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    Email account for sending through Gmail, but does not accept incoming mail

    I have a hosting client that used to use an email account on the server, but switched to Gmail years ago. Let's call it [email protected]. In Gmail they have their outgoing email set to use the username [email protected] and SMTP Server of, and incoming emails to [email protected]...
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    Problems Exist (DKIM)

    Hello there, 1. i'm having this problem" Problems exist (dkim)" when i go to "Email Deliverability" is it possible to know what should i do to solve this ? 2. sometimes i get this error when someone send to gmail account: SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 451-4.7.24...
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    Gmail sender

    When I am checking mail delivery reports I found out that a gmail account (it is a gmail account of one of my clients) send email through server Mail delivery report: Event: success success Sender User: user Sender Domain: From Address: [email protected]...
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    POP3 Gmail marks emails as read

    Hey folks, I have an e-mail account on cPanel which is connected to GMAIL's POP3 connector. Every time POP3 gets the e-mails from the account, it marks them as read in webmail. Is it possible to prevent this from happening? I know POP3 is very limited, but maybe something on exim's side can...
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    Emails are not sending to Gmail

    Hi, I have an email address [email protected]. I receive emails from my customers daily but when I reply them using Webmail, it doesn't deliver. And it happens only with Gmail recipients. This is the error I receive back to my email: [removed - please attach images directly to the thread] I...
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    SOLVED Gmail "send mail as" using cPanel mail account auth error

    Getting the following error when I attempt to add a "send mail as" cpanel email account to gmail: Server returned error: "535 Incorrect authentication data , code: 535" I've verified the settings, tried both SSL and non-SSL. Still doesn't work. The SMTP server works fine: - using cpanel...
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    Connecting gmail to cPanel

    Hey guys! I'm asking this question because I love this plugin called YesWare, but I can't seem to find an option how to use it on cPanel. Is it even possible, connecting these two? Best regards, njuzor