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    FFMPEG installation

    please can someone help me! I’m not amazingly great on code I’m still in the learning stage but I need to get FFMPEG installed on the server and I have no idea how. I checked out YouTube but there wasn’t enough explanation as to where this installation is done. Could anyone help explain it to...
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    EasyApache 4 with ffmpeg, mp4box, yamdi, x264, imagemagick and youtube-dl etc.

    Hello everyone here. I do need your help. Im new in these area and the question is: After the EasyApache 4 reset and provision, is it must the Script Installing again, like ffmpeg, mp4box, yamdi, x264, imagemagick and youtube-dl etc. Because few days before in WHM/ EasyApache 4 Im try to set...
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    FFMPEG-PHP module install Error

    Hi! I am trying to install FFMPEG-PHP module in My Cpanel Server with Centos 7. I am trying to install with below located commands but I am getting error in cofigure called ffmpeg headers not found. Make sure ffmpeg is compiled as shared libraries using the --enable-shared option I am...
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    Install ffmpeg, MediaInfo, and MP4Box

    Hi, Can any one help me to install ffmpeg, MediaInfo, and MP4Box ? commands of these plugin installation commands , etc?
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    ffmpeg php-fpm not working

    Hello there ffmpeg does not work on my servers when I run php-fpm. I see the error that the php binary can not be found. How do I use ffmpeg in php-fpm?
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    Perl module installation error (FFMPEG)

    Hi, I am Unable to install FFMPEG module. After enabling access to the C compiler (from WHM), installation of the FFMPEG module (since cPanel or WHM) has failed. Here last line of FFMPEG installation log : All available perl module install methods have failed FFMPEG needs ImageMagick, but...
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    What is the default path to: FFMPEG and MPLAYER

    Were you able to successfully configure the path to FFMPEG? I am new to this and currently experiencing the same issues.
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    Unknown encoder 'libx264'

    i am VPS user and geting this error when try to run some ffmpeg commands. [[email protected] ~]# /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -i /home/xconnect/public_html/tester/test.avi -vcodec libx264 -s 640x360 -threads 4 -movflags faststart /home/xconnect/public_html/tester/test.mp4 ffmpeg version 3.0.2...
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    ffmpeg on cPanel server

    Hello :) We need to install ffmpeg on our cPanel dedicated server. Does anybody knows how to instal ffmpeg on CentOS 6.2 and cPanel, or has some tutorial or web link... Please! Thanks to all in advance!