1. M

    SOLVED Hide directories/files from clients in FTP

    Hi i have had a look on here and cant find exactly what i require. I would like to hide folders from the client when they access via FTP although keeping the folders still their for the system if possible or an alternative. I would like their ftp to look like image "mini ftp" as at the minute...
  2. Y

    EAI_NONAME Error

    Hey guys. I just got my cPanel 30 minutes ago. I tried to connect to my cPanel with FileZilla. I always get this error even tho I try my cPanel username and the FTP account that I created. I can't get it work somehow. I'm pretty sure I'm entering every info correctly. I would love to get some help.
  3. W

    How to enable explicit FTP over TLS login?

    I am useing Filezilla to login my FTP account with TLS but always show me error message Only I choose in the encrypted options with Only use plain FTP This will connect to the Server Have anyone know what;s wrong with it ?
  4. S

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23906] Disabling FTP server removes FTP Server Selection from WHM UI

    Hi I've had a customers server update to v76.0.5 overnight and the FTP selection Icon is missing. They normally leave FTP OFF so it would have been off during the upgrade. Now when I go to Home » Service Configuration » there is no FTP Server selector icon. The server does still need a reboot...
  5. P

    FTP: Response: Your connection to this server has been blocked in this server's firewall.

    Hi there, I am getting an error on my FTP: Response: Your connection to this server has been blocked in this server's firewall. Does anyone know how I can unblock my IP? I have looked in various places, but no luck. Thanks!
  6. M

    Can I block port 21?

    Hello to all, i would like to ask if i will be able to block FTP 21 port. Is something that i should be aware of? I am currently use SFTP with a custom port so i don't use 21 port or share it with anyone else. I could simply block the incoming/out coming port from firewall or should i consider...
  7. coursevector

    SSL Certificate for FTP

    I see in WHM this message: "All services below except FTP serve domain-specific certificates in response to TLS SNI requests" When I connect to an account via FTP i get this message (attached). How do I adjust WHM to not show this error message?
  8. K

    SOLVED Denegar acceso FTP por cuenta

    Buenos días! ¿Existe la opción de denegar el acceso a FTP por cuenta de usuario desde cPanel/WHM? Muchas gracias, Un saludo!
  9. O

    SOLVED Transferring files with Unicode via FTP

    Hello, Our servers are set up with pureftp, and I'm using the Filezilla client. It looks like I'm having transfer errors for any file that contains certain characters (Unicode characters with accents, parentheses, etc) in the path or filename. Is this a known issue with the server or client...
  10. Samet Chan

    SOLVED FTP uploading "Critical file transfer error"

    I'll tried my backup uploading to FTP it's failed to transfer cannot be uploaded problem. - Removed - "TLS Encryption Support" Optional I used Pure-FTPD Also there error. Status: Starting upload of public_html\example.com\data\avatars\l\0\926.jpg Command: PASV Response: 227 Entering...
  11. S

    FileZilla Secure

    FileZilla Secure is now available as a forked project of FileZilla. filezillasecure.com Have been amazed over the years why simple encryption of login credentials has not been included in FileZilla and why the developer has been so adamantly opposed to doing it. So called "security experts"...
  12. durangod

    Just a quick tip regarding ftp connections from within webpages

    If your ftp works with for example filezilla, but it does not connect when you try to connect from inside a web page or admin section of a website. One problem might be if your password starts with a $ or has a $ inside of it(other than at the end). The reason is that if the website software...
  13. Irwanto

    is this ip sucessfully login ??

    hello, is this ip sucessfully login ?? because i see log like this and it is different login [[email protected] log]# grep messages Sep 21 01:00:21 datacenter pure-ftpd: ([email protected]) [INFO] New connection from Sep 21 01:00:31 datacenter pure-ftpd...
  14. J

    FTP Connection problems

    Getting this problems for quite a long now & our vps provider too is unable to find the issue . When i connect via ftp filezilla & start either file downloading or file editing..the 2 errors appear: 1] server timed out ,couldnt connect to server error - this one keeps on popping...
  15. Z

    Host key unknown. Trust this host?

    When I attempt to log in to my server via Filezilla FTP I get an "Unknown host key" dialogue box that displays an alphanumeric "fingerprint" string. How do I view this fingerprint via WHM or cPanel so I can determine whether to trust this host?