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    cPanel IP/DNS blocked in Gmail

    Hello! We are having our cPanel IP/DNS blocked in Gmail. You get a message below when trying to email there. And the messages that are received, don't even hit our server. I need help to solve it. TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384:256 CV=yes: Remote mail server SMTP error after data end: 550-5.7.1...
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    Gmail spamhaus issues

    Hi has anyone else had issues over the last week with spamhaus Emails coming from Gmail, mailchimp, sendgrid etc are being filtered (depending on the sender ip) because they are on the soamhaus rbl. For once this issue isn’t ours only that we have spamhaus rbl for filtering. I was hoping the...
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    missing message-id GMAIL failures - exim local smtp - which hosts to use

    In the acl_smtp_predata: custom_begin_smtp_predata to compensate for missing message-id when a website's program doesn't send one, I wish to use: control = submission/sender_retain (Gmail for one are rightfully rejecting them: Messages missing a valid messageId header are not\n550 5.7.1...
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    unusual bounce gmail

    hi guys In these last days, I am having a high email bounce from gmail, and other providers send me emails, and they bounce. Here I copy the rebound messages when...
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    Gmail POP3

    It's not directly cPanel related, but I don't know what to do. I have no search results on gmail iphone app for cpanel POP3 account emails (unable to search email content and contacts) , using: Gmail 6.0 IOS 15 Iphone 13 PRO Back story: I was moving the domain to another cpanel host...
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    Clients sending email via gmail

    So, recently I've discovered that some of my clients prefer to setup their gmail with their POP email accounts from our dedicated servers. This is fine, and works great except the emails fail SPF checks and are all ending up in spam. It appears google wants hosts to add their google domain to...
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    Gmail SPF Softfail when sending between accounts on the same server.

    Hello all. I'm facing a problem what is news to me, when users send messages to other users on the same server. Messages sent to other servers are working fine. After received some custommers complains, I did testes and I noticed the problem. The 3 scenarios bellow I tested using the same...
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    SPF Problem with Gmail

    Hi guys, I'm facing a problem with my server and Gmail. Here we have something about 50 email accounts and some of them use the Thunderbird to receive and send emails, others use the webmail RoundCube and others use Gmails to do this job. The problem is that the people who use Gmail when sending...
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    Gmail suddenly blocking server notifications

    Howdy, Two days ago, gmail started blocking delivery of normal server notifications. Other email from our IP is delivering to gmail fine. Here is an example...
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    SOLVED How can I import Gmail contacts and keep them in sync?

    I need to firstly import all of a Gmail account's contacts in a cPanel account on a per-address basis. Then I need to set it up in such a way that the contacts between cPanel and Gmail stay in sync, so that the users will only have to update their contacts in one place at a time, be it their...
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    Sending from Gmail to a cPanel server gives me 7.3 spam score

    Hi. I have a cPanel server and when i get email to my mailbox from Gmail, it goes directly to spam box and gives 7.3 spam score. How might i fix that? 1.8 PYZOR_CHECK Listed in Pyzor 5.0 BAYES_99 BODY: Bayes spam probability is 99 to 100% 0.2...
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    Outgoing messages not DKIM signed

    Hi, just migrated a server across from CPanel 86 (CentOS 6.1) to CPanel 94 (CentOS 7.9). All DKIM settings were working correctly on old server (emails signed correctly and passing all checks on SparkPost Tools However, on new server, Exim isn't signing outgoing mail and I'm not sure what I...
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    Email account for sending through Gmail, but does not accept incoming mail

    I have a hosting client that used to use an email account on the server, but switched to Gmail years ago. Let's call it [email protected] In Gmail they have their outgoing email set to use the username [email protected] and SMTP Server of, and incoming emails to [email protected]
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    Problems Exist (DKIM)

    Hello there, 1. i'm having this problem" Problems exist (dkim)" when i go to "Email Deliverability" is it possible to know what should i do to solve this ? 2. sometimes i get this error when someone send to gmail account: SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 451-4.7.24...
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    Gmail sender

    When I am checking mail delivery reports I found out that a gmail account (it is a gmail account of one of my clients) send email through server Mail delivery report: Event: success success Sender User: user Sender Domain: From Address: [email protected]
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    POP3 Gmail marks emails as read

    Hey folks, I have an e-mail account on cPanel which is connected to GMAIL's POP3 connector. Every time POP3 gets the e-mails from the account, it marks them as read in webmail. Is it possible to prevent this from happening? I know POP3 is very limited, but maybe something on exim's side can...
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    Emails are not sending to Gmail

    Hi, I have an email address [email protected] I receive emails from my customers daily but when I reply them using Webmail, it doesn't deliver. And it happens only with Gmail recipients. This is the error I receive back to my email: [removed - please attach images directly to the thread] I...
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    SOLVED Gmail "send mail as" using cPanel mail account auth error

    Getting the following error when I attempt to add a "send mail as" cpanel email account to gmail: Server returned error: "535 Incorrect authentication data , code: 535" I've verified the settings, tried both SSL and non-SSL. Still doesn't work. The SMTP server works fine: - using cpanel...
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    Connecting gmail to cPanel

    Hey guys! I'm asking this question because I love this plugin called YesWare, but I can't seem to find an option how to use it on cPanel. Is it even possible, connecting these two? Best regards, njuzor