1. P

    In Progress How can I disable the script that sets directories to 755

    CPanel automatically executes a script that "fixes" permission of directories. ~/somefolder is set once in a while to 755. I suppose it's a security script, but FileProtect is disabled. What script modifies those permissions and how can I disable it?
  2. N

    Public html folder permission changes automatically

    Hi all cpanel experts here I am not a server administrator but do have root access to my servers, my issue is that on few of my websites (which are built in wordpress mostly), htaccess file content either gets changed automatically or htaccess file removed, I checked all my code and there is no...
  3. 4

    Users home directory permissions changed

    I've had an ongoing issue with an account, whereby without warning,randomly the home directory permissions change from 711 to 750 and the group changes to nobody. The first thing the user notices is that he stops receiving Email. Exim fails to deliver with the error Permission denied: failed...
  4. T

    cPanel update resets some permissions

    Hello, Last days, I opened a ticket because I had a problem with a script that was correctly working but stopped working suddenly. I suspected this happened near a WHM update. I opened a ticket to get help with my problem and it appears that it was caused because a directory like...
  5. B

    public_html permissions revert to 755

    Hi there, Can somebody tell me why the public_html directory of all accounts gets reverted to 750 permissions? I need the permissions to be 755, but it seems, that WHM/cpanel is reverting those to 750 on a regular (daily?) basis. Is that a cronjob doing that? What script would cause this? Can I...
  6. Kent Brockman

    Please provide more info about EasyApache FileProtect feature

    Hello guys. Today I upgraded some servers to cPanel 11.62 to discover this new feature. Note that I'm using EA4 in all of these servers and the "Enable File Protect" option is ON by default on Tweak Settings. After reading a couple links I arrived here (Apache Module: FileProtect - EasyApache -...
  7. I

    SOLVED Why does 'nobody' have to be the public_html group?

    Hi all, Would anybody be able to explain why the public_html directoy in all of my accounts has to have 'nobody' set as the group? When i set the user as user:group (chown username:username /home/username/public_html), the web page doesn't load anymore. In fact, it displays 403 Forbidden but I...
  8. V

    SOLVED EasyApache 4 security question

    Hello there I have discovered a security problem with EasyApache 4. Easyapache 4 + mod_event + suphp You can switch to another user's account without symlinking with the file manager type shell files, the files in the public_html folder are visible, the files can be downloaded. This is...
  9. J

    Stopping fileprotect rewriting acls of folders

    Hi, I am currently setting up an environment where users in groups can edit files around the /home directory depending on their group permissions. For example; GroupA can access; /home/site1/public_html /home/site2/public_html GroupB can access; /home/site2/public_html...
  10. C

    FileProtect exceptions?

    Hi, I recently upgraded to Apache 2.2 using EA 3 Stable. I had to build WITHOUT the FileProtect options since all my accounts access some PHP includes located in the Include_Path set in my php.ini. Of course, these includes are not located in the webroot of any of the accounts. So, is...
  11. J

    What is fileprotect in EA3?

    What exactly does the fileprotect checkbox in EA3 do? This seems to be different than open_basedir. It seems to be some sort of patch developed by cpanel for suphp, but what is the purpose of it?
  12. M

    Fileprotect and permissions

    Hi, correct me if I'm wrong...having the folder public_html owned by user:nobody is a result of running /scripts/enablefileprotect ? If this is correct...or in any case... I have a perl script running as a file manager in the cgi-bin. Suddenly the upload function of this script has...