1. P

    FTP ERROR 421 problems

    Hello community i have bought a bsusiness hosting last night when i have try to using filezilla as ftp, it didn't work just gave this error since today Status: Delaying connection for 1 second due to previously failed connection attempt... Status: Resolving address of ftp.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...
  2. Solokron

    Dedicated IPs listing only ftp domains

    Recently used the IP migration tool which is a great little script. My issue is it did not move over ftp.thedomain.com entries which are still hanging. I checked pureftpd.conf but I don't see a setting there. Where is this being pulled from so I can correct it? Thanks!
  3. S

    cPanel/WHM FTP upload filesize limit

    Hello, I have been looking for a way to limit the filesize for ftp uploads so as to restrict my users from uploading files larger than 50 MB. Does anyone know if there is a built-in option or another way to do this ? I have searched the forum and used google to find the answer to this...
  4. S

    how to pckgacct directly to the remote FTP server?

    I want to generate a full backup of a site using pkgacct Is there a command I can use to send the .tar.gz file to a remote FTP server directly from my server using SSH?
  5. B

    Bug htmlentities or equiv on FTP Backup password

    Hi The password field on the Configure Backup page that is used for the authentication details of the remote FTP backup either uses htmlentities (or equivalent to the PHP function) on form submission but definately uses it on page load. This means any instances of ampersand, for example, get...
  6. P

    FTP chroot -- while Using WHM without CPanel accounts for a single website...

    I have a small software company. I recently moved my website to a VPS server at asmallorange.com. They use CPanel/WHM exclusively. I have spent the last few days rebuilding support for PHP 5 and Apache 2.2, installing all of the databases, stored procedures, and site files, and getting all of...
  7. T

    ftp client and cpanel

    Hi, I want to publish a module (RVSiteBuilder) on my site so that registered persons on the site can test a free site with (RVSiteBuilder). but I must give login and password cpanel to costumer which is dangerous when they acces with ftp client (file zilla)(password in cpanel is the same in ftp...
  8. A

    FTP To ask password inmediatly

    It's possible to enable cpanel to ask for the FTP user and password right after i go to the ftp url. Like if i go to ftp://mydomain.com it goes to PUB and i already disabled anonymous. What i want its to ask for password right after i go to: ftp://mydomain.com
  9. J

    I am stupid. WHM, cPanel, FTP question

    My progress is going so slow because I don't know what I am doing. I have a dedicated server that has multiple accounts on it. I have gotten away with getting into the cPanel for each account via WHM. I decided something I needed to do needed to by using the username for cPanel rather...
  10. B

    Shortcut for a file in another FTP

    hi I was wondering if there is a way to place files in one account and to be able to share the files with other accounts on the same server... like you fisically upload a file to: website1.com website1/www/files/file1.xml and to be able to see the file online under other user...
  11. C

    FTP Account

    Im using pure FTP, but cpanel looks like still using /etc/proftpd/passwd.vhosts, well that is not the problem, my question is: How i can create an account with access only to /backup drive, i meant i dont want create an account via cpanel, i need only the FTP access, i try with...
  12. Z

    FTP login with root password

    Hello, I was able to login to user FTP accounts with my root password, however it doesn't work lately. Where do i check it?
  13. chandro

    FTP login

    my var/log/messages is full of this messages Jan 31 06:39:25 xela pure-ftpd: ([email protected]) [INFO] New connection from Jan 31 06:39:36 xela pure-ftpd: ([email protected]) [INFO] __cpanel__service__auth__ftpd__dafdqaeQE1UxpNLX19DXYQ3Zetx22m5qxTnmTPdxl$ Jan 31 06:39:37 xela pure-ftpd...
  14. O

    Monitor FTP User in cPanel/WHM - Logs?

    Hi, I'm having a programmer make some small updates to my website, and I will like to be able to monitor his FTP access to see what files he updated, downloaded, uploaded, deleted, etc... Is there a way I can monitor his FTP usage in cPanel or WHM?? If not, does anyone know of another...
  15. T

    Can not configure FTP program????

    Hi, I am a newbie and apparently can not read – I have downloaded and installed FileZilla (and installed it) and created a FTP account with the Cpanel “Add FTP account” and then downloaded the FTP configuration file for FileZilla and run it as per the video tutorial and get all the correct...
  16. S

    Cannot upload files via FTP

    I've tried to use FTP to upload files - common scripts. One directory uploads and another gives bizarre errors. It's not the client since I easily uploaded to another server that worked flawlessly. WinSCP yields the following errors: error creating folder...
  17. M

    FTP Session Not Working...

    We're trying to track down some log in issues, and the FTP Session Control doesn't show any connected users, even though there are multiple users logged in. Trying reloading the page, restarting Firefox, having users log out and back in, and even checked on both a PC and a Mac with no success...
  18. L

    ftp server not uploading in binary

    hello i have latest release of cpanel whm installed and my ftp server which is pure ftp is not uploading in binary this is a problem because of some software i can't install because the file encodings are wrong. any ideas on how to fix?
  19. M

    FTP Problem ???

    Hi, I have installed cPanel/WHM 11.24 and Redhat 5.4 , Now my client are able to upload & download files on the server without any problem, but they are not able to see more then 1996 files or directories. but they are able to see same files through cPanel. So please guide me how to solve...