem/linuxproblem.gif
  10. D

    updating features on a package already setup

    hiya i have just setup a new package and assigned a feature list to it. however now i want to change the features on the package to include some other things... but i cant find out how to do this. i created a new feature list with all the new things i wanted on it and then tried to...
  11. B

    All features and Scripts for 9.4.1

    ghey where can i find a whole list of everything including features and scripts in Cpanel 9.4.1
  12. B

    Get features list from WHM

    Hi I would like to know it it's possible to get the list of the features like the feature manager in the WHM. Someone have make a function like listpkgs to list that ? Thanks birkoss
  13. gorilla

    cPanel Reseller new features

    I really like the new drop down feature in the resellers cPanel. Great to have an overall look at ALL the accounts for the specific reseller account ! :D cpanel 9.4RC21 is great !
  14. G

    Enable Hidden Features ? hehehe

    hmmmm, doing stuff in WHM i saw this little image at the botton of the menu and so i looked and hmm i press a few buttons and walla i found something http://XXXXXXXX:2086/scripts2/hiddenroom is this where the Cpanel Pro ppl or something can enable their things ?
  15. B

    unlimited features

    When using "unlimited" for subdomains and parked domains, cpanel always borks it and gives a "exceeded the limit" message. The only work around is to assign it a high number, 999. Any way to actually get unlimited to work?
  16. M

    New Features

    Hey, MY Cpanel updated itself to WHM 9.1.0 cPanel 9.1.0-R72 No problem, However, when I go into a clients cpanel i notice a new section called PRO. It contains various things which dont seem to do much - one in particular Submit a support ticket. How do I turn these on.
  17. R

    disabling features

    Hello, Until now I've build my own CP's. However this is now taking too much time and I wish to convert to something with more options like cPanel. To this end, I am wondering if I can disable any feature cPanel is offering? Since I do not want to offer all the options that cPanel provides...
  18. E

    Features for webhosting

    Is there an full list of features/functions of WHM/Cpanel? Becouse I am looking for one for at my site. Something like this: ...MB webspace ... MB Data traffic .. POP3 mail accounts . Database .. alias adresses CGI-BIN Perl scripting Server Side Includes (SSI) PHP scripting ASP...
  19. N

    check to see if any resellers have "All Features (warning: root access)" checked.

    Long time ago before ACL List I think it could have been possible for me to have accidently checked "All Features" instead of the one above it. Is there a way I can easily check to see if that feature is enabled. I don't want to go through all of them and look. It don't seem to be in...
  20. M

    Creation of Packages with Unlimited Features (FEED BACK PLS>)

    hi can some of you pls give me a feed back on the Creation of Packages with Unlimited Features for parked domainds and addon domains does it work with the stable and the pro, or it is just showing 0 in cpanel and they user cant add and you need to change to some number insted of unlimited...