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    This is my first cpanel server. On ensim I use bastille for a firewall. What type of firewall would any one suggest for cpanel? Thanks for any info.......
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    best firewall solution

    Hello to all, i complete the install of cpanel in my new box. Now i want to install firewall. I find a how-to about bastille firewall. Do you have any more safe firewall solution? I search for a more secure firewall solution whith easy how-to. Can everyone make a easy how-to for a more...
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    Firewall (Cpanel on internal IP)

    I have a firewalled box, running this firewall script: It rocks!! All you need to do is forward the ports for cpanel and http like this: PORTFW_TCP=&80&192.168.0.XX 2080-2099&192.168.0.XX& I'm sure if I include 21 and the smtp ports ftp...
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    firewall causes services to stop...

    ok, I installed bastille and left open tons of ports... 21 ---& FTP ---& TCP 22 ---& SSH ---& TCP 25 ---& SMTP ---& TCP 53 ---& DNS ---& TCP & UDP 80 ---& HTTP ---& TCP 110 ---& POP3 ---& TCP 143 ---& IMAP ---& TCP 443...
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    GIPTables / Firewall

    Has anyone installed GIPTables successfully on their Cpanel box? If not does anyone have any suggestions on installing a firewall on a cpanel box?
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    Do you have install firewall on cpanel??

    Who have ? or NOT need install this ?
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    Cpanel Ports --> firewall

    Cpanel Ports --> firewall hi, i'm going to install a firewall (PMFirewall) on my server (redhat 7.2) and i need to know what Ports do i have to leave Open? till now i will just open this ports:
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    I know Portsentry is installed with Cpanel. Are they any other firewall/security packages installed with Cpanel? If not what would you suggest installing for security?
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    Firewall ??

    Simple question.... is there a firewall installed with CPanel software? thanks
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    Admin Ports For Firewall and General Questions

    Hello, We are new to CPanel, we currently use Plesk as one of our main control panels for our unix servers. Therefore we have a couple of simple questions just to get us started We are getting ready to secure down the box but what admin ports to do we need to leave open for WHM/CPANEL...
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    Hi, Does WHM configure a firewall on install?. If it doesn't, do we need to setup a firewall (IPTables / IPChains?). If we need to setup IPTables / IPChains what ports are required to be open for the system to run?. Any info appreciated. Thanks, John
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    how to turn off firewall?

    Hello How do I turn off/on the firewall in WHM/cpanel? btw, would turning it off be safe?
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    Cpanel behind firewall?

    Hi, I want to use Cpanel from my office but our office is behind a firewall and firewall doesn\'t let me to use port number 2082. Is there any other way to use cpanel other than 2082? Best regards