1. S

    outbound mail filter not working

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help. Scenario: We use WHMCS and a client has requested not to receive certain emails. WHMCS nas no way to disable a specific email to a specific recipient. I can disable a specific email, for everyone though, but not for a single client. At the same time...
  2. C

    Global Email Filter for URL

    I'm trying to create a Global Email Filter that will block a common characteristic of URL formatting but so far unsuccessful. I get numerous emails that contain a URL with the following formatting: So consistently there is a (.win/) in all the URLs in these emails. Would like to...
  3. C

    Comparing Subject and Sender

    I noticed a lot of my spam has the following header formats: Subject: Some Spam Sender From: [email protected] Is there way to compare headers without piping to a separate script? Essentially I would like to set the following filter: If "From" contains ["Subject" without white...
  4. S

    EXIM Custom Filter help

    Hi, I have created the following EXIM Custom Filter but is not working, can you help me to find where is my issue? Here is the code: I have also tried with escaping dot like "\\." and escaping "\\>" as well, but the same with no luck. Thank you, Sergio
  5. DennisMidjord

    Block incoming emails from domain

    Is it possible to block incoming emails from a specific domain? Some of our users have setup contact forms without captchas and are being targeted with spam from a list of emails. Is it possible to block emails from this domain completely?
  6. V

    Email Filtering Question

    Hello good people, kindly asking for help! It is requested to make Global Email Filters in invisible mode, I have a user who uses e-mail on nx from google even if the physically has no email in cpanel account! His email address is [email protected] I need to filter it to [email protected]
  7. A

    Move all mails from all accounts to spam folder if some header is found

    I need to move all e-mail with some header to spam forder of account. Example: user [email protected] -> have some header -> move to spam folder of [email protected] user [email protected] -> have some header -> move to spam folder of [email protected] Is possible to do that in anyway or use global filter of...
  8. S

    Exim filter for specific requirement

    We need to create a forwarder containing all email addresses of i.e [email protected] and the condition to apply is only [email protected] & [email protected] should be allowed to send mail to [email protected] Tried following filter but it's getting applied incorrectly. if...
  9. F

    Scan all emails for URL

    I am trying to scan all of the messages to/from my domain for a particular URL (which may be embedded as a link in the text of the email) to look for particular spyware. I have gotten as far as logging into a serial console via my VPS control panel (using terminal command on a Mac). I entered...
  10. F

    Filter Incoming Emails

    Hello Is there a way to filter incoming emails diferently for each email account and only for one account in my vps?, for example i have in my vps the accounts and i need only for the account the emails [email protected] to...
  11. M

    How to forward incoming/outgoing mails to two other accounts?

    I want every email sent and received from [email protected] to be forwarded to [email protected] and [email protected] I created this file - cpanel_exim_system_filter2 in the etc folder and I tried some codes but it didn't work. One of my client wants to do this. Do I have to create two files and only...
  12. K

    Wildcard in email filters subject, etc.?

    Greetings! I am trying to filter out emails with subjects such as "Lose 25 pounds" or "Burn 123 calories," which change every time to "Lose 10 pounds," etc. Can I use a wildcard in email filters for the numbers? I've tried Subject contains Lose * pounds and that doesn't work. Neither does...
  13. D

    Global Wildcard Email Filter Possible?

    Hey everyone, I am trying to setup email forwarding so we can use wildcard addresses to send to certain accounts. Eg "usera*" > "[email protected]" where * is wildcard so anything sent to [email protected]/[email protected] etc will be forwarded to "[email protected]". There are...
  14. G

    How to configure a filter for blind copy from one domain user to another one?

    Hi Guys, I'd like to configure one email account of my domain with a blind copy filter, so that when that account sends an email, a blind copy of that email would also be sent/forwarded/copied to my own mailbox. The hosting provider is using v64.0.29 of cPanel, and when I'm looking at my filter...
  15. F

    Multiple email addresses account filter?

    Hello, I need to create an account filter to prevent a list of email addresses from sending emails to my domain. Is there a way to include all those addresses in one filter. Example: [email protected];[email protected] Thank you
  16. N

    Exim not filtering certain attachments.

    Hi there I've edited the Exim Sysfilter to filter out .ace file attachments according to instructions in cPanels documentation as follows - if $header_content-type: matches...
  17. A

    Outgoing email filter

    Hello, I have created multiple of email accounts via cPanel and what i am willing to do is that i want to assign two of the created e-mails to only send and receive e-mails from the same domain name and discarding any e-mails either outgoing or incoming that does not match the domain name...
  18. E

    How to filter all messages containing a word?

    I'm trying to create an filter which will track all messages having the word unsubscribe. I tried first using the normal way with the following criteria body contains unsubscribe but when the word unsubscribe is in html the filter doesn't detect it. I though that I have to use a regular...
  19. R

    bcc filtering question

    Continued from: Want to get Duplicate emails Thanks Michael, not the answer I wanted but good to know that you can't reproduce it - something must have changed since last year's threads about duplicates. I wondered if the time that the message counts as delivered has changed? The bcc thing is...
  20. P

    SOLVED Filtered forwarder?

    I've got one user who is the paying owner of a website on Squarespace which I handle some technical stuff for. This is not the main site of our company, but anything technical related to the site is really stuff that should be coming to my inbox. However, anything billing-related should be going...