1. A

    WHM IP update

    Hi guys it's me again, The "problem" this time is, we have a server with WHM, Cpanel, emails, etc. All these things work very well, and here we have a local internet server to control some connections and other things so we have one IP that communicates with the world, sometimes it changes, like...
  2. D

    You must stop and disable firewalld when using csf

    We received this email from the server. What is this issue all about? You have an unresolved error when starting csf: Error: *Error* firewalld found to be running. You must stop and disable firewalld when using csf, at line 922 in /usr/sbin/csf You need to restart csf successfully to remove...
  3. Y

    CSF Firewall recommendations

    I'm using the recommended settings that CSF Firewall recommends but I found a cPanel article(Advanced PHP Configuration | cPanel & WHM Documentation) that says Do not edit the /opt/cpanel/ea-php##/root/etc/php-fpm.conf file or the files in the /opt/cpanel/ea-php##/root/etc/php-fpm.d/ directory...
  4. N

    CSF Firewall Missing 2 Module (insmod)

    Hello, how are you guys? So I tried to search about this issue and see a lot of people suffering from the same thing (usually on VPS / OpenVZ) So like everybody, I am too suffering issues with these 2 modules in CSF and I tried one for all to solve the issue. I talk with my hosting and we get...
  5. T

    CloudLinux and Firewall protection

    Is it supported a better Firewall management when upgrading to CloudLinux? In the past it was by default : CSF Firewall.
  6. H

    csf firewall blocking countries - How can I allow outbound connections to email providers

    Hello, My csf firewall has CC_DENY = enabled blocking countries like China & Russia however I am wondering will that block email providers using servers in CN/RU too? I have users who may have email providers in China/Russia that I need to get delivered to so how can I allow those?
  7. P

    Need help about ConfigServer firewall.

    Hello ! I am using ConfigServer Security and firewall. I have these things installed on my dedicated server :- CPanel CloudLinux LiteSpeed CSF JetBackup WHMReseller I want to know that is my firewall is properly configured or not , I want to know all ports Required for cpanel , CloudLinux...
  8. P

    ConfigServer Firewall Not Working Properly.

    Sir I installed latest ConfigServer firewall csf but it's not working properly. Sometimes it shows stopped and some times it shows enabled. I see this logs - Jun 18 20:47:35 server lfd[986063]: IPv6 Enabled... Jun 18 20:47:35 server lfd[986063]: LOAD Tracking... Jun 18 20:47:35 server...
  9. L

    WHM Firewall

    Hello, we are using plain cPanel, without CSF, and I would like to make some changes to currently applied iptables rules, what is the recommended way to customize firewall rules in a cpanel server? Thanks
  10. C

    [CPANEL-28146] iptables rules automatically overwritten

    Hey there, we caught this new iptables chain (cP-Firewall-1-INPUT) that was added last night, opening us up to the internet via WHM interface, SSH, etc. Checked lastlog, bash histories, etc., but am seeing no sign of anyone changing it through a specified command. None of our administrators...
  11. J

    SOLVED iptables -L invdrop

    Cpanel on Centos 7. I am seeing the following errors when doing iptables -L INVDROP all -- anywhere anywhere ctstate INVALID INVDROP tcp -- anywhere anywhere tcp flags:FIN,SYN,RST,PSH,ACK,URG/NONE INVDROP tcp --...
  12. D

    Blocking IPs by Country?

    Hello, How do I block my site: - Removed - for IP's like those in china? As some countries (china, russia) attack much the sites BR I wanted to block these countries. I have in my firewall more than 2,000 IP's, however, I still would like to do the block by country. Does anyone have a tip in...
  13. bgarrant

    ConfigServer Firewall vs Juniper SRX 300 with cPHulk

    I have a single cPanel server and it is currently protected by a Juniper SRX 300 Hardware Firewall and CPHulk. I would really like to remove the hardware firewall and go back to use CSF, but I am wondering if anyone can advise on what I would lose or gain in making the change? I know CSF can do...
  14. L

    SOLVED 404 when I click ConfigServer Security & Firewall

    For some reason when I click ConfigServer Security & Firewall it no longer takes me to the firewall configuration page but instead, I am presented with a 404 page. Does anybody know how I can get CSF working again?
  15. Michaelit

    Can I block port 21?

    Hello to all, i would like to ask if i will be able to block FTP 21 port. Is something that i should be aware of? I am currently use SFTP with a custom port so i don't use 21 port or share it with anyone else. I could simply block the incoming/out coming port from firewall or should i consider...
  16. P

    SOLVED Open port 3306 (without CSF)

    I'm trying to connect remotely to my MySQL database, but port 3306 is closed (telnet can't connect). I guess it has something to do with the fact that I used to have CSF, but that isn't installed anymore (since months/years). Obviously I can't modify its configuration / settings. So installing...
  17. T

    Configuring Firewall Rules for cPanel?

    Good morning cPanel and Google Cloud Platform users, This is how I have configured firewall rules for cPanel and WHM in Google Cloud Platform VPC network. Please refer to the following 2 screenshots.
  18. F

    PHP function fwrite() problem

    Hello, I have problem with use php function fwrite(). I have php server status script which use fsocket fwrite and some other functions. Installed CMS is php-fusion. All servers shows offline but when i disable firewall servers show Online. I have CSF firewall how i can configure it to all...
  19. C

    Firewalls keep getting turned off

    Hi I'm new to this forum so hope i'm posting in the right place. I have a dedicated server with WHM and all accounts have cpanel. It is managed hosting. Lately I have found that a number of accounts have experienced high level of email spam and noticed that cphulk, csf firewalls and spamassassin...
  20. L

    Firewall Exceptions For cPanel Server

    Hi all I'm kind of struggling with setting up my cPanel server due to our strict network security standards. We currently have a live website that is hosted on cPanel and we occasionally run into problems due to our network firewall blocking some of the traffic. I have raised several tickets...