1. M

    Emails are forwarded without forwarder managed

    Hi to all, I have a problem with an email account. The emails received are forwarded to another Gmail account, but I don't have a forwarders or email filters for that email. I attach the screenshots of my forwarders, email filters and track delivery. For example, the email from...
  2. M

    In Progress CPANEL-41229 - Email Forwarder Bug Report

    I can't see any clearly signposted mechanism for bug reporting; either on the forums in general or on WHM / websearches. My issue is simple: 1) The Email Forwarder page ( /frontend/paper_lantern/mail/fwds.html ) list all the forwarders for a particular account. 2) Searching this page only...
  3. Spirogg

    In Progress CPANEL-40486 - Jupiter BUG: cPanel Forwarders Select does not display each domain always stay on ALL

    in cPanel Version 102.011 When selecting Email Forwarders in cPanel and you are able to select your domain or sub domain or add on domain after you have created or even before creating a forwarder, the drop down selection under ( Managing ) won't stay on the domain, sub or add on domain you...
  4. 4

    In Progress CPANEL-36285 - Change in forwarder behaviour?

    Hi, A client has recently reported an issue whereby forwarded Emails sent to several recipients that forward to the same mailbox are resulting in only one copy in the destination. Here's a simple explanation... Scenario... [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] All three of...
  5. I

    SOLVED The forwarder mail is not detected in mycpanel

    hi guys The forwarder is not detected in mycpanel, for example, when I send an email to [email protected] always forward to email @, I want to delete is it , but it's not on the cpanel fowarder list, any ideas? Thanks
  6. M

    Has anyone been able to setup an email forwarder towards Gitlab's "Service Desk" feature's email address ?

    I'm talking about this feature where anyone can send an email and it will create a ticket for them. In the documentation it is recommended to use an email alias (which is the same as a forwarder in cpanel, from my understanding). I tried to configure an email forwarder for the target address...
  7. R

    change forwarder email address for [email protected]

    I can't recall where this setting is. Emails that are going to [email protected] are redirected to [email protected] email address. But I can't find where that forwarder is at because I want to change the forwarder address from [email protected] to [email protected] The emails are...
  8. E

    SOLVED Problem with forwarding mails

    Hello, I have a cpanel version 78.0.21. At the moment I try to configure forward mail from one email address to another email address, and don´t work. I do not see any logs in my exim_mainlog... Any other logs I can check? Best regards, Elizabeta
  9. S

    Exim filter not working with email forward

    I have server mail with forward to a yahoo email, but I wan't send email forward if email have header from domain is "". Begin i try will block all email forwarder to email "[email protected]" but it filter not working, Emails still forwarder to email "[email protected]", My Filter...
  10. J

    Forward Existing Email Account and Don't Retain

    It looks to me that the email forwarder when you forward and existing email account, it says it will "copy" the email to the forward address. I don't want to delete the email account and lose all the pre-existing mail, but I want to forward all future email for a while. I don't want to have...
  11. S

    Add new members to email forwarder

    Please forgive the noob question, but I'm brand new to cPanel. My old host was acquired by a new company and my old host used a different type of CP. So when my site was migrated to my new host, my email forwarders were migrated as well. My problem is that I don't see where I can add additional...
  12. M

    Empty mailbox on specific dates

    I have some customers that use [email protected] mail to forward the incoming mails to 2 - 3 employees. Is there any way to erase the mailbox with a cronjob?
  13. E

    Disable email forwarding?

    Hi The CPANEL password is somehow getting hacked from a user account on a given domain ( and a scammer is setting forwarders on some key email accounts to leak sensitive info. Can we disable setting up of forwarders by the cpanel user or the individual users on a single domain...
  14. J

    Forwarding E-mails Question

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if this is possible. We have an e-mail forwarder set up so that e-mails from [email protected] get forwarded to [email protected] When the message arrives, the 'from' address is the original sender's address. Is there anyway to set is up so that the 'from'...
  15. C

    Not Receiving Email Forwards Problem

    Hello. I'm having a problem with email forwarding. Before this everything works fine (forward to gmail & yahoomail). I tried to sent dummy email to my [email protected], it still receive in Webmail but not in forwarding email address. I have checked cPanel email forwarding settings & trace it...
  16. B

    SOLVED The system could not add the forwarder

    OK I have a user who has two accounts. Account A has email and hosting on our server. Account B has email with us, but site is hosted elsewhere. We used to be able to set up forwarders from email A to email B but now we can't. We can even see the old forwarders still set up, but cannot add new...
  17. S

    Forwarder doesn't work when subject is empty

    Hello. Whenever I set a forwarder for a specific email account, It doesn't forward emails with empty subject field. Any solution? Thanks.
  18. A

    Automatically created email forwarders?

    Hello ... In 2 of our cpanel email forwarders are being created automatically.. it has happened 3 times and important email are forwarding to other gmail account. The same gmail ID is added as forwarders of 3 email accounts in cpanel. When happend it earlier, we had changed the password, but...
  19. P

    Problem with forwarders

    Hello! I would like to request help from you, recently some domains are simply disappearing with the settings of "Fowarders" with no sign of any modification, I can not find anything in logs. Someone could help me, let me know if this has ever happened. Thank you
  20. I

    Email forwarder works, but also generates a bounce

    Customer has changed their business name, and registered a new domain. I have setup the new domain as a new account on our cpanel/whm server. Setup [email protected] emails, created forwarders from [email protected] to [email protected], deleted [email protected] mailboxes. If I send mail to...