1. A

    New Features

    OMG Guys go upgrade to edge. Nick has incorporated a system where you can addon scripts. Make some suggestions on what scripts to add. What more can you ask for. Well how about overselling so you can put limits on resellers but it only counts their actual usage. Come on now help beta test this...
  2. B

    Edge build testing (NEW FEATURES)

    The following has happened since the last release build: I'd like to know what people experiences with these new features/updates/bugfixes are: Sun Oct 6 10:20:52 EDT 2002 5.x Build#195 --------------------------------------------------------------- cleanups with ssl installer...
  3. L

    XSkin Hidden Features...

    anyone know any codes for the XSkin hidden feature? Liam Gladdy
  4. F

    What features do I give resellers?

    I just got my server and had WHM installed. My question is is there a list of features that I should give resellers under reseller privileges? Access I shouldn't give them? Please let me know as I want to setup a few resellers. I want to give them as much as I can but don't want to...
  5. T

    Hidden Features in WHM

    Hello All, In my WHM I was looking around and I found this page: http://www.yourhost.net:2086/scripts2/hiddenroom It needs a secret code. Does anyone have any idea what this does, and if they do can they email the code to [email protected]
  6. E

    What do these WHM features do?

    Can anyone explain these features? I'm new to WHM, and am curious.. 1. ReArrange Account 2. Reset a Shopping Cart 3. Synchronize FTP Passwords Also, is there a concise manual anywhere that explains ALL the WHM features? Thanks!
  7. bert

    Bugs / New Features

    I really hate to say this because I like Cpanel a lot! I think it is the best control panel available, however since you started adding new features, we started to see problems again. Cpanel was getting to be bug-free, but now a lot of things don't work and I think they should be fixed before...
  8. W

    Features of CPANEL

    Where is a list of CPANEL features? thanks,
  9. I

    Adding to change password features..

    Hello... I\'m trying to add an alert feature to the change password confirmaiton page which is run through perl. So far I\'m just trying to figure out what I need to modify and found referance in myapi.txt to how to do this. I created the below file as cpanel/Cpanel/Passwd.pm but it does nto...