1. K

    FTP setting and FTPQuota

    Hi In the folder a lot of people use FTP to access there is a ftpquota file. The ftpquota has to be deleted every few weeks so people can't access this folder that is subdomain wordpress. I went to FTP User Manager and change that FTP account to unlimited. Will that fix the problem? Thank...
  2. M

    [WARNING] Authentication failed for user [__cpanel__service__auth__ftpd

    Since around 6am UTC this morning, one of my servers has started alerting that FTP is down, and then reporting that it's back up again shortly after. Looking at the logs, I'm seeing this: Jan 17 11:24:20 cp2 pure-ftpd: ([email protected]) [WARNING] Authentication failed for user...
  3. behinam

    problem set FTP in windows server destination

    Hello I have an FTP server with a windows operating system, FTP is work and I can connect to the FTP server from ssh, but when set FTP information in cPanel Jetbackup, give this error: Error: Unable to validate connection. Can Help me plz?
  4. N

    Any plans to deprecate FTP in favour of SFTP?

    Does CPanel have any plans to discontinue FTP? If so, when? 5y, 10y? I'm looking into purchasing a new webcam, the last one lasted 15y. Some support SFTP, some only do FTP. Our old one was FTP only but otherwise great, and its new equivalent from the same company is also FTP-only but...
  5. I

    SOLVED FTP Stuck at passive connection port while ports are open

    Hi, Tonight I faced an strange issue, this is my FileZilla connection log: Status: Resolving address of fdqn.domain.com Status: Connecting to Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Status: Initializing TLS... Status: Verifying certificate...
  6. R

    FTP Subdomain SSL

    Hi, If I try to connect to the ftp.website.com subdomains via FTP I get warnings thrown about the "Hostname not matching the certificate." becacause the SSL certificate is for the main WHM server, not the subdomain. How do I get certificates applied to the ftp subdomain so that a user can...
  7. C

    Backup over ftp

    I have this all working fine backing up over ftp - but should I be able to see all the backups in backup restoration by user/date or do I have to ftp the backups back over to do a restore ?
  8. K

    Can a Cron job be set up to FTP?

    Hi, I've been learning how to set up cron jobs. Before I do more research, can a cron job be set up to do a FTP job? FTP the files in a folder to an external folder? Thank you
  9. K

    Mask and Change FTP Location

    Hi, I have clients who log into folders via FTP to download files. I need them to log into a new file due to a site move to a new domain name but they don't understand and don't want to update their FTP software. When they open their FTP software and log in to the folder, it is possible to...
  10. L

    cPanel don't create FTP accounts. Error saving Pure-FTPD settings on WHM after upgrade 86 to 88

    It is not possible to create FTP accounts in cpanel, an error is displayed: "The system failed to set the permissions on one or more immutable (+ i) filesystem nodes to“ 0600 ”(as EUID: 0, EGID: 0) because of the following error: Operation not permitted" In WHM, after saving the settings, an...
  11. K

    sync or ftp two folder together in same domain

    Hi, I need to set up a way for when audio files are upload to a folder (wordpress media folder) for all or selected files to copy over to the another folder in the same cpanel but not in wordpress directory. I can do steps 1 & 2. Can step 3 be set up in cpanel? The steps are: 1) admin/user...
  12. K

    FTP connections keep dropping

    Hi We have recently started to get reports of issues with FTP connections to our WHM/cPanel servers We use the default pureFTPd that is with cPanel. cpanel_and_whm: operating_system_name: centos operating_system_version: '7.8' In the FTP console of Filezilla we get this when...
  13. nyjimbo

    FTP connections fail like bad password, but changing them does not fix.

    Some of my customers are complaining that when they connect via FTP or Dreamweaver, it appears to try to connect but a few seconds later fails. This is a recent error, even though this server has been running fine for a year or so. For filezilla client users, they see : Command: USER xxxx...
  14. P

    FTP Upload and Transfer to public_html folder

    Greetings and Hope All Here Are Safe and Well ..... I am new to both cPanel and to this forum. I have virtually no experience with cPanel, and now I am about to come to a decision on a new web host. Should the new host I go with have cpanel, there's one critical issue I need resolved. It is my...
  15. D

    FTP making connection but not listing directory on Dedicated IP only

    I appear to be able to connect according to the connections in Cpanel but cannot list the directory on a dedicated IP address only. All the sites on the shared IP address are working fine for FTP. I have been through this forum several times but cannot find a solution. I have tried Filezilla and...
  16. F

    SFTP works. standar FTP randomly doesnt list files

    Hi, FTP was working fine and suddenly when I connect to any website hosted in my dedicated server it shows Status: Resolving the management of xxxxx.com Status: Connecting to xx.xx.xx.xx:21 ... Status: Connection established, waiting for the welcome message ... Status: Initializing TLS ...
  17. M

    Bacup WHM FTP

    Hi, I've been trying to create a backup to our FTP server from WHM but it keeps on giving me this error "Error: Validation for transport “FTP_test” failed: Could not download test file: Timeout" WHM creates the Directory/.temp with text inside it but fails to validate. I'm able to connect with...
  18. Motamedi

    Problem connecting to ftp after enabling csf

    hello My problem is that when connecting to ftp if csf is enabled, ftp cannot be connected But if ip in csf allow the connection is established ! How to fix a problem that connected to ftp without having to allow ip in csf? thanks ...
  19. S

    Cpanel FTP on AWS - ETIMEDOUT - Connection attempt timed out

    Does anyone know how to fix this FTP error on a default cpanel install on aws? The data connection could not be established: ETIMEDOUT - Connection attempt timed out
  20. P

    Additional FTP Account permission

    Hi I created an Additional FTP Account, so this user can upload some files to an existing folder of my website, but I don't want to this user can delete files that already exist in the folder. Is there any way I can do this?