1. M

    SOLVED Hide directories/files from clients in FTP

    Hi i have had a look on here and cant find exactly what i require. I would like to hide folders from the client when they access via FTP although keeping the folders still their for the system if possible or an alternative. I would like their ftp to look like image "mini ftp" as at the minute...
  2. R

    Changed cPanel password, FTP Password change has been queued

    I'm trying to reset the FTP password of one of our accounts. I bring up List accounts in WHM. I expand the account. Do the change password thing and I get that message. It "queued" the ftp password change. The password is not changed and I still cannot FTP into the account. Why is it...
  3. N

    Not able to log in via FTP TLS

    Hello i'm not able to read folder through FTP TLS. I restarted ftp server and i got [DEBUG] Couldn't load the DH parameters file /etc/ssl/private/pure-ftpd-dhparams.pem then i tryed openssl dhparam -out /etc/ssl/private/pure-ftpd-dhparams.pem 3072 /scripts/restartsrv_pureftpd but nothing...
  4. Ishware

    Timeouts and slow SFTP uploads, FTP can't list directories

    New server with - Removed - (whee!). cPanel 78.0.3. - Connecting via FTP, can't list directories/files - get disconnects - Connecting via SFTP jailed or nonjailed is slow - Uploading files via SFTP - uploads 1-4 MB at 50Kbits/sec or less, stalls out. - Uploading files via cPanel File Manager...
  5. Y

    EAI_NONAME Error

    Hey guys. I just got my cPanel 30 minutes ago. I tried to connect to my cPanel with FileZilla. I always get this error even tho I try my cPanel username and the FTP account that I created. I can't get it work somehow. I'm pretty sure I'm entering every info correctly. I would love to get some help.
  6. P

    How to Delete Special FTP account?

    Hi, I have created FTP account from cpanel, But now I want to delete the account, it shows FTP special account is not able to delete.
  7. B

    Multiple FTP actions

    Hi , I have cpanel running about 20 sites and a list of users , most of them have the same FTP account on all the sites. Is there a quick why (probably through shell) to quickly change password/add account/delete an account on ALL ftp sites, instead of going 1 by 1? Thanks!
  8. D

    Setting up FTP account without public access to data

    Hello all, just after some guidance please. I know how to setup an FTP account, but how do I setup an FTP account where the data uploaded isn't publicly available? I want to create a space for an internal customer where they can store certain files but I only want them and me to be able to see...
  9. W

    How to enable explicit FTP over TLS login?

    I am useing Filezilla to login my FTP account with TLS but always show me error message Only I choose in the encrypted options with Only use plain FTP This will connect to the Server Have anyone know what;s wrong with it ?
  10. T

    Create FTP Account?

    I have a WHM CPanel How do I set up an FTP account? So with port 21 I have made configuration but where do I create username, password
  11. H

    Unable to FTP directly

    Hi CPanel community Im new here (I'm guessing there's a post count) but i seem to have this weird login issue. I can log into CPanel pretty easily via a direct server link. However when I try to use something more general like "domain.name/cpanel" using the same login credentials I get an...
  12. A

    FTP User specific logs for update and deletion activity?

    where we find FTP User specific logs for insert update and deletion or other activity. please describe in brief.
  13. M

    SOLVED Connecting to FTP using root user problem

    It's user error, that I know for sure, It's not just today or just this specific server or this specific FTP Cilient, I've tried them all over time, and it doesn't matter which server or VPS I am trying to connect to, I just simply can never get the connection to happen reliably. To date I have...
  14. A

    FTP account not found issue

    Hello! I'm new here and I'm also a complete novice and essentially have no idea what I'm doing! I'm building a very simple site through - Removed - or sitter as I believe it's know. whenever I got to publish it I get an error saying FTP account not found... Can anybody help?! Thanks Andy
  15. S

    Hide files from view in ftp but still allow scripts to process content

    Hi, I have a folder on my server where users upload content via ftp. Inside the folder are 2 other folders which contain sensitive information. Is there a way to hide these folders from users who access via ftp - without affecting scripts that run to process content within those folders? I...
  16. S

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23906] Disabling FTP server removes FTP Server Selection from WHM UI

    Hi I've had a customers server update to v76.0.5 overnight and the FTP selection Icon is missing. They normally leave FTP OFF so it would have been off during the upgrade. Now when I go to Home » Service Configuration » there is no FTP Server selector icon. The server does still need a reboot...
  17. S

    In Progress [CPANEL-23771] Modifying a users main domain removes ftp A record from the DNS Zone

    when we change the domain through the modify an account menu, we check after the changed domain we see in the zone menu for the FTP record to be deleted, is that right?
  18. P

    FTP: Response: Your connection to this server has been blocked in this server's firewall.

    Hi there, I am getting an error on my FTP: Response: Your connection to this server has been blocked in this server's firewall. Does anyone know how I can unblock my IP? I have looked in various places, but no luck. Thanks!
  19. H

    Invalid Login SSH not working FTP does

    I have searched, and most people who have the "invalid login" error are able to SSH into their server. I am not able to SSH into my server as root (I used to be able to). Now I get "access denied" when trying SSH. I have not changed my password. What possible reason could there be for my...
  20. leonep

    SOLVED Problem connecting cPanel FTP Server throught proxy

    Hi, i have problem connecting to FTP server through proxy My sever is a pureftp-d and is working good. My server is not behind NAT and works with passive ports good but if i try to connect from proxy with my client (filezilla or other) i got error. this is log containing error: Status...