1. F

    email bypassing cpanel global email filters

    I am getting a lot of emails with the following headers: Return-Path: <> Delivered-To: [email protected] ****.com Received: from srv1. ****.com by srv1. ****.com with LMTP id JFcgIPqkYGHkdA8AefIgdQ (envelope-from <>) for <[email protected] ****.com>; Fri, 08 Oct 2021 21:07:22 +0100 Return-path: <>...
  2. D

    Disallow setting forwarders and filters through webmail interface

    Hi! It is a fairly new feature that an e-mail address owner can set forwarders and filters simply logging into the 2096 webmail interface. This is something that I would like to disable and only let the cPanel admin do that, because I have noticed that many e-mail addresses or compromised and...
  3. Z

    Block .zip attachments using Global Filters

    Hi. i have created a global filter that discards the incoming email if Body contains .zip string or body contains x-zip-compressed string. The filter works fine in non-multi part messages BUT I can confirm that multi-part messages can go through the filter. For example this message can go...
  4. L

    Spam Sent from "Contact us"

    Hi Folks, We've got a contact us on our webpage thats managed by a thurd party, they want to charge us a silly sum to intergrate RE-CAPTCHA and here's out predicament. On the contact us page it has the option to email us and these emails from from "[email protected]" is there a way in...
  5. M

    How to use exim variables in filters

    I'm trying to create an account-level filter that will match any email where the from address and the to address are the same. My approach was to check if the from header matched the to header using the exim variable $header_to. I created this through the web interface and tested it and it...
  6. N

    E-mail filtering does not seem to honor multiple line subjects

    Per the RFC at RFC 2822 () section 2.2.3 an e-mail subject header can be broken up into multiple lines, such as: Subject: This is a test If I create a filter that matches 'This is a test' it will not match the following: ---- To: [email protected] From: [email protected] Subject: This is a test...
  7. K

    EXIM custom filter problem/question

    I'm still new to a lot of this but did much research before moving forward. I created a custom filter to forward inbound emails for a few users. I know the filter is activated, because I can see that it imported into /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter I found several variations on the following...
  8. omidsolo

    Global Email Filters - Body Bug

    Howdy, I'm so welcome to the forum :) I'm here to ask if I'm not the only one having this issue: Creating 2 global filters, Russian & Chinese In each filter I enter the most used chars in each language and set if Subject or Body contains any of the, fail with a message! For Russian I enter both...
  9. U

    Blocking Outgoing Email to External Domains

    We have 2 types of users in the organization, one who can send external emails other who cannot. How can I block users from sending emails to domains other then what they belong to? I have an option of using CPanel as SMTP relay and actual mailboxes are hosting somewhere else. So both option can...
  10. Bashed

    Block All Mail from hosting provider?

    Nothing but spam, phishing emails from How do I block ALL incoming mail originated from OVH IPs? Can it be done in Spam Expert, Spam Assassin or even CSF?
  11. L

    Global email filter to put all emails containing "[spam]" in the user's junk folder?

    Is there a way to create a global rule so it routes it to the user's Junk folder so I don't have to create separate rule for each and every account? We are using SpamExperts to filter our junk mail. It flags the subject of the email that it detects as Junk with the prefix "[spam]". I created a...
  12. A

    SOLVED Accept mail from certain TLD's only block everything else

    Is it possible using CPanel to accept email from only the following TLD's (com|net|org|int|edu|gov|mil|coop|us) and reject everything else? This seems like it should be relatively easy to do but I've searched the internet and the forums and am coming up blank with specific instruction on how to...
  13. F

    Email Filtering Regex Problem

    Hello, I want emails containing a PDF or JPG attachment from certain email addresses to be automatically moved to a folder. I'm using the cpanel Email filters. It works for all email addresses, except one, and I can't think why. The filter is (simplified): FROM matches regex...
  14. davetanguay

    Global Email Filters Not Working

    Anyone have issues with the Global Email Filters not working? I have the attached filter setup. It does move the emails to / but it only moved a copy of the email. A copy of the email still remains in the Inbox. Any ideas?
  15. Z

    Block all inbound emails except specific list?

    Hello Community, i run a small commercial email server and i don't want to deal with spam , is there a way how to block incoming domains, emails except for a certain list? thx
  16. R

    Send email to multiple recipients with bcc issue

    If I email 4 [email protected] and bcc 1 extra [email protected] then the 4 get the email but the bcc does not come through. (This is all done using Thunderbird 60.4) If I email just the bcc it gets through, if I email anyone external bcc the same extra [email protected] then...
  17. R

    Unable to email more than 5 recipients

    I have a set of global filters setup to give me some wildcard filtering which is not quite working but before I ask for an additional feature I am trying to eliminate user ignorance and perhaps failing. My aim is to enable an email to [email protected] to get sent to user1's mailbox...
  18. Tarak Nath

    Email sending restriction

    Hello, Can we restrict certain mail accounts in my domain so that they can not send email to a forwarder email ID. Current situation: We have a forwarder email ID [email protected] (without inbox). If any mail sent to [email protected] then the mail is forwarding to multiple users like...
  19. C

    How to remove X-Ham-Report from message header

    I have an incoming message which contains a header I want to remove before passing it on to the addressee (using a Forwarding Rule). So I want to create a filter which recognises this is a message I need to fix. and which uses the "Pipe to a Program" option. I then have to provide a script...
  20. S

    SOLVED How to set up user filters correctly

    Hi all, Godaddy Linux cpanel email user filters (Exim) I have set up "user filters" Rules Subject contains Any Header contains Actions Discard Message On testing ...... Headers charset "UTF-8" Filtering did not set up a significant delivery. Normal delivery will occur. The spam...