1. D

    Issue saving EXIM configuration

    It doesn't appear to be possible to create a global exim filter, only a .yaml one; otherwise I might be able to shift the filtering up to the account level. Re-entering 250K lines of exim filters into the cpanel GUI for account filtering...<shudder> I thought that the dovecot log files might...
  2. K

    SOLVED Debugging the attachments part of system filter file

    Hi, I recently noticed an email delivered with an attachment that is forbidden in the system filter file. Using /usr/lib/sendmail -bF /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter -v <test-message I could see that the attachments lines were not matched, though the Content-Type and Content-Disposition...
  3. D

    FIltering Problems

    I have heard people say this filtering is "fantastic" so I must be missing something because is seems to me to be hopeless at stopping spam. If I have a hundred words or phrases I assume I have to enter each one as a separate rule and as the rules are case sensitive the combinations for the...
  4. B

    SOLVED Account level filter "or" failing

    Creating a filter for a single email account based on "from" and "does not contain" domain.tld to fail with error message works perfectly. Add an "or" and a second identical line (with a different domain), and it fails totally, rejecting all email, even from the valid domains in the filter...
  5. D

    How to I make regex filtering not case sensitive?

    I use multiple strings to block spam using the regex thing which works well except it seems to be case sensitive meaning I have to enter endless combinations of the same string. How do I make not case sensitive ?
  6. K

    SOLVED Email filter to forward and deliver as usual

    I have an active email address, we'll call it [email protected] I'm trying to setup an email filter to grab emails from an important client, and forward them to my gmail. But, I also need his emails to still be delivered as normal to [email protected] Looking at the email filters it seems...
  7. P

    Do email filters work on full RFC2822 address?

    Do the cpanel email filters work on the entire RFC2822 email address? I am trying to filter spam emails which come from addresses of this format: Fannie H. <[email protected]> The pattern in all the emails is the Fannie H. part, not the actual address. I get 50 spam emails a day from people...
  8. E

    Block custom attachments EXIM issue

    Following the instructions from How to Customize the Exim System Filter File - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation I have created a custom system filter at /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter_custom by copying the /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter file then I chose that file at WHM >> Home >>...
  9. E

    cPanel Email Filters: Those that i'm in bcc?

    Is there any way to create an email filter for an account [email protected] to filter all incoming emails that have [email protected] to the bcc field ? I would really appreciate any help
  10. USA_Webmaster

    Global Spam Filter: Reject All Email that isn't from .com or .net or .org or other .TLD

    You know how there is like 100s and 100s of domain endings? The .loan, .ninja, .guru, etc..? How do I reject all email that isn't from a traditional .com, .net, .org, etc.. domain? Do I really need to create additional rule filter and manually add all domain extensions?Here is an example rule I...
  11. J

    Exim filter for failed dkim or not in acceptable domain list

    I wish to create an exim filter (newby here and afraid of touching exim file but will give it a try) which will apply the following rules in the following order: 1st check) If inbound message not on acceptable domain list dump message into bad-domain folder in user's Roundcube Webmail account...
  12. J

    filters.cache hidden?

    I'm attempting to find the filters.cache / filters.yaml file on my server (running cPanel 66.0.19). However, I'm not seeing the files or usual path. I'm looking under the home/<user>/etc/<domain> folders, but don't see it anywhere. Were these files moved elsewhere or are they hidden now by default?
  13. T

    Reject emails with attachments

    I want to reject all emails with zip attachments under 5mb. I've tried looking at the documentation but I'm not sure how to create this type of rule. How to Customize the Exim System Filter File - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation
  14. B

    How to create a working email filter?

    What should happen when I test a filter? I am trying to create a filter that will redirect mail from a specific address and with a certain phrase in the subject line to another address. Following How to Configure Mail Filters - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation I have created this...
  15. H

    Combine Email filters?

    Hi, I have read a lot about e-mail filter in forum, but I couldn't find the correct answers for myself. 1) I created a lot of Email Filters for [email protected] (for an e-mail), it's mostly "Subject" " contains" "spam_word" = "Discard message" And some "From" "contains" "[email protected]" =...
  16. H

    Regex delivery

    Hello Everyone, I need to add a domain-wide email suffix filter. I've got most part working, but the delivery part will not work. The regex is: To matches: #[email protected] Deliver to: [email protected] I want this to be Deliver to: *part before #*@domain.tld I have made a regex that removes...
  17. J

    Exim filter to rewrite 'From' address on certain incoming mail

    Have an Exim filter added into Exim's Basic Editor / Filters section (actual domains sanitized): if $h_from: is "[email protected]" then headers add "Actual-From: [Filter-Rewrite] $h_from:" headers remove from headers add "From: My Re-Written From Address...
  18. R

    global filter that forwards and keeps local copies?

    I am trying to find a mechanism in cPanel that: detects all mails sent from a specific domain (e.g. domain.toforward) to any email account on my domain (e.g. [email protected], [email protected], ...) forwards those messages to a specific email account on my domain (e.g...
  19. C

    Email Forwarders, Spam Filters & Missing Messages

    I pay a web host for website space and email services. cPanel is included, which I figure out and use as best I can (on a beginning level). For the most part, I like cPanel a lot (except that, for beginners, the documentation is not always complete or easy to comprehend). For 6 or 7 years I...
  20. E

    Test Email filter error

    I think that since I updated in 66 version I can't test any email filter from cPanel. I get an error like this Error: The “/usr/sbin/sendmail” command (process 20084) reported error number 1 when it ended. What is the correct way to debug this, where should I start searching? Google wasn't...