1. A

    Create Automatic Routine of Git Pull

    Hi! I have a folder that is in: /home2/user/folder, and it is a private github repository. How can I make cPanel do a git pull every 5 minutes? I tried to create a file and in it by something like: Running as user's cronjob But it didn't work. Have some way to do it? I only want to...
  2. FourthFloor

    FAILURE: Syck parser (line 2, column 9): syntax error at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 71.

    I'm having an issue deploying my latest GIT Head Commit. It essentially just gets stuck on: The deployment that you triggered on Nov 23, 2020 6:24:38 PM is queued … Further diving into the issue revealed the following in .cpanel/ 2020-11-23T23:24:38Z...
  3. D

    Git Deployment - YML File Setup

    Hi, I'm new to working with Git deployment and cPanel and I'm just trying to confirm my overall set up. I would like to exclude/ignore only 3 or 4 files during the deployment process. The rest of my files will be updated periodically. Would I be able to set up my cpanel.yml file as such? ---...
  4. P

    Git Version Control: Push Deployment

    I have a repository set up in cPanel's Git Version Control with Pull deployment. Now, due to the project guidelines having changed, I would need to change this to push deployment. I tried simply adding a cpanel.yml file to my repository as well as creating a brand new one (following the...
  5. J

    The System Cannot Deploy - uncommitted changes

    Hi all. I have uncommitted changes on the checked out branch so I am unable to pull in any changes manually through cpanel. However, I have made no local changes so I'm not sure how a git stash would work. Project in question was handed to me to "sort out", previous team uploaded countless...
  6. J

    Cannot see Git repository in cPanel Git™ Version Control module

    I cannot see any repositories in the cPanel Git™ Version Control module, even though the files were successfully pulled from the remote and are visible in the file system. I am trying to setup deployments via cPanel using cPanel's Git deployment system (see for example: Guide to Git - cPanel...
  7. S

    SOLVED [CPANEL-27757] Git Version Control - 404 No such project for "history" link

    404 - No such project That is the error I receive when I click "History" on an existing cpanel git. This happens since the upgrade to cpanel/whm 80. Any clues as to why this happens?
  8. inetbizo

    Git Repositories That Have SSH2 Key With Password

    I would like to clone a repository on Github. On Github, I have stored my RSA 256 public key. This key is encrypted with a password. I cannot clone in cp repositories because you do not prompt for pass key. I wrote this into .bashrc if [ ! -S ~/.ssh/ssh_auth_sock ]; then eval `ssh-agent`...
  9. M

    Cloning private repository issue

    Hi all, I have a problem with clone private repo to my cpanl. I follow this guide Guide to Git - Set Up Access to Private Repositories - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation when I wrote cat ~/.ssh/ I get the right Key I copy and paste the key in my repo under "access key"...
  10. S

    Version control and any cPanel features that modify files like IP Blocker

    Hi All, There are plenty of cPanel features/functions that allow the direct modification of files on a live ('production version') hosting account. The most obvious/dangerous one is File Manager which can pretty much allowed the CRUD of any file or folder. Less obvious, maybe, are features...
  11. J

    cPanel Git Deploy : Deploy from Branch Head Bug?

    Using Git Deploy to deploy from a branch which is not master, lets call it Dev, the git repository will update and deploy the latest files to the website public_html folder, but the Last Deployment Information won't update, it's shows details from the origin>head origin>master master (branch)...
  12. K

    cPanel git pull using webhook

    Hi, Is there any way to have a WebHook URL to pull git when repository updated ! Right now I should manually Update the GIT from Git Version Control.
  13. T

    Git, staging vs production, and YML

    I've been trying a new workflow for deploying sites that has been working pretty well for me so far. Create Create git repo in cPanel account Add as "staging" remote from my workstation Add a .cpanel.yml file to my project for deployment And .cpanel.yml looks like: ---...
  14. O

    Deployment information not available for GIT repo

    Hi everyone, I'm new to cPanel. I maintain my website code on GitHub, and I've followed the steps outlined in the cPanel documentation to implement manual deployment. I've created a .cpanel.yml file which resides in the top directory of my remote repository and adheres to the requisite...
  15. A

    Unble to Clone private Git repository

    Hi I've followed the steps in this document, Guide to Git - Set Up Access to Private Repositories - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation All seems to be working, except for last step : Step 5 clone the repository git clone [email protected]:MyStuff/private-repository.git The example...
  16. S

    The system cannot deploy error from GIT repo

    I delete the GIT repo and re-did it so many times + tried to create the .cpanel.yml many times but it keeps not working. Does .cpanel.yml need to have certain permissions, I can't figure out whats wrong. Here is the message: The system cannot deploy For deployment, ensure that your repository...
  17. J

    Git Update Notification

    Hi, How can I receive git update notification by email whenever the git repository is updated? Thank you!
  18. K

    Recommended .cpanel.yml settings for Git Deployment?

    I'm using the following settings in my .cpanel.yml file --- deployment: tasks: - export DEPLOYPATH=/home/example/public_html/ - /bin/cp -a * $DEPLOYPATH This works fine for copying but not when a file was deleted in the repository. What's the recommended setting for "syncing"...
  19. S

    Are git repositories on cPanel private?

    Hi! I had a question about the git repositories. We're running cPanel 74.0.9. Are the git repositories private and are they only hosted on our server? Or would anyone have read access to them? We'd rather no one even know we're running a git server on our servers except for the people...
  20. A

    SOLVED Include directories for deployment in cpanel.yml?

    Hi, I gone through cpanel documentation, but I couldn't find how to include folders for deployment. The only reference I could find is this.. I was able to push single files but I don't know a way to do the same for directories. Thanks