1. F

    SFTP works. standar FTP randomly doesnt list files

    Hi, FTP was working fine and suddenly when I connect to any website hosted in my dedicated server it shows Status: Resolving the management of xxxxx.com Status: Connecting to xx.xx.xx.xx:21 ... Status: Connection established, waiting for the welcome message ... Status: Initializing TLS ...
  2. M

    Bacup WHM FTP

    Hi, I've been trying to create a backup to our FTP server from WHM but it keeps on giving me this error "Error: Validation for transport “FTP_test” failed: Could not download test file: Timeout" WHM creates the Directory/.temp with text inside it but fails to validate. I'm able to connect with...
  3. Motamedi

    Problem connecting to ftp after enabling csf

    hello My problem is that when connecting to ftp if csf is enabled, ftp cannot be connected But if ip in csf allow the connection is established ! How to fix a problem that connected to ftp without having to allow ip in csf? thanks ...
  4. S

    Cpanel FTP on AWS - ETIMEDOUT - Connection attempt timed out

    Does anyone know how to fix this FTP error on a default cpanel install on aws? The data connection could not be established: ETIMEDOUT - Connection attempt timed out
  5. P

    Additional FTP Account permission

    Hi I created an Additional FTP Account, so this user can upload some files to an existing folder of my website, but I don't want to this user can delete files that already exist in the folder. Is there any way I can do this?
  6. benito

    FTP Disabled by Default in Version 86

    Hello! I just got the Jan Newsletter and noticed this about FTP. FTP Disabled by Default in Version 86 | cPanel Our customers are really used to create regular FTP accounts for 3rd party people, like designers, etc to not give full access to cPanel giving their main user and password for...
  7. M

    Problem completing connection to FTP server from FileZilla - malformed FEAT reply?

    I've been using FileZilla Pro for a long time to connect to FTP on a VPS running CentOS6. I just provisioned a new CentOS7 VPS and am now having problems connecting to it using FileZilla PRO 3.46.3. The message log provides the following: Status: Connecting to <IPADDRESSREMOVED>:21... Status...
  8. B

    My FTP is not working.

    My FTP is not working with Cpanel, and I am using FileZilla.
  9. M

    FTP Active mode doesn't work

    I have some working servers and, just now, a client complained about FTP connections. After digging a bit, I checked that he's using VB to connect is very restricted so it defaults to Active connections. After some tests with Filezilla, FTP with passive mode is perfect but with Active mode...
  10. W

    Cannot establish FTP connection

    Hi, We're getting these errors trying to connect to the server using FTP. Error: The data connection could not be established: ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server Any reason why? Thanks.
  11. I

    anonymous ftp without username

    Hi, is it possible to set an anonymous ftp (i can use dedicated IP if required) to be used without username at all? the same as can be done for example when using vsftpd in ubuntu? any workaround will be helpful. Thank you.
  12. S

    Change passwords for FTP?

    I’m new to cPanel and WHM. I began using it several months ago but am not able to find certain links. I’m needing to change passwords for FTP and add new users per domain. I’ve clicked every link under Home and nothing says FTP Accounts. I clicked almost every link that might help me find it to...
  13. K

    Connect via FTP with FileZilla issue

    Hi, It's been a while since I've used FTP and updated my website. It's always been easy to log in with my ftp address, user name, password, and (optionally) port 21. FileZilla says I'm connecting, but then disconnects. I'm sure it's something simple. I have no special situations. I just want to...
  14. P

    Problem connecting to FTP Account

    Hello, I have a problem with FTP Accounts when I try to connect. When I connect to FTP Account, he display "Connected" but he can't display the directory and make error... See logs from FileZilla. I have replace some words (MYDOMAIN.COM and IPADDRESS). Status: Connecting to IPADDRESS...
  15. S

    Sub FTP accounts - home directory overwrite?

    Anybody noticing where some (not all) sub FTP virtual users are having their home directory reset? I don't have a ton of information regarding this - I just noticed it this morning. I suppose it could be something specific to me, but it seems to be happening on all of our servers. Some users...
  16. M

    FTP additional accounts

    Hi, We have just setup our own internal cpanel server and are having issues with using additional ftp accounts. Special admin acconts will connect to cpanel using SFTP with no problems. If I create an additional account and use FTP, the connection is denied with the following error: Conection...
  17. B

    Econnrefused error when trying to connect to FTP

    Hello, We purchased a VPS on OVH saturday and we would like to go on the FTP. On our FTP Accounts section on cPanel, we have Special FTP Accounts part. Here we have login credentials to connect to the FTP, but when we try... (we use FileZilla) we have an error : Failed to connect to...
  18. L

    Anonymous FTP is Disabled Issue

    Hi, We have a shared server, where only one client complains that from time to time the Anonymous FTP user is disabled. We tried to find where the settings are saved when the anonymous user is activated for a domain, but we can not find it. The only information we find: /var/log/messages...
  19. F

    Enable FTP for a suspended account?

    One of the website hosted on my WHM contains phishing content, I have suspended the account, but due to suspension the ftp account is also suspended, Now i want to enable only FTP so that my client can remove such stuff. I am using v78.0.23, I searched on forums and found that sign of...