1. C

    Firewalls keep getting turned off

    Hi I'm new to this forum so hope i'm posting in the right place. I have a dedicated server with WHM and all accounts have cpanel. It is managed hosting. Lately I have found that a number of accounts have experienced high level of email spam and noticed that cphulk, csf firewalls and spamassassin...
  2. L

    Firewall Exceptions For cPanel Server

    Hi all I'm kind of struggling with setting up my cPanel server due to our strict network security standards. We currently have a live website that is hosted on cPanel and we occasionally run into problems due to our network firewall blocking some of the traffic. I have raised several tickets...
  3. PeteS

    FirewallD setup questions

    I may be totally misunderstanding thins, but... How to Configure Your Firewall for cPanel Services - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation says: Run the yum install firewalld command to ensure that your system has firewalld installed. Run the systemctl start firewalld.service command...
  4. I

    Problem CSF Firewall

    Estou tendo problemas desde a atualização para WHM 62, onde quando eu faço a remoção de alguns IPs e reiniciar o CSF fica carregado e gera um erro de 500 ------------------------- Erro do Servidor Interno 500 A operação do servidor cPanel expirou no linha 531. Servidor Cpsrvd /...
  5. S

    CSF firewall problem

    I can't stand this anymore. I have a cPanel server (CENTOS 7.3 x86_64 vmware – core WHM 62.0 (build 21)) and a few sites use php_mailer to connect via SMTPAuth (port 587) to give emails to my second mail server to delivery. Everything is fine for days. Then all of a sudden the cPanel server...
  6. M

    Problem with incoming e-mails because of firewall

    Hi, I am doing my iptables to set up and have the following problem. Since I lock the incoming ports and unblock individually and the outgoing ports have completely shared, the emails go out but not pure! I found no port to put the e-mail traffic again normal. If I allow the firewall everything...
  7. Harlequin

    Country Level Blocking

    I've been using Security & Firewall - csf v10.05 to block users and it's working well but it's also blocking genuine users from accessing the websites. Is it possible somehow to ONLY block access to the WHM login but allow users to browse the sites on the server...?
  8. R

    Change mail IP and close ports

    Hello. I was wondering if and how it is possible to remove/disable/close specific ports on IP. I have VPS running CentOS and the server has 2 IP's. 1st one is the main IP used by web server, ftp server & ssh. I changed mail server (Exim) IP address to 2nd IP. Currently if I scan my secondary...
  9. M

    SOLVED WHM won't load but SSH/Cpanel/WWW all work

    Been a cPanel user for a long time but just installed an instance in Azure. Having some trouble getting things to work properly. Yesterday it seemed I got locked out because of cphulk, getting spammed root attempts. Tried following some documentation to disable cphulk and later in the day...
  10. Rodrigo Gomes

    Prevent abuse of outgoing traffic for ports 80 and 443

    I've created the rule below to protect against abuse on outbound traffic. But I wonder if this rule will not break the cpanel in any way? /sbin/iptables -N OUT_DOS_ATTACK /sbin/iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp -m multiport --dport 80,443 --syn -m connlimit --connlimit-above 50 -j OUT_DOS_ATTACK...
  11. keat63

    Closing smtp ports question

    I'm fed up of checking my logs daily to find brute force login attempts on emails, some times as many as 50 over night. So in CSF I closed ports 110,143,220,465,587,993,995 to all but my home country code. Either this is working to a point, or the hackers got bored and moved on. However, if it...
  12. M

    Open port 3306 on the server

    I'm going to open port 3306 if you would instruct the server Hetzner I Plums in port csf but signals an error Signals an error please guide me
  13. F

    SOLVED Added second account/domain => ip unreachable

    I have my main site hosted on a VPS through WHM/Cpanel. I wanted to add a second website to my VPS. So I simply created a new cpanel account/domain with in WHM. After doing that my whole server seems to have crashed. I can't reach: http or ftp. I only have ssh acces. The host doesn't know...
  14. M

    Saved iptables rules not found

    Hi, I am trying to block a particular IP accessing my server via iptables as "iptables -I INPUT -s x.x.x.x -j DROP" Then saved iptables by "service iptables save" and restarted "service iptables restart" When I checked the saved rules after some time by this command "iptables -L -n | grep...
  15. sahostking

    SOLVED Any issues if I block port 23

    Noticing tons of blocks with CSF on to port 23. That I assume is telnet port. Would anything break in cpanel if I blocked port 23? I assume its not required really?
  16. zawack

    Not Receiving email

    Hi, I decide to run my own cPanel server in my servers room in my house but this is the issue I have. If I send emails, the peoples who I send them emails can receive them but, if they send me emails I did not receive them. Web sites hosted on my server works fine. Why this happen? I create...
  17. S

    IP unable to access server

    I don't have a firewall installed as far as I know, and I checked the brute force thing and there are no IPs on the blacklist. A customer of mine cannot access any sites on the entire server. Where and how could his IP have been added and blocked?
  18. durangod

    what happens if i didnt turn off my centos firewall before installing

    Im doing my 15day trial and i saw the link to install via command line and knowing i had plenty of system to install cpanel i just started it downloading. I had my server company preinstall centos6 64bit. Then while it was running i just got curious and looked at the requirements page and saw...
  19. I

    SOLVED BIND Disabled & Port 53 blocked

    Hi all, I've disabled BIND and blocked port 53 TCP & UDP inbound, because my authoritive nameservers are with my Registrar and I don't need to provide a nameserver to anyone as I'm not hosting anyone now or in the future. Could anybody please advise whether I *should* block port 53 completely...
  20. D

    Access from client IP blocked - nothing helps

    Hi, need help pls... client had Win 10 issues and to reinstall his PC (to Win 8) Then he couldn't make the email IMAP/SMTP/POP work We couldn't make him login anymore...later I found his IP in the Failed Attempt list... in Hulk...but I whitelisted his IP and still he could not even access any...