1. postcd

    How many ips can i ban in iptables firewall?

    Hello, how i can see how much ips blocked in iptables is too much? where can i check it. Is there any hard limit or how to determine acceptable number keeping in ming that i have 6x2.2Ghz cpu and 8gb ram + basic 7k rpm disk?
  2. K

    Opening UDP ports and Firewall

    Hi there, I have a VPS and have been trying for hours on opening some UDP ports in iptables so that we can get the master server for our game running. Can someone please tell me how I can go about properly doing this? I'm at my wits end here. Also, how do I know if my VPS has a firewall on...
  3. postcd

    User banned instantly after Config Server Firewall enabled

    Hello, i install Config Server Firewall for my friend, i can login server, SSH etc, but he is denied. SSH, even website after disabling testing mode of CSF. Any idea why? i checked /etc/hosts.deny and allow. Deny dont contains his IP and allow is empty...
  4. A

    How to disable firewall on my dedicated server

    Hello guys, I need help in configuring my firewall to accept incoming and outgoing on 1935 port (used for streaming) . I have installed a media server on my dedicated server and have an application running on server which creates flv files on media server. I need to play those files from my...
  5. S

    Please update Firewall ports page (on website)

    Hello, On this page: Getting the most out of your system's firewall. | cPanel, Inc. Please mark port 2087 for TCP Outbound connections too, as it is used for DNS only server communications. People might get stuck wondering why it's not working.
  6. M

    IP was blocked in the server firewall

    hi got a problem with my website suddenly i cant able to access my website when i talk to my host provider they says Your IP was blocked in the server firewall due to the mod security we provide you the logs for this you need to consult with your programmer. and send me this log 2012-08-16...
  7. L

    Easy to manage firewall for WHM?

    Hi, is there a easy to use firewall for WHM? Maby something in the control panel, as my friend dosn't know how to use iptables and there is no way to view the current bans or make new ones in WHM...
  8. A

    Firewall Allow IP list not working

    Hello, There's a problem with our WHM firewall. My IP got blocked by the firewall somehow and I need to unblock myself. However, when I go to firewall ALLOW IP LIST options and add my own IP into it, it does not safelist me. After putting myself in the allow IP list and turn on the...
  9. A

    cPanel server behind Cisco hardware firewall

    Hi, We have a hardware firewall and behind it, there is a dedicated server with Cpanel/WHM. In firewall two external IP addresses ( say x.y.z.1 and x.y.z.2 ) are NATted to 2 internal ( say a.b.c.1 and a.b.c.2) IP addresses. The server was assigned with internal IPs a.b.c.1 and a.b.c.2 ...
  10. S

    Load Avarage High What to do? UDP/SYN might be the problem Firewall

    So I have cPanel and installed csf, but clearly someone's abuse my server and load avarage is high which slowdown my server. I have installed and started csf and firewall csf -s, and it doesnt help, cause in the first place I thought that someone's ddosing server, but it isnt, so I think its...
  11. postcd

    cPanel server - bruteforce firewall

    Hello, i would like to install fail2ban on Centos cPanel server. But im not sure how to do it properly. I have installed it from WHM/RPM Package Installer. (there were two entries named fail2ban, picked first one) But what should i do now?
  12. M

    how to allow IPs through firewall

    for ftp not working for a client in with reseller acccount. How do you allow clients' IP in firewall , urgent please help?
  13. W

    LFD firewall (linux LAMP server) allows IP thru after blocking

    LFD firewall still allowing IP addresses thru that were already blocked I've noticed several separate instances recently, two typical ones are described here. 1. i had manually added an IP address due to web form spam. Then we got several MORE from the same IP address that had been...
  14. M

    Amount of files by FTP firewall CSF blocks my IP

    Hello, because when I send a certain amount of files by FTP firewall CSF blocks my IP, just reset the modem to re-run and FTP access and to the server. Log CSF May 17 08:41:39 valente lfd[7780]: *Port Scan* detected from (BR/Brazil/-). 11 hits in the last 70 seconds - *Blocked in...
  15. X

    cPanel Behind NAT Firewall

    We tried running a cPanel server behind a NAT firewall, which we now know is not possible after contacting cPanel and confirming this. We need to DMZ the cPanel server running apache. Does anyone know if it's possible to configure the internal port as DMZ (via route policy), or will we need...
  16. M

    Problems accessing from behind a corporate firewall

    Hi, My first question on here as I've just started using cpanel on my new hosting service for my website and email. It all works fine from home and even from my android handset but I can't access webmail from work. I've tried bypassing proxy servers etc on the work network but to no avail. My...
  17. J

    Where is the documentation for portsentry and iptables firewall rules in the most cur

    We have been using a rule set for an couple of years with no issue with cPanel. Since the upgrade to 11.25, something has been disabling the iptables firewall implemented on our network infrastructure. Does cPanel have documentation for these services are so we can adapt our long-established...
  18. K

    IP Addressing and Firewall

    Hi, Should cPanel but directly on a public IP and internet facing or should it sit behind a firewall with a one to one NAT? If so is the distribution secured automatically? Thanks Kenny
  19. E

    What firewall to use?

    Hi. For the longest time I had only iptables and dos_deflate. Then I had some server attacks and my hosting company (managed dedicated) installed APF. The attacks are now gone and server is running okay, but many people are saying that they cannot access my website at all. So I did an "apf...
  20. H

    PCI DSS + Firewall NAT + cPanel

    Hi there, Firstly, sorry for the long post this could be but I think it only fitting to give some background if I am hopeful enough to get a response. As you will quickly gather we are not experts by any stretch of the imagination. We have a dedicated cPanel server hosting four accounts...