1. O

    Received certificate chain could not be verified

    Hello, for some reason i began receive this error when i try ftp connection. I haven't touched the FTP settings for many months so I think some update may have caused this. Has anyone gone through this? If yes, how to solve? Best regards.
  2. F

    SFTP works. standar FTP randomly doesnt list files

    Hi, FTP was working fine and suddenly when I connect to any website hosted in my dedicated server it shows Status: Resolving the management of xxxxx.com Status: Connecting to xx.xx.xx.xx:21 ... Status: Connection established, waiting for the welcome message ... Status: Initializing TLS ...
  3. httpdocs

    [CPANEL-23918] FTP Connections Not Displayed Properly

    Hello There is a problem, even though users are connected to FTP, but,The cPanel does not display users connected to the "Ftp Connection" section. Are there any specific settings required to display the connections in this section? Thanks
  4. H

    SOLVED FTP Connections documentation

    Hello, The FTP Connections documentation reads: "Note: The FTP Connections icon appears only if your hosting provider enables FTP services and anonymous FTP." However this does not appear to be the case, at least when using pure-ftpd, the icon appears even when Anonymous FTP is disabled. Is...