1. A

    Domain not take Content-Encoding: gzip from htaccess

    Hi. I have an issue with the Content-Encoding because in my htaccess file I have this: ## COMPRESS <IfModule mod_deflate.c> # Compress HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Text, XML and fonts AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/javascript AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/rss+xml...
  2. H

    Gzip compression level and pigz processes

    Hi all, I'm using the default "6" value of gzip compression level. My VPS has 10 vCPU cores, so should I use "10" Number of pigz processes or default "1"? Also, if increasing gzip to maximum will it tax my CPU's a lot? Thanks
  3. T

    GZIP validation inside WHM

    I have set GZIP validation and need to know if this can be executed inside terminal as Linux command: curl -X HEAD -I -sH 'Accept-encoding: gzip' Example Domain | grep content-encoding curl -X HEAD -I -sH 'Accept-encoding: br' Example Domain | grep content-encoding
  4. G

    SSH, mysqldump > gzip timing out

    I'm having what I think is a minor problem, but since my MySQL is held together with bubble gum and prayers I want to make sure that it's minor before I do anything else. When I backup MySQL for my largest account, this is the command I'm running via Putty (SSH): mysqldump --single-transaction...
  5. J

    Food for thoughts : mixing output_buffer OFF + sending gzipped compressed html....

    CONTEXT (1) : I know that output_buffer off + gzip output don't "mix" well together. CONTEXT (1) : But I need output_buffer off. TEST (1) : In php I can gzcompress(); $a = 'this is a sting'.'<br>'; $b = gzcompress($a,6); echo $b; // but the result is this x�+��,V�D��̼t��";D��� TEST (2) : if I...
  6. T

    Compress components with gzip

    How to compress components with GZIP inside CloudLinux/WHM as Pingdom Tools shows it is not validated.
  7. E

    Gzip taking precedence over Brotli

    I have both Brotli and Gzip enabled on my dedicated server. Centos 6.10, EA4. However, the pages are delivered with Gzip compression and not Brotli, to the browsers that accept both. Can you suggest the solution for this? TIA.
  8. G

    Enabling gzip by default questions

    Hello i'm thinking about optimize by default with config file of apache. something like Enable gzip compression | GTmetrix (and other like headers etc.) put in apache config file so clients don't need to put it in theirs .htaccess file so my question is: is this possible? what if i put that...
  9. F

    gZip enabled twice?

    Hi I've been adding gZip to sites on our server via the htaccess and website optimise in cPanel. Then recently I enabled it server-wide using info from Have gzip compression enabled for accounts on the server (including newly created accounts) Do I need to go back to the sites where I enabled...
  10. L

    Gzip over optimize

    Hi, I've just switched 6 domains to a VPS with WHM. I have the Cpanel option to "optimize website" and also Tweak settings in WHM "gzip compression level 1-9". Are they different?.. Should I apply both or if I compress from WHM will all the Cpanels under it be optimized? I'm assuming...
  11. Rogerio

    Gzip not working

    Hi there, I cannot enable gzip on my new server :( - Apache mod_deflate is installed - zLib is activated for PHP on MultiPHP Ini Editor - Optimize site - all content - enabled - remove .htaccess no effect But any test service says that it's not enabled :( - Removed - The index is index.php...
  12. G

    gzip enabled but not working

    two vps the same .htaccess newest whm/cpanel version EA4 enabled deflate but on first website don't work on second work. i tried 5 websites for gzip compression and all 5 show second vps(website) has working compression but first not. Any tip?
  13. H

    can't enable Gzip Compression

    Hello to everyone, I have build a website and i bought a server... i have chose cPanel to install into my server and i was trying how to enable Gzip Compression to my server from cpanel features, into cpanel there is a feature "Optimize website" and i chose compress whole website , but after...
  14. Masimo

    GZIP for cPanel

    How can i have gzip on my cPanel server? I cant find "Optimize Website" by default in cPanel customer interfaces.
  15. E

    Gzip not working

    I'm having trouble getting Gzip to work on my site -- I enabled compression under "Optimize Website" and it worked at first, but I had to make changes to the .htaccess file, and even though I didn't touch the mod_deflate part and undid my changes when I realized I broke it, it's still not...
  16. kpmedia

    Enable gzip server wide?

    Is there a way to enforce gzip on all domains in WHM, as opposed to one-by-one in cPanel? Having to say "go do this" is somewhat annoying. It needs to already be set. If it's there, I've missed it. :o
  17. J

    7zip for backups instead of gzip please?

    Is it possible to change the backup program to use 7zip instead of tar.gzip file please. 7zip appears to be a more attractive option to me, as it has binaries for Linux and Windows OS's. Plus 7zip supports a nice range of compression protocols - possibly more than tar/gzip does. I run Centos...
  18. G

    Enable gzip / mod_deflate

    I'm setting up a new WHM/cPanel server. Using EasyApache, I've updated Apache to version 2.2.24, and under "Exhaustive Options", I have "Deflate" checked. But the output does not appear to be compressed, and when I look at httpd.conf, I don't find "deflate" referenced anywhere in the file. I...
  19. H4CK3R

    Enable gzip?

    Hello, Gzip was enabled on my site, but due to hosting change, it got disabled, can any one help me you can i enable it for my all files? Via any method, like via htaccess or any other option of cpanel? Thanks and please help.
  20. C

    How to active Gzip compression for all my websites ?

    Hi, I want to active the gzip compression for all my websiyes hosting on my server with Cpanel. I don't find any options in the Cpanel ? This is possible to do that or I need to contact my hoster to configure this ? Thanks !