1. E

    FormMail no longer working on cPanel 70?

    Since cpanel v70 we have issues with formail. Tested multiple servers, also a 71/72 edge server and one that is not managed by us. When you go to hostname.domain/cgi-sys/ it shows a 500 internal server error. At a 68 server the same url shows a formmail page. Looks like a bug in...
  2. Arvy

    FormMail & Exim rewrite - lost contact email

    Hi there, if I let the Exim option "Experimental: Rewrite From: header to match actual sender" activated, FormMail lost the "email" field and message came with the server's default email. <form action="/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi" method="post"> ... <input name="email" maxlength="255" size="42"...