1. N

    Question with Email Filters on Forwarders

    I am hoping you can help me out. I am looking to essentially whitelist certain address(es) to be able to send emails to one of my forwarders set up. I have Wordpress installed, and through one of the contact forms is a Membership Renewal form. I don't want people to be able email that address...
  2. M

    Block emails to a specific email address

    Hello, How can one block all emails to a specific address , e.g. block all emails to [email protected]
  3. T

    How to block *.domain (Hostname)

    I have been reading all similar threads to block mails in exim, but none apply's to my case: There is a company sending mails to one of my server, the domain use the hostname * to send mails but they send mails from a lot of domains/accounts like [email protected]
  4. A

    Filtering "Envelope-to:" header problem

    I am using cPanel 58.0 (build 45) and I want to filter e-mails meant for a given user's address (e.g. [email protected]) and forward them to another address, using the "Account-level filtering" functionality. Most of the filtering can be set up fine, but there is still a case that I cannot...
  5. S

    Global Filter not Working

    Hello Guys, I am new to the cPanel forum, I am a long time lurker. I am having a problem with the cPanel Global Filter, The filter looks like From: [email protected] and Subject matches "Manual Upgrade Required" redirect to [email protected] Now before we go further, I can confirm it works in the...
  6. R

    SOLVED Email Filter doesn't work

    Hi! I've configured a filter to discard a message that is sent to a certain email account, but I can not make it work. This is how I have it configured. However when I send a message from [email protected] to the mail account that I specified in the rule, it still receives it. What am I...
  7. Osama Tariq

    SOLVED Bypass User from Global exim filter

    Is it possible to bypass any specific domain or email id from global exim filter: #cat /usr/local/cpanel/etc/exim/sysfilter/options/cpanel_exim_system_filter if ($received_protocol is "local" or $received_protocol is "smtp" or $received_protocol is "smtps" or $received_protocol is "esmtp" or...
  8. Osama Tariq

    Exim Filter To block Outgoing Email

    The thing i want is to block outgoing-email(means outside from of specific user and send the copy of outgoing email to [email protected] I have tried alot and manupuliate below acl, but all my efforts were in vein. if $sender_address is "[email protected]" and...
  9. U

    Global Filter for Rejecting Emails

    Hello, I am looking to create a Global Filter which can do the following. Block all incoming emails which have FromEmail address not equal to the reply_to address. so if any incoming email has fromemail [email protected] and replyto is set to [email protected] must be rejected. If anyone knows how this...
  10. keat63

    Attachments: Filter messages with dangerous attachments

    It seems that .JAR files are being recieved in emails, so I'm guessing that the above exim rule doesn't consider .JAR files dangerous, or the rule doesn't work. Do I need to add .JAR as a dangerous file in any sort of config ?
  11. V

    Email going to /dev/null

    I checked the Track Delivery feature and able to see that mails are coming with a Filtered Icon and on clicking on the Details icon it is showing that "Filtered" , delivered to : /dev/null/ and transport "**bypassed** All such mails are not reaching my inbox ... kindly let us know what has to...
  12. D

    Block email addresses

    I know I can't block emails in webmail. How can I block an email through my CPanel? Thanks.
  13. rogerw

    How to create a Global email filter on the command line?

    I reviewed the thread here: Creating global email filter via command line and the documentation here: UAPI Functions - Email::store_filter - Software Development Kit - cPanel Documentation Can a developer, or anyone help me here? I'm at a loss how to create the filter I need. What I'm trying...
  14. Luciano Donato

    SpamAssasin sa-learn

    Olá, Estou na luta com o spam, tentei usar o seguinte comando: sa-learn --spam --mbox -C /home/donato/mail/ Porém acontece o seguinte erro: plugin: failed to parse plugin (from @INC): Can't locate Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/ in @INC (@INC contains...
  15. J

    Global email lists/filters files in the cPanel directory

    I would like to know which file stores the Global email lists / filters in the cPanel directory. Accessing the root folder I have the /mail folder where are the accounts I created, but I could not identify which file stores the global filters. I need to get this file because I have a Reseller...
  16. DennisMidjord

    See reason why email is filtered?

    Hi, Is it possible to see why an email was filtered? I know you can see the sender address, but this isn't really sufficient. One of our clients has a lot of rules, and it seems like random mails (eg. email from hotel booking) has been filtered. I've checked his filters, and most of them are...
  17. J

    How to Forward contingent on a Size Limit

    My website is hosted on a shared server running cPanel 60.0.34. I have no access to EXIM. I want to setup an email forward contingent on filesize. If the email with all attachments exceeds 1.5MB in size, then it should NOT forward. But if the total size is less than 1.5MB, I want the forward...
  18. P

    filtered emails duplicated

    Good day to the experts! I own a domain and have a handful of users. When creating a filter, I frequently end up with duplicate emails. The filter will trigger and should move the email to a "garbage" folder. It will frequently do this but will often leave the original email in the inbox...
  19. M

    SOLVED How to delete messages coming from a domain

    Does anybody know if it's possible to automatically delete an incoming email message, based on the From field (like from *, before it even reaches the user?
  20. P

    SOLVED user filter for children

    Hi I am new to the forum but been using cpanel for a few years now I have just created an E mail address for my child and want to filter it so only selected emails (family and friends) get through to her tablet I have tried user level filtering to create the folowing filter From does not...