1. D

    GZIP + Daily Backups = Daily Crashes..

    Howdy! Alrighty - for the past week I've had to have the folks over at EV1 reboot my box since it's been crashing. From what I can tell it looks like it's caused by the daily backups. I've noticed gzip burning up as much as 99% of the CPU power during backups. Box specs: Accounts -...
  2. SuperBaby

    gzip: stdin: not in gzip format

    My MailScanner suddenly failed. When I tried to reinstall ClamAV, I found out that I can no longer (no problem previously) untar a tar.gz file. I have tried different tar.gz files and still the same. HELP!!!
  3. Solokron

    Gzip Load and Memory Issues

    Gzip has been throwing my load up to 400% and taking a HUGE chunk of memory... Server Load 4.07 (1 cpu) User Domain %CPU %MEM Mysql Processes root 4.07 259.63 2.0 Top Process %CPU 58.8 gzip Top Process %CPU 50.6 gzip Any tweaks that can be done to clean this up a bit?
  4. N

    I need GD 2.0 and GZIP...

    I have the absolute latest versions of cPanel and WHM. However, GZIP and GD are just not there, in phpinfo ;). I know where to find the .sea file for mod_gzip, and I can download the file, yes, but that's where my knowledge ends. Please can someone tell me, as a dummies guide, exactly...
  5. D

    Gzip and log files

    I have discovered, which I believe others have also, that the Cpanel bandwidth statistics do not take into account mod_gzip. I believe that cpanel bandwidth statistics uses information from the byteslogs. If you compare the byteslogs with the logs for a particular domain, you should see what I...
  6. C

    gzip really need some help?

    Hi, i jave installed gzip with file from cpanel net, all apears to be working, gzip log being written and lekno.com report it as being installed but not compressing files, which logs confirm except files those files that are IIS worm scans, see gzip log extract below. I do use an entry below...
  7. C

    mod gzip test

    Hi i just installed mod-gzip, evrything seem to go ok, but is there a way i test all is working ok? I did try http://leknor.com/code/gziped.php but is says site is not gzipped
  8. C

    mod gzip

    Hello, i am toying with the idea of installing mod gzip using to the install file on cpanel.net. anyone got any experiences on this?