1. Rogerio

    Disable Compress and Extract in File Manager

    Hello, How can I disable the "extract" and "compress" options in File Manager? Some users are not-intentionally abusing these features, such as compressing the mail folder with 80 Gb inside and sometimes running multiple instances together, which are overprocessing my server and becoming...
  2. Sujoy Dhar

    Copy one file into all accounts?

    Hi, I want to place a file ads.txt in all of my cpanel account under public_html can anyone give me the command where I can copy the file from root to all of the cpanel account's public_html folder.
  3. G

    Quotas cannot exceed 1 GB

    Good afternoon guys, I'm new to WHM and I have a difficulty regarding user quotas, I have a domain and set 25GB quota for the whole domain but each user within this domain is limited to 1GB CPANEL won't let me increase these quotas over 1GB. How can I solve this? graciously Genival Rodrigues
  4. R

    Website won't format properly

    I've built a website using Atom and my browser. I got it looking amazing, I got it functional. It looks fine on the browser, but once I upload it to cPanel and try it out it looks horrid. Ive tried so many fixes, using <style></style> for CSS, trying to link to scripts clearer.. The worst part...
  5. M

    Loop when trying to zip files in file manager

    I have an account that I need to zip the files in the public_html folder for. Whenever I try to do so the zip function takes a very long time and then errors with repeated instances of zip warning: name not matched:wiki/wiki/wiki/wiki/wiki/wiki, etc. over and over again until finally ending in...
  6. A

    SOLVED Publishing Dreamweaver site issue

    Greetings; I've built a pretty standard site on Dreamweaver, but after publishing it I still get the following screen when I navigate to it. - Removed - I've recreated my local site's file structure on public_html, like this; - Removed - Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I just don't...
  7. R

    Unsure how to modify website

    Hello, So I'm involved in a new project where I have access to a website previously created and run through cPanel. I have (very) limited web building experience and generally use platforms that allow me to easily change visuals - like Wix (not Wix, but same idea). I also have purchased...
  8. A

    SOLVED Tracking deleted files?

    Hello, I found a big directory is deleted today from my website and I saw a million logs. This directory is a WordPress and I checked cPanel, FTP, Apache, Access, Secure .. etc logs But what I notice that I can't figure out which IP has deleted the files. I saw a lot of logs before the...
  9. V

    How do I increase the home directory limit?

    The site has reached the limit of the home directory and is slow to load. How do I increase the limit?
  10. C

    Upload website to cPanel account?

    我完全安装了我的cpanel,而且我完成了所有html I had install cpanel completely and I had created my html file,but I don’t know how to post it to my servers,have someone can tell me how to post it?
  11. V

    Login Session Expired error

    Hello, i keep geting this error when try to edit and save tpl or any other files via file manager: Any advise what to do? Im not expert, is my first server :) dont known many thinks.. maybe its posible to scan- check for errors? Many thanx in advance.
  12. omidsolo

    File Manager Prefs

    Howdy, Got 2 questions about cPanel File Manager. 1. When uploading files, how to enable or check the "overwrite uploaded file" CheckBox by default for all future uploads? 2. When deleting files, how to enable or check the "permanent delete, no move to trash" CheckBox by default for all future...
  13. P

    Problem connecting to FTP Account

    Hello, I have a problem with FTP Accounts when I try to connect. When I connect to FTP Account, he display "Connected" but he can't display the directory and make error... See logs from FileZilla. I have replace some words (MYDOMAIN.COM and IPADDRESS). Status: Connecting to IPADDRESS...
  14. M

    File Manager Folder URL

    I can use the URL https://SERVER:2083/frontend/paper_lantern/filemanager/index.html to go to the file manager and I just have to log in to cPanel...but is there a way I can pass the folder path I want to open in the file manager? Something like...
  15. B

    Incorrect Disk Usage reported in cPanel

    Can anyone tell me why I see in a report in public_html 35,813.03 MB (!!!), but real is 180 MB....
  16. L

    Anonymous FTP is Disabled Issue

    Hi, We have a shared server, where only one client complains that from time to time the Anonymous FTP user is disabled. We tried to find where the settings are saved when the anonymous user is activated for a domain, but we can not find it. The only information we find: /var/log/messages...
  17. W

    What is Other Usage?

    Hi Support, Seems that this has been an on-going issue on our old and new server. How do we fix this? Or even remove it? This "Other Usage‡" is taking up the disk space per account on our CPanel server and we can't find it anywhere. Hope to get some help. Thanks!
  18. C

    Link on image icon

    Hello. I noticed that some images in cpanel having a link symbol. I assume that these images is like a shortcut of another image because when I am trying to change them they regenerate in their old form. How can I find the source image of this shortcut? - Removed -
  19. M

    SOLVED Hide directories/files from clients in FTP

    Hi i have had a look on here and cant find exactly what i require. I would like to hide folders from the client when they access via FTP although keeping the folders still their for the system if possible or an alternative. I would like their ftp to look like image "mini ftp" as at the minute...
  20. S

    The system failed to create the file error

    Hi, My name is Sadiq, A Research Analyst and a New website Owner. I live in Nigeria. Starting my first website and i keep having a particular error message The system failed to create the file “/home/someusr/.cpanel/datastore/.tmp.b30c6.MOUNTS_CACHE__proc_mounts” with permissions “0600” (as...