1. M

    Saved iptables rules not found

    Hi, I am trying to block a particular IP accessing my server via iptables as "iptables -I INPUT -s x.x.x.x -j DROP" Then saved iptables by "service iptables save" and restarted "service iptables restart" When I checked the saved rules after some time by this command "iptables -L -n | grep...
  2. sahostking

    SOLVED Any issues if I block port 23

    Noticing tons of blocks with CSF on to port 23. That I assume is telnet port. Would anything break in cpanel if I blocked port 23? I assume its not required really?
  3. zawack

    Not Receiving email

    Hi, I decide to run my own cPanel server in my servers room in my house but this is the issue I have. If I send emails, the peoples who I send them emails can receive them but, if they send me emails I did not receive them. Web sites hosted on my server works fine. Why this happen? I create...
  4. S

    IP unable to access server

    I don't have a firewall installed as far as I know, and I checked the brute force thing and there are no IPs on the blacklist. A customer of mine cannot access any sites on the entire server. Where and how could his IP have been added and blocked?
  5. durangod

    what happens if i didnt turn off my centos firewall before installing

    Im doing my 15day trial and i saw the link to install via command line and knowing i had plenty of system to install cpanel i just started it downloading. I had my server company preinstall centos6 64bit. Then while it was running i just got curious and looked at the requirements page and saw...
  6. I

    SOLVED BIND Disabled & Port 53 blocked

    Hi all, I've disabled BIND and blocked port 53 TCP & UDP inbound, because my authoritive nameservers are with my Registrar and I don't need to provide a nameserver to anyone as I'm not hosting anyone now or in the future. Could anybody please advise whether I *should* block port 53 completely...
  7. D

    Access from client IP blocked - nothing helps

    Hi, need help pls... client had Win 10 issues and to reinstall his PC (to Win 8) Then he couldn't make the email IMAP/SMTP/POP work We couldn't make him login anymore...later I found his IP in the Failed Attempt list... in Hulk...but I whitelisted his IP and still he could not even access any...
  8. S

    SSH Access

    Thanks, but now i'm unable to login by SSH is like the 22 port is closed :/
  9. D

    Preventing WHM From altering IPTables

    I am implementing my own firewall rules. However, cPanel/WHM keeps adding the default "acctboth" chains and rules. In addition to this, rebooting the server clears *ALL* rules, in which cPanel/WHM re-adds theirs. It seems my rules have been completely wiped from the configuration for whatever...
  10. J

    Transfer tool - Server sent no response for 15 seconds

    Hello everybody I am trying to start a server migration between old server on CentOS6 to a new CentOS7, using the transfer tool but i am getting the follow error: (XID whfh3a) The system connected to “91.XXX.XXX.XXX” on port “2087” but “91.XXX.XXX.XXX” sent no response for 15 seconds, so the...
  11. C

    Server / Apache Still Listening on Firewall Blocked IP Addresses

    I've got several websites that were on dedicated IP that are no longer in use yet the server is still getting significant traffic directly to these IP addresses. I don't need to use the IPs but I may want to re-use them in the future. I suspended or terminated the accounts but that is still not...
  12. L

    disable firewall (iptables, cphulkd) still cannot login

    Dear all, today i cannot access to login page of my whm/cpanel with or without https but i can login via ssh. i already disable firewall (see command bellow) but its still not work. and i also try ============= [email protected] [~]# service iptables save iptables: Saving firewall rules to...
  13. H

    Blocked by firewall

    Hi everybody I hope all is well with you I have installed for first time CPanel on my server yesterday. Now when I configured thf CSF and restarted it, the cpanel has been blocked for all users, websites work correctly and without any problem but nobody can log in to cpanel. I get error the...
  14. D

    Accidentally wiped /root - now firewall is wonky

    Hi everyone, In an act of blind idiocy I accidentally ran rm -rf *.* while in the /root folder. I didn't think it would cause any major damage, but my firewall (CSF) suddenly started blocking all kinds of traffic on the server (including simple things like insecure FTP and outbound MySQL...
  15. L

    How to enable firewall in whm

    Just installed CFS via command console and saw "Installation Complete" at end. But 1) the only two plugins showing in WHM are ClamAV and Munin - nothing for CFS or ConfigServer and Firewall. Also, 2) getting messages now about LFD failing which clearly has something to do with the install...
  16. P

    How to access VPS WHM behind firewall

    Hello, I have googled/studied for the last 4 months before asking... My understanding, correct me if i am wrong: - First of all, WHM is for the boss of VPS to manage overall server , right ? so WHM usually stick with an IP, not a domain. Domains belong to websites living on that server...
  17. M

    ICQ and ConfigServer Firewall

    Hello, I'm new here i want to use ICQ but when i enable Firewall messages are not send via ICQ only on my mail! I search around but no answer for this. Regards, MP
  18. J

    [Resolved] Firewall and antivirus for DOS activity

    Hi all, My website was querying a lot of 80 port to other IP, my sever have not firewall and antivirus.(DOS activity) I used Cpanel, could anyone introduce the best and free firewall and antivirus? What can I do about this? What other software should I install to Cpanel Thanks all...
  19. R

    need some help with firewall / license error

    hello, I am new with cpanel, so sorry if its wrong section or whatever, correct me and I ll try to comply, but dont ban or delete for no reason. I have recently setup a centos 6.4 with cPanel latest installer, I did disable SElinux, but not iptables as install instructions advice and to...
  20. postcd

    How many ips can i ban in iptables firewall?

    Hello, how i can see how much ips blocked in iptables is too much? where can i check it. Is there any hard limit or how to determine acceptable number keeping in ming that i have 6x2.2Ghz cpu and 8gb ram + basic 7k rpm disk?